The Qur'an: A Short Introduction

The Qur'an: A Short Introduction

by Farid Esack


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ISBN-13: 9781851682317
Publisher: Oneworld Publications
Publication date: 06/01/2002
Series: From Buddhism to Sufism Series: Concise Introductions Ser.
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 5.84(w) x 8.80(h) x 0.72(d)

Table of Contents

The Uncritical Lover2
The Scholarly Lover3
The Critical Lover5
The Friend of the Lover6
The Voyeur8
The Polemicist9
Where does this work fit in?10
Clarifying Terms11
Using the Qur'an12
1The Qur'an in the Lives of Muslims13
The Qur'an is alive17
The Qur'an as the recited word of God18
The Qur'an as contested scripture21
Islam--a Qur'an belt29
2The Word Enters the World30
The stages (history?) of Qur'anic revelation31
The social world of the revelation of the Qur'an33
Muhammad, the recipient of the Qur'an36
The early Qur'anic revelations39
The nature and modes of revelation42
Muhammad's mission as a response to the Qur'an45
Mecca--laying the foundations of the faith community45
The Qur'an and the challenges of a new society in Medina47
The last revelations52
The beginning of diverse claims about the word of God54
3The Qur'an as Written word56
Divisions of the Qur'an56
The disjointed letters62
Parts and sections (ajza and ahzab)63
The arrangement of the Qur'an64
The language of the Qur'an67
The literary style of the Qur'an69
Categorical (muhkamat) and allegorical (mutashabihat) verses75
4Gathering the Qur'an78
Gathering the Qur'an during the Prophet's lifetime79
The Qur'an becomes a canon85
The Shi'i perspective89
Non-Muslim critical Qur'anic scholarship91
The gradual development of the Arabic script92
The existence of several variant codices93
Variant readings or modes93
Worlds apart97
5The Prophet and the Begotten-not-Created Qur'an100
Recited revelation: development of doctrine regarding the Qur'an101
The doctrine of inimitability ('ijaz)102
The doctrine of the Qur'an's uncreatedness and eternalness (qadim)105
The Mu'tazilites and the emergence of Kalam106
The implications of the mihnah for Qur'anic scholarship109
The sunnah: unrehearsed revelation111
The Prophet Muhammad and the Qur'an115
6Understanding and Interpreting the Qur'an121
Progressive revelation (tadrij)121
Meccan and Medinan revelations122
Occasions of revelation (asbab al-nuzul)124
Abrogation (naskh)126
Qur'anic exegesis (tafsir)128
Sources of tafsir129
Traditional classification of tafsir131
A non-confessional typology137
The Qur'an and hermeneutics142
Farewell to innocence145
7Belief in the Qur'an146
Belief in God147
The Hereafter157
8Righteous Conduct in the Qur'an166
Personal conduct166
Social and economic conduct173
Institutionalized religious practices184

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