The Rabbi Who Tricked Stalin

The Rabbi Who Tricked Stalin

by Mordechai Landsberg
4.5 2

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The Rabbi Who Tricked Stalin 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Needs some serious editing for spelling and grammar mistakes. I did enjoy the story. Wondered if this was a translation or by an author who's first language is not English. Some places were hard to understand and had to be read twice.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
   The Rabbi Against Joseph Stalin              REVIEW- COMMENTS ON THE HISTORICAL BACKGROUND  AND  ACCURACY OF THE NOVEL This WONDERFULL novel  is not  ‘history’  in  the  meaning  in  which  this  word is used by the professional –academic historian.  Dramatic and narrative purposes have sometimes required altering the names of many characters, as well as infusion of some characters into one. Many characters were not identified by their true names, simply because they were working in the ‘shadow kingdom’ of the Soviet secret police (Cheka, Gepau, KGB and other names). There were religious Jews, who opposed the too deep interference (so they thought) of their ex-community members in Russia’s political life.The Rabbi-- main character of this novel persistently opposed the communist regime, and succeeded to leave Russia. He had some assistants within the authorities who sympathised with him, and he was lucky enough to survive. The butchery machine of Bolshevism simply ‘degraded the Rabbi - as worthy to be sent to Siberia or  be killed somewhere. Millions have not been lucky like he has been.  Nowadays reader may wonder how people  -inside and outside of Russia- could support such a wicked regime to rule over two hundred million individuals and more. The Russians never held democratic general election and juristic systems, and they never elected Lenin and the Bolsheviks DEMOCRATICALLY to bring them to power. That –contrary to the German people, who elected Hitler in democratic general elections. Historians who say that ‘Stalin was like Hitler’- are wrong, not only regarding the Jews. The Russian people had never known what democracy really is. The Germans destroyed democracy in their homeland by voting for Hitler in a free election!. However, the Satanic character of both dictators and their groups was similar, and both quite succeeded in hiding many of their crimes.