Rainbow Dragonesque

Rainbow Dragonesque

by Ashley Abbiss

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In the land of Noranda, there are dragons. There are ‎also dragon riders, the Dragonesque, as they call ‎themselves. Long ago, when the Sorcerers attacked, the ‎dragons and their riders saved Noranda from being ‎overrun.‎
But that was a long time ago, and these days, the ‎dragons and the Dragonesque tend mostly to keep to ‎their own territory, Dracos in the high mountains. Truth ‎be told, they’re not terribly welcome in the Lowlands, ‎where normal humans live. ‎
That’s because everyone knows that dragons are ‎venomous, and if you’re bitten by one, you’ll die. ‎Dragons may choose humans to ride them and live ‎closely with the dragon rider folk, but they’re still ‎essentially wild beasts and they can be unpredictable. ‎Best not to tempt fate.‎
When Aralaiah Sentin is bitten, everyone expects her ‎to die. But she doesn’t. She survives, but she has patches ‎of what look like dragon skin on her body. At first, she ‎thinks that they’re just a leftover of the bite, a different ‎kind of scar, perhaps.‎
But her markings aren’t the only change. As time ‎goes on, she finds that other things are changing, too. ‎Some of her senses are greatly enhanced, for one thing. ‎She can hear and speak telepathically to dragons, for ‎another. Terrified that she is losing her humanity, ‎Aralaiah tries to pretend that the changes aren’t ‎happening.‎
The dragons themselves are fascinated by Aralaiah ‎and they hang around the town where she lives in ‎droves, much to the consternation of the other residents. ‎The eight Queens of Dragondom send a Dragonesque, a ‎man named Draken, to Aralaiah, to explain to her what ‎has happened. Like some viruses, dragon DNA has an ‎affinity for human DNA. Aralaiah is no longer fully ‎human. She has become a Dragonesque, someone who is ‎part human, part dragon, just like the dragon rider folk. ‎She is now one of them. Her new, enhanced senses are ‎dragon senses, and she is informed that she now has ‎magic powers, too, or will have when she learns to use ‎them.‎
Draken and the dragons want her to move to Dracos, ‎where her new abilities can be assessed and she can learn ‎to make the most of them. Aralaiah refuses. Leave her ‎home and her friends and move to a place she knows ‎nothings about peopled by strange dragon people at the ‎behest of the very beasts that were responsible for ‎ruining her life in the first place? Not very likely.‎
But, as time goes on, she finds that she can’t go on ‎denying that she has changed. Her life, she realises ‎bitterly, now falls into two parts; before the dragon and ‎after the dragon. She is no longer the person she was, ‎and as her best friend points out, she needs to go to ‎Dracos and embrace what she now is. ‎
But, Dracos is a world of its own. More or less ‎shunned by the Lowlands, it is insular and inward-‎looking. The first Dragonesque were made, in much the ‎same way that Aralaiah was, but Dragonesque nowadays ‎are born. Also, every Dragonesque has markings of one ‎dragon colour, and one only. Aralaiah is unique in that ‎she shows all eight. In both her origin and her markings, ‎she’s a freak. Will they even accept her? Is there any ‎place at all for her now that her whole life, her whole ‎being, has changed?‎
Join Aralaiah Sentin, Rainbow Dragonesque, as she ‎struggles to find a place for herself in a world where she ‎no longer fits. Can she make a place for herself in the ‎strange world of the Dragonesque, or is she doomed to ‎live as an outcast forever?‎

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BN ID: 2940155214427
Publisher: Ashley Abbiss
Publication date: 04/14/2018
Series: Rainbow Dragonesque
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Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

Hello there. I’m Ashley Abbiss. ‎ I live and write in beautiful New Zealand, where I live with one large dog, who looks nothing ‎like Friend from my Daughters of Destiny books. She is, however, almost as intelligent and definitely as ‎opinionated, and if she can’t quite speak in the way Friend does to Niari, that doesn’t really ‎hold her back much!‎ I write fantasy, mostly of the epic variety. Let me say right up front that if you’re looking for a quick read, you’re in the wrong place. But if you like a substantial, ‎satisfying story that you can really get your teeth into, stick with me. I may have something ‎you’ll enjoy. There’s no graphic sex in my books. If that’s what you want, you’ll have to look ‎elsewhere. There is violence, and there is swearing, though mostly of the ‘s/he swore’ variety, ‎nothing overly graphic or offensive. I also write about strong, independent female characters, ‎so if your taste runs to something more macho, or something more frilly and helpless, this may ‎not be the place for you. ‎ I’ve always loved wandering in different worlds, be they fantasy or science fiction, although ‎lately I tend to prefer fantasy. The only proviso is that they have to be believable worlds, ‎worlds that feel real, that have depth and scope – and they must, absolutely must be fun to ‎visit. I read for escape and entertainment, and I don’t really want to escape from this world ‎into one even grimmer. Trouble, tension, and danger I can deal with, what sort of story would ‎there be without them? Where would Pern be without Thread, Frodo without Sauron, Harry ‎Potter without Voldemort? But there has to be hope, and there has to be a light touch. Happy ‎ever after does have a lot going for it, even if initially it’s only a very small light at the end of ‎a long, dark tunnel. My personal favourites include Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy, Anne ‎McCaffrey’s Pern series, and the fantasies of David Eddings, and lately, they’ve been joined ‎by J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and a few others. Of those, David Eddings was probably my ‎greatest inspiration.‎ I began to wonder if I could create my own world, one just as believable and multi-layered as ‎theirs. Could I create a world with its own history, geography, social structure, deities, and all ‎the rest? One that hung together? That a reader could believe in? It became a challenge, one I ‎really wanted to see if I could meet. So I dusted off my writing skills, learned a few more, ‎cranked up the imagination, and got busy. I’d always been good at creative writing, but ‎though I’d made a few attempts to write after I left school, none of them came to anything. ‎That was until I started writing fantasy. Suddenly, I knew I’d come home. ‎ I quickly discovered that I’m not the sort of writer who can plan a book (or a world!) before I ‎start. I just can’t do it. But I can create characters, and suddenly the characters took on a ‎reality of their own and took over the stories, often to the extent that they actually surprised ‎me. And the stories worked. Their world worked. Sometimes I had to go back and fix the ‎odd contradiction, but mostly it worked and was very natural and organic. Even though my ‎first attempts were pitiful, I knew I’d found where I belong. I persevered, I learned, I wrote. ‎I discovered that the characters are key for me. Once I get them right, they tell their own ‎story. I was away. There were dark days during which my stories became my refuge, my ‎characters my friends. And I kept writing. There were happy times when I didn’t need a ‎refuge, but my characters were still my friends, and they drew me inexorably back. I kept ‎writing. ‎ And now, I hope my characters may become your friends too, my worlds ones where you also ‎like to walk; perhaps even your refuge from dark days. Come join me in a world where magic ‎is real and the gods are near, where beasts talk and men and women achieve things they never ‎dreamed they could. But most of all, come and have fun! ‎ Happy reading.‎ Ash.‎

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