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The Rancher and The Bad Girl

The Rancher and The Bad Girl

4.6 12
by Blushing Books
Like any other mail order bride, Melanie Cranford is looking for a new life and adventure, hoping to find it with rancher Reeve Larson. She didn't expect the cowboy to be so good-looking--or so strict! Reeve is pleasantly surprised to find he got more than he bargained for with Melanie, though she's a beautiful woman who's often in need of being taken in hand.


Like any other mail order bride, Melanie Cranford is looking for a new life and adventure, hoping to find it with rancher Reeve Larson. She didn't expect the cowboy to be so good-looking--or so strict! Reeve is pleasantly surprised to find he got more than he bargained for with Melanie, though she's a beautiful woman who's often in need of being taken in hand.

But Reeve doesn't know that Melanie is harboring a secret about her past, one that threatens to shatter the life they are building together in that frontier Montana town. Further complicating matters is Melanie's proud older sister, Olivia, and the brooding, tough guy cattle rustler detective, Forest, who's smitten by her.

Will Reeve find out the truth about his bride and send her back East, or will he see her as she sees him--through the eyes of love?

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Meet the Author

I'm Kira Barcelo, author of spanking romance stories, which are fun, sexy, lighthearted & touching. Most of my books are sweet, some have just the right amount of heat, and I love writing about strong heroes and mischievous heroines.

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The Rancher and The Bad Girl 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
Es_May More than 1 year ago
This book was different. Reeve is a typical ranchman looking for a wife. In a land where the men greatly out number the women, there is little choice than to look to mail order brides. Reeve is attracted to Melanie the second she steps off the train, and she with him. Yet, Melanie has a past she was forced into since she was a child, and lies are told to cover that past. Too bad lying is one of only two things her husband says he finds to be spankable offenses. During this story we get to see the world through Melanie's eyes. Her loves, her fears, her worries. It would have been nice to see Reeve's side a bit too, but the story still did well without it. I have to admit, I found the story of Melanie's sister Olivia, and a man named Forest, to be so cute they almost stole the show. I really enjoyed their side story, and I loved how take charge he was and how she came to crave that from him.
KArc More than 1 year ago
This is a good story about Melanie who is trying to get out of a very bad situation. She decides to answer an ad for a mail-order-bride. She never expected to meet or marry a man as handsome, reliable, caring and hardworking as Reeve. She also never expected to have to answer for all the lies she told to get there, with her bottom, but if there's one thing Reeve won't stand for it's lies. Though Melanie was frequently afraid to share her past with Reeve, there was an open acceptance of each other that was a pleasure to read about. I also enjoyed the banter between Melanie's sister Olivia and Forest.
Redrabbitt More than 1 year ago
Melanie Cranford becomes a mail order bride to escape the life forced upon after losing both parents and her stepmother placing her and her sister in a Bordello when they are just little girls.  Then they are sold to a cruel man.  Reeve Larson answered an ad for a mail order bride and sent the ticket to bring Melanie to Montana.  He treats her like a lady, but he won't put up with lying.  He also believes in correction by spanking.  Melanie wind up over his lap multiple times.  Cattle rustling has been going on at the Larson ranch and he hires Forest Parrish who has a reputation for dealing with such.  Melanie's sister, Olivia, comes to visit and has a run in with Forest.  He is also a man who believes in taking a woman in hand.  This is a fun western, with feisty women and men who know how to use domestic discipline to keep them in line.  
angeloo7 More than 1 year ago
This is a great story filled with action and romance The story is well written with a plot that keeps you turning the pages
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have always loved mail order bride stories. The courage it had to take to leave your home and travel hundreds of miles out west where you knew no one and marry a stranger definitely had to take a lot of character. This story more than lived up to my expectations of a great mail order bride story. It is about a prostitute that escaped to become a mail order bride an have a better future. She keeps her past a secret from her new husband. Her sister also joins her and finds a husband of her own. This story was full of strong women who made the west a better place through their caring and love. It was also full of strong men who were not afraid to stand up for what was right and to keep their women on the right path. I thoroughly enjoyed this story. Great Read !!! Timberlan127
DKT1 More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this historical romance. Melanie is a mail order bride that is escaping her past and looking forward to a new life. Reeve is looking for a wife to settle down with and start a family. They both feel the chemistry between each other immediately. However Melanie is to ashamed and humiliated about her past to share it with her husband Reeve. She is afraid she won’t want her because of her past. She continues to lie and keep secrets. Reeve knows she is hiding something but can’t get her to share with him. Eventually though Melanie realizes the emotional toll her past is having on her. She also doesn’t like the invisible barrier that it has created between Reeve and her. Reeve is strict but loving with her. He is not afraid to spank her when she gets sassy or disobedient. Melanie decides she has to come clean and be honest with Reeve about her past. Reeve surprises her with his reaction. She learns that he loves her for who she is and not for what she had to do to survive. A well written, beautiful love story.
_SH More than 1 year ago
This is a great mail order bride story that comes with a great HEA! I enjoyed the plot idea as the mail order bride had a few secrets and a less than glamorous past (don't want to give anything away). She meets Reeve for the first time and they are lucky enough to have a connection right away. Melanie's sister ends up coming for a visit, which turns into a permanent stay, and finds her own chance at happiness. There are a lot of additional characters in this story which helped make it a great read. Enjoyed it!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved every single page of this story! First of all, it was long enough!! Secondly, I love that our heroine, was a wonderful character with flaws and secrets! The heat and the love between the 2 main characters was more than enough for me to give this 5 stars, but the addition of the sister coming to town and also having a "romance", was the icing on the cake! This was well written, exciting, and had great spankings!
madpuss More than 1 year ago
I very much enjoyed Melanie and Olivia's story. I loved the mix of anxiety, excitement, naughtiness, fun  and humour as they both sought a happier future for themselves. It had the right mix of all these things. It was a sweet romance and a good story. Melanie's Reeve was a great guy, loving and caring and a gentleman while Olivia's Forest was a likeable rogue interested in having a good time but who redeems himself in the end.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This story has all the great traits of a western romance mixed with some of the best domestic discipline situations I've read. The love the couple shares is sweet and rich. His protectiveness of her is very realistic as is her reluctance to be completely honest with him for fear of losing his love. There are several great spanking scenes described, all for good cause, nothing abusive or petty. Her friendship with the saloon ladies adds a nice twist that was pleasing to see.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a love story for not just one sister but two. Trying to move on from her past, Melanie tells some lies to Reeve. Reeve get to the bottom of them as well as puts a hand to Melanie's. Her sister Olivia ends up in town and finds her own man.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
SL - Mail Order Brides.... What a cute story.  It is all about mail order brides finding  happiness in Montana.  Melanie lied about her past  in order to become a mail order bride.  She lied about her age as well as her past profession.  It was a hard life for her and her sister, but she was abandoned as a child at a brothel.   We don’t dive heavily into the character of each of the men or women.  It is a short novella.  You know  their story and you see them interact in a new setting.  They are trying to protect their secrets because they  are unsure if it will be their downfall of their happiness.   You know they have a good heart by what projects they are trying to accomplish.  You also know that they end up loving their respective husbands.  There are a lot of judgmental people in Montana at that time.   There are the wives and church goers and then there is Mae’s place which is also a brothel.  Melanie and Olivia are treated kindly by Mae and her girls.   This story gives you a bit of a taste of Mail order bride.  It also gives you a taste of what people think of ladies and ladies of the night.  I am sure there was that kind of prejudice in the time. The story has several spanking scenes with a brush, hand and switch.  There are no extremely graphic sexual scenes.  The spankings aren't severe and the wives are justly punished. There is a happy ending  and a follow up a year later.  It was a cute story of the old west with mail order brides and spanking that are justified.