The RCA Albums Collection

The RCA Albums Collection

by Harry Nilsson


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The RCA Albums Collection

Harry Nilsson spent almost all of his rich, idiosyncratic, sometimes maddening career at RCA Records, releasing his bravura debut, Pandemonium Shadow Show, in 1967 and fading into the sunset with 1977's Knnillssonn. During those ten years, he released 14 albums and left behind a bunch of stray tracks, almost all of which are gathered on Legacy's massive and wonderful 2013 box The RCA Albums Collection. Every one of his albums is here, presented as mini-LP replicas and expanded with mono mixes, outtakes, demos, and alternate takes, many of which previously appeared on turn-of-the-millennium reissues by Buddha and Camden, but there are also three full discs of rarities, adding up to 123 total bonus tracks, 55 of which are seeing their first release here. Notably, the five-song demo session that convinced the Monkees to record "Cuddly Toy" (and also includes Harry's only version of "This Could Be the Night," an early song co-written with Phil Spector) sees its first official release, but there are many other wonderful little gems scattered throughout the session discs. Those are the necessary, enticing details for collectors, but concentrating on rarities at the expense of the big picture isn't the way to approach The RCA Albums Collection, as this allows the work of one of pop's true eccentric geniuses to be appreciated in its entirety. Nilsson's career divides into two parts, the first tracing the rise of an L.A. studio genius who rode several lucky breaks on the road to becoming a respected and successful songwriter; the second finding Harry ditching almost everything that came before in a successful attempt to indulge his every whim. Usually, the first act overshadows the second, as their attributes are more readily apparent. It's easy to hear the intelligence behind the songwriting and the intricately arranged productions of his work from 1967-1971, whereas the second seven LPs take some work on the listener's part, but the continuum offered by The RCA Albums Collection reveals that these often-derided albums wind up seeming stronger than their rep. Nilsson's relentless wit shines through, albeit often in bawdier form than before, and his musical acumen remains sharp. The only thing missing is that wondrous, pure voice, one which legendarily scaled three-and-a-half octaves and was worn down by Harry's relentless demons, but he was a smart singer, so he knew how to harness his hoarseness to his advantage, at least in the studio. Then again, Nilsson was a creature of the studio, a vocalist who never gave a concert, a songwriter who polished everything within the confines of multi-million dollar recording emporiums. He benefitted from the system then swindled it, creating recordings that evoked and influenced the times and, in doing so, transcended them as well. Seventeen discs may be an enormous undertaking, and admittedly some of the road is rocky, but the journey Harry Nilsson takes on The RCA Albums Collection is distinctive and thrilling, whether it's heard for the first or 40th time.

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Release Date: 07/30/2013
Label: Rca
UPC: 0886979155022
catalogNumber: 791550


Disc 1

  1. Ten Little Indians
  2. 1941
  3. Cuddly Toy
  4. She Sang Hymns Out of Tune
  5. You Can't Do That
  6. Sleep Late, My Lady Friend
  7. She's Leaving Home
  8. There Will Never Be
  9. Without Her
  10. Freckles
  11. It's Been So Long
  12. River Deep Mountain High
  13. Ten Little Indians
  14. 1941
  15. Cuddly Toy
  16. She Sang Hymns Out of Tune
  17. You Can't Do That
  18. Sleep Late, My Lady Friend
  19. She's Leaving Home
  20. There Will Never Be
  21. Without Her
  22. Freckles
  23. It's Been So Long
  24. River Deep Mountain High

Disc 2

  1. Daddy's Song
  2. Good Old Desk
  3. Don't Leave Me
  4. Mr. Richland's Favorite Song
  5. Little Cowboy
  6. Together
  7. Everybody's Talkin'
  8. I Said Goodbye To Me
  9. Little Cowboy
  10. Mr. Tinker
  11. One
  12. The Wailing of the Willow
  13. Bath
  14. Daddy's Song
  15. Good Old Desk
  16. Don't Leave Me
  17. Mr. Richland's Favorite Song
  18. Little Cowboy
  19. Together
  20. Everybody's Talkin'
  21. I Said Goodbye To Me
  22. Little Cowboy
  23. Mr. Tinker
  24. One
  25. The Wailing of the Willow
  26. Bath
  27. Aerial Ballet Radio Spot

Disc 3

  1. The Puppy Song
  2. Nobody Cares About the Railroads Anymore
  3. Open Your Window
  4. Mother Nature's Son
  5. Fairfax Rag
  6. City Life
  7. Mournin' Glory Story
  8. Maybe
  9. Marchin' Down Broadway
  10. I Guess the Lord Must Be In New York City
  11. Rainmaker
  12. Mr. Bojangles
  13. Simon Smith and His Amazing Dancing Bear
  14. I Will Take You There
  15. Waiting
  16. Rainmaker
  17. Mournin' Glory Story
  18. Garbage Can Ballet
  19. Harry Radio Spot
  20. Voices of Vista Radio Spots

Disc 4

  1. Vine St.
  2. Love Story
  3. Yellow Man
  4. Caroline
  5. Cowboy
  6. The Beehive State
  7. I'll Be Home
  8. Living Without You
  9. Dayton, Ohio 1903
  10. So Long Dad
  11. Snow
  12. Love Story
  13. Cowboy
  14. I'll Be Home
  15. Living Without You

Disc 5

  1. Everything's Got 'Em
  2. The Town
  3. Me and My Arrow
  4. The Game
  5. Poli High
  6. The Trial and Banishment
  7. Think About Your Troubles
  8. The Pointed Man
  9. Life Line
  10. The Birds
  11. P.O.V. Waltz
  12. The Clearing In the Woods
  13. Are You Sleeping?
  14. Oblio's Return
  15. Think About Your Troubles
  16. Life Line
  17. Down To the Valley
  18. I'll Never Leave You
  19. The Point Travel Brochure Radio Spot

Disc 6

  1. Introduction
  2. 1941
  3. Daddy's Song
  4. Mr. Richland's Favorite Song
  5. Good Old Desk
  6. Everybody's Talkin'
  7. Bath
  8. River Deep Mountain High
  9. Sleep Late, My Lady Friend
  10. Don't Leave Me
  11. Without Her
  12. Together
  13. One
  14. Closing
  15. You Can't Do That
  16. It's Been So Long
  17. Sleep Late, My Lady Friend
  18. Without Her
  19. Cuddly Toy
  20. You Can't Do That
  21. BBC Saturday Club Introduction
  22. 1941
  23. Mr. Richland's Favorite Song
  24. Nilsson talks with Brian Matthew
  25. Together
  26. Good Old Desk
  27. Aerial Pandemonium Ballet Radio Spot

Disc 7

  1. Gotta Get Up
  2. Driving Along
  3. Early In the Morning
  4. The Moonbeam Song
  5. Down
  6. Without You
  7. Coconut
  8. Let the Good Times Roll
  9. Jump Into the Fire
  10. I'll Never Leave You
  11. Si No Estas Tu
  12. How Can I Be Sure of You
  13. The Moonbeam Song
  14. Lamaze
  15. Old Forgotten Soldier
  16. Gotta Get Up
  17. Nisson Schmilsson Radio Spots

Disc 8

  1. Take 54
  2. Remember (Christmas)
  3. Joy
  4. Turn On Your Radio
  5. You're Breakin' My Heart
  6. Spaceman
  7. The Lottery Song
  8. At My Front Door
  9. Ambush
  10. I'd Rather Be Dead
  11. The Most Beautiful World In the World
  12. What's Your Sign?
  13. Take 54
  14. Campo De Encino
  15. Daybreak
  16. It Had To Be You/I'd Rather Be Dead
  17. Son of Schmilsson Radio Spot

Disc 9

  1. Lazy Moon
  2. For Me and My Gal
  3. It Had To Be You
  4. Always
  5. Makin' Whoopee!
  6. You Made Me Love You (I Didn't Want To Do It)
  7. Lullaby In Ragtime
  8. I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now
  9. What'll I Do
  10. Nevertheless (I'm In Love With You)
  11. This is All I Ask
  12. As Time Goes By
  13. I'm Always Chasing Rainbows
  14. Make Believe
  15. Trust In Me
  16. It's Only a Paper Moon
  17. Thanks For the Memory
  18. Over the Rainbow

Disc 10

  1. Many Rivers To Cross
  2. Subterranean Homesick Blues
  3. Don't Forget Me
  4. All My Life
  5. Old Forgotten Soldier
  6. Save the Last Dance For Me
  7. Mucho Mungo/Mt. Elga
  8. Loop De Loop
  9. Black Sails
  10. Rock Around the Clock
  11. Down By the Sea
  12. The Flying Saucer Song
  13. Turn Out the Light
  14. Save the Last Dance For Me
  15. Don't Forget Me
  16. Black Sails
  17. Pussy Cats Radio Spots

Disc 11

  1. Jesus Christ You're Tall
  2. It's a Jungle Out There
  3. Down By the Sea
  4. Kojak Columbo
  5. Easier For Me
  6. Turn Out the Light
  7. Salmon Falls
  8. Puget Sound
  9. What's Your Sign?
  10. Home
  11. Good For God
  12. Goin' Down

Disc 12

  1. I'll Take a Tango
  2. Something True
  3. Pretty Soon There'll Be Nothing Left For Everybody
  4. The Ivy Covered Walls
  5. Here's Why I Did Not Go To Work Today
  6. The Flying Saucer Song
  7. How To Write a Song
  8. Jesus Christ You're Tall
  9. Will She Miss Me?
  10. A Tree Out In the Yard (Central Park)

Disc 13

  1. That is All
  2. Just One Look/Baby I'm Yours
  3. Moonshine Bandit
  4. I Need You
  5. A Thousand Miles Away
  6. Sail Away
  7. She Sits Down On Me
  8. Daylight Has Caught Me
  9. Zombie Jamboree (Back To Back)
  10. That is All (Reprise)
  11. That's the Way It is Radio Spot

Disc 14

  1. All I Think About is You
  2. I Never Thought I'd Get This Lonely
  3. Who Done It?
  4. Lean On Me
  5. Goin' Down
  6. Old Bones
  7. Sweet Surrender
  8. Blanket For a Sail
  9. Laughin' Man
  10. Perfect Day
  11. Ain't It Kinda Wonderful
  12. Sweet Lorraine
  13. Shuffle Off To Buffalo
  14. Ballin' the Jack
  15. All I Think About is You
  16. Knnillssonn Radio Spot

Disc 15

  1. 1941
  2. World
  3. Signs
  4. Cuddly Toy
  5. This Could Be the Night
  6. As I Wander Lonely
  7. The Family
  8. Miss Butter's Lament
  9. Mr. Tinker
  10. Leggenda
  11. Sister Marie
  12. She Wandered Through the Garden Fence
  13. One
  14. I Said Goodbye To Me
  15. Searchin'
  16. She's Just Laughing At Me
  17. Together
  18. Bath

Disc 16

  1. You Are Here
  2. The Cast and Crew
  3. Garbage Can Ballet
  4. I Will Take You There
  5. Girlfriend (Theme From "the Courtship of Eddie's Father")
  6. Wasting My Time
  7. Rainmaker
  8. Open Your Window
  9. Postcard
  10. Think About Your Troubles
  11. Marry Me a Little
  12. Ballin' the Jack
  13. Gotta Get Up
  14. Down To the Valley
  15. Buy My Album
  16. Joy
  17. Blackbird
  18. Paradise
  19. Lucille
  20. Early In the Morning

Disc 17

  1. Walk Right Back
  2. Jump Into the Fire
  3. Isolation
  4. Without You
  5. Driving Along
  6. Gotta Get Up
  7. Coconut
  8. Old Forgotten Soldier
  9. Down
  10. The Moonbeam Song
  11. Jump Into the Fire
  12. Per Chi
  13. Joy
  14. Joy
  15. You Made Me Love You (I Didn't Want To Do It)
  16. Lullaby In Ragtime
  17. Always
  18. It Had To Be You
  19. I Want You To Sit On My Face
  20. A Souvenir (Also Sprach Schmilsson Schmixon)

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Harry Nilsson   Primary Artist,Organ,Guitar,Harmonica,Piano,Electric Piano,Vocals,Mellotron
Doug Dillard   Banjo
Peter Frampton   Guitar
George Harrison   Slide Guitar
Randy Newman   Piano
Van Dyke Parks   Piano
Leon Russell   Piano
Ringo Starr   Drums
Gary Wright   Organ,Piano
Frank Capp   Percussion,Drums
Casey   Guitar
Buddy Collette   Brass
Tom Collier   Piano,Timpani
Victor Feldman   Marimbas
James Newton Howard   Piano
Gordon Jenkins   Conductor
Plas Johnson   Saxophone,Brass,Woodwind
Marty Krystall   Brass
Don Randi   Organ
Tom Scott   Saxophone,Brass
Lew Tabackin   Flute
Joe Darensbourg   Horn
Bob Enevoldsen   Brass
John Bergamo   Marimbas
Don Ralke   Piano
Lyle Ritz   Bass
Keith Allison   Guitar
Jesse Ed Davis   Guitar
Chris Spedding   Guitar
James Burton   Guitar
Herbie Flowers   Bass
Lowell George   Guitar
James Griffin   Bass
Nicky Hopkins   Piano
Keith Moon   Drums
John Phillips   Percussion
Jim Price   Conductor,Horn,Brass
Red Rhodes   Slide Guitar
Bob Segarini   Guitar
Jimmy Webb   Piano
Ralph Grierson   Organ,Harpsichord
Ken Cooper   Musician
Jim Keltner   Bass,Drums
Tony Randall   Musician
Jim Gordon   Percussion,Drums
McKibbon   Bass
Jane Getz   Piano
James Roberts   Brass
Murray Adler   Strings
Dale Anderson   Percussion,Timpani
Kenny Ascher   Keyboards
Leonard Atkins   Strings
Israel Baker   Strings,Violin
John Bambridge   Clarinet
Arnold Belnick   Strings,Violin
Max Bennett   Bass,Recorder
Keith Bird   Musician
Andrew Blakeney   Horn
Harry Bluestone   Strings
Samuel Boghossian   Strings
Bud Brisbois   Brass
Ray Brown   Bass
Bobby Bruce   Strings
Paul Buckmaster   Conductor
Dennis Budimir   Banjo,Guitar,Ukulele
Stella Castellucci   Harp
Roy Caton   Brass
Malcolm Cecil   Synthesizer
Gene Cipriano   Horn,Oboe,Brass
David Cohen   Guitar
Gary Coleman   Percussion
Ray Cooper   Percussion
Joe Correro   Drums
Rollice Dale   Strings
Cosmo DeAguero   Conga,Marimbas
Assa Drori   Strings
Ian Duck   Guitar
Michael Dure   Guitar
Jesse Ehrlich   Strings,Cello
Gene Estes   Bass Drums,Timpani,Shaker
Henry Ferber   Strings
Chuck Findley   Brass
Bernard Fleischer   Saxophone,Brass,Woodwind
Ronald Folsom   Strings
Frederick Seykora   Strings,Cello
George French   Musician
David Frisina   Strings
Donald Frost   Drums
James Getzoff   Strings,Violin
Tony Gilbert   Musician
Harris Goldman   Strings
Anne Goodman   Strings
Jack Gootkin   Strings
Charles Gould   Bassoon
Robert Greenidge   Percussion,Pedal Steel Guitar,Steel Drums
John Guerin   Percussion,Drums
Allan Harshman   Strings
Milt Holland   Percussion,Cymbalom
Jim Horn   Flute,Brass
Paul Hubinon   Brass
Harry Hyams   Strings
William Hymanson   Strings
Jules Jacob   Oboe
Peter Jameson   Guitar
John Johnson   Tuba,Brass
Dennis Karmazyn   Strings
Jan Kelley   Strings
Paul Keogh   Guitar
Jerome Kessler   Strings
Milton Kestenbaum   Strings
Bobby Keys   Horn,Brass
Louis Kievman   Strings
Lou Klass   Strings
Larry Knechtel   Bass,Piano
Danny Kortchmar   Guitar
Raphael Kramer   Strings
Bernard Kundell   Strings
Carl LaMagna   Strings
Michael Lang   Piano
Ronald Langinger   Flute
Trevor Lawrence   Brass
Reg Leopold   Musician
Neil Levang   Guitar
Drake Levin   Guitar
Marvin Limonick   Strings
John Lowe   Woodwind
Alfred Lustgarten   Strings,Violin
Edgar Lustgarten   Strings
Jacqueline Lustgarten   Strings,Cello
Joy Lyle   Strings
Steve Madaio   Brass
Leonard Malarsky   Strings,Violin
Joe Mondragon   Strings
Dennis McConnell   Musician
Lew McCreary   Trombone,Horn,Brass
Malcolm McNabb   Brass
Mike Melvoin   Organ,Clarinet,Guitar,Piano,Harpsichord
Peter Mercurio   Strings
Jay Migliori   Flute
David Montagu   Strings
Barry Morgan   Drums
Tommy Morgan   Harmonica
John Morrell   Guitar
Fredric Myrow   Piano
Dick Nash   Brass
Erno Neufeld   Strings
Wilbert Nuttycombe   Strings,Violin
David Paich   Piano
Earl Palmer   Drums
May Pang   Percussion
Richard Perry   Percussion,Conductor,Mellotron
William Peterson   Brass
Roger Pope   Drums
Benny Powell   Brass
Caleb Quaye   Guitar
Jerome Reisler   Strings,Violin
Emil Richards   Percussion
George Roberts   Brass
Jay Rosen   Strings
Nathan Ross   Strings
John Rotella   Brass,Woodwind
Jack Rothstein   Leader
Myron Sandler   Strings,Violin
Ralph Schaeffer   Strings
David Schwartz   Strings
Wilbur Schwartz   Horn
Stephen Shingles   Musician
Harry Shlutz   Strings
Haim Shtrum   Strings
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Robert Sushel   Strings
Polly Sweeney   Strings
Fred Tackett   Guitar,Mandocello
Melvin Tax   Bassoon
Maurice Taylor   Musician
Tommy Tedesco   Guitar
Darrel Terwilliger   Strings,Violin
Thatcher   Guitar
George Tipton   Conductor
Bob Tricarico   Bassoon
Bill Trochim   Bass
John Uribe   Guitar
Derrek Van Eaton   Guitar
Gerald Vinci   Strings
Klaus Voormann   Bass,Guitar
Don Walker   Piano
Tibor Zelig   Strings,Violin
Vincent DeRosa   Horn,Brass
Hubert Anderson   Percussion,Drums
Edward Green   Strings
Alton Hendrickson   Mandolin
Dick Hyde   Horn,Brass
Gayle Levant   Harp
Dr. John   Guitar,Piano
Anthony Terran   Brass
Lon Van Eaton   Guitar
Joseph Ditullio   Strings
Robert Hardaway   Woodwind
Jan Hlinka   Strings
Doug Hoefer   Percussion
Emmett Kennedy   Percussion
Henry Krein   Accordion
Mickey Nadel   Strings
William Weiss   Strings,Violin
William Henderson   Strings
Abe Luboff   Strings
Sven Reher   Strings
Paulo Alencar   Strings
Ilene Novog   Strings
Carroll Lewis   Trumpet,Brass
Sidney Sharp   Strings
Patrick Murphy   Percussion
Michael Craden   Conga
George Turnland   Musician
William Martin   Guitar,Piano
Neil LaVang   Guitar
Vann Slatter   Drums
Michael Anthony   Guitar
Jerry Williams   Drums
Raymond Kelly   Strings,Cello
Nat Comrass   Musician
Reginald Mosley   Musician
Lou Whiteson   Musician
Armand Kaproff   Strings
William Kurasch   Strings
Robert Knight   Brass
Alan Peters   Musician
Norman Herzberg   Bassoon
Joseph Soldo   Clarinet
Derek Collins   Musician
Charlotte Sax   Strings,Violin
Michael Nowak   Strings
David Duke   Horn,Brass
Michael Wofford   Piano,Harpsichord
Myer Bello   Strings
Herbert Harper   Horn
Jeff Solow   Strings
Oliver Mitchell   Brass
Dorothy Remson   Harp
Mike Deasy   Guitar
Ray Cohen   Musician
Charles La Vere   Piano
Richard Mackey   Horn
David Turner   Strings
Roger Coolan   Organ
Richie Frost   Drums
Ken Essex   Musician
Chili Charles   Drums
Michael Rubini   Organ,Piano,Clavinet
Tom Shepard   Brass
James Horn   Saxophone,Brass
Michael Deasy   Guitar
Thomas Scott   Brass
Steve LaFever   Bass
Dominick Fera   Horn
Gareth Nuttycombe   Strings
Donnie Douglas   Strings,Violin
Denzil Laughton   Harp
Darryl Charles   Percussion
Daniel Terwilliger   Strings
Charles Vorzinger   Musician
Charles Dinwiddle   Brass
Bobby Kayes   Brass
Billy Dale   Guitar
Arni Egildson   Strings
Horman Benno   Brass
Jesse Davis   Guitar
Jerome Jumonville   Brass
James Bond   Strings
Pete Keltner   Drums
Norman Jurban   Percussion
Myor Bellor   Strings
Michael Mutt   Strings,Violin
Mara Gibb   Vocals,Guest Appearance
Lou Rosen   Musician
Lloyd Hildebrand   Bassoon
Leonard Dighl   Musician
Kathleen Mondragon   Strings
Willie Smith   Keyboards
Stanley Plumer   Strings

Technical Credits

Stephen Sondheim   Composer
Fred Neil   Composer
Jimmy Cliff   Composer
Irving Berlin   Composer
Bob Dylan   Composer
George Harrison   Composer
John Lennon   Composer
Paul McCartney   Composer
Randy Newman   Composer
Harry Nilsson   Composer,Producer,Story
Gordon Jenkins   Arranger,Composer
Louis Jordan   Composer
Ellie Greenwich   Composer
Harold Arlen   Composer
Mort Shuman   Composer
Gary Brooker   Composer
Sonny Curtis   Composer
Jerry Leiber   Composer
Van McCoy   Composer
Jim Price   Arranger
Bob Segarini   Composer
Jimmy Webb   Composer
Phil Spector   Composer
Ken Scott   Engineer
Alex Harvey   Composer
Jerome Kern   Composer
Don Addrisi   Composer
Milton Ager   Composer
Jeff Barry   Composer
Dallas Bartley   Composer
Gerry Beckley   Composer
Dick Bogert   Engineer
Perry Botkin   Arranger,Composer
Paul Buckmaster   Horn Arrangements,String Arrangements
Robin Geoffrey Cable   Producer,Engineer
Brian Christian   Engineer
Hank Cicalo   Engineer
Mickey Crofford   Engineer
Jimmy DeKnight   Composer
Walter Donaldson   Composer
Chip Douglas   Producer
Dubin   Composer
Tom Evans   Composer
Brian Godding   Composer
Pete Ham   Composer
Oscar Hammerstein   Composer
E.Y. "Yip" Harburg   Composer
Grover Helsley   Engineer
Rick Jarrard   Producer
Jerry Jeff Walker   Composer
Kirby Johnson   Arranger
Isham Jones   Composer
Gus Kahn   Composer
Bert Kalmar   Composer
Danny Kortchmar   Composer
Trevor Lawrence   Arranger,Producer
Leonard Lee   Composer
Phil McDonald   Engineer
Hank McGill   Engineer
Mike McNaught   Arranger
Fredric Myrow   Orchestration
Del Newman   Orchestration,String Arrangements
Mitchell Parish   Composer
Doris Payne   Composer
Richard Perry   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Doc Pomus   Composer
Ralph Rainger   Composer
Keith Reid   Composer
Leo Robin   Composer
Andrew Sandoval   Producer,Liner Notes
Richie Schmitt   Engineer
Mike Stoller   Composer
Derek Taylor   Producer
George Tipton   Arranger
Kent Tunks   Engineer
Tommy Vicari   Engineer
Klaus Voormann   Composer
Harry Warren   Composer
Pat Ieraci   Engineer
Mike Leary   Engineer
Dr. John   Composer
Allen Zentz   Engineer
Bob Cole   Composer
Ian Freebairn-Smith   Composer
Frank Adams   Composer
Gil Garfield   Composer
Ewart Abner   Composer
Dick Addrisi   Composer
Richard Penniman   Composer
Steve Stanley   Cover Design,Booklet Design,Jacket Design
Rob Santos   Producer
Edward O'Dowd   Package Layout
Matt Cavaluzzo   Tape Research
Sylvia Fine   Composer
Edgar Leslie   Composer
James V. Monaco   Composer
William Martin   Composer
Conrad Eugene Mauge   Composer
James Sheppard   Composer
Harry Carroll   Composer
Max Freedman   Composer
Ned Wever   Composer
Dick Bogart   Engineer
Jesse Lee Kincaid   Composer
Jean Schwartz   Composer
Tom Tierney   Tape Research
Glenn Korman   Tape Research
George W. Meyer   Composer
Billy Rose   Composer
Matt Kelly   Tape Research
Curtis Armstrong   Tape Research
Leo Hickman   Composer
Joseph McCarthy   Composer
Howard Johnson   Composer
Chris Smith   Composer
Gene Wilder   Composer
E. Ray Goetz   Composer
J. Rosamond Johnson   Composer
Harold Orlob   Composer
Joseph Edgar Howard   Composer
Jim Burris   Composer
Phil Macdonald   Engineer
Herman Hupfeld   Composer
Gus Khan   Composer
Cliff Burwell   Composer
Will M. Hough   Composer
Ritchie Schmitt   Engineer
John C. Moore   Composer
Ted Vann   Composer
Robin Cable   Engineer
Gregory Carroll   Composer
Phil Brown   Engineer
David Morrow   Composer
Hank Magill   Engineer
Sean Brennan   Tape Research
Frank Trupia   Engineer
Cliff Ness   Composer
Austin Talbot   Composer
Harry Ryby   Composer
Mike Borrough   Engineer
William H. Miller   Composer
Albert Collins   Composer

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