The Readings of the Paul Solomon Source Book 11

The Readings of the Paul Solomon Source Book 11


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The Readings of the Paul Solomon Source

The Source went on to say,"It isn't necessary that you be religious to communicate with the Source of your being. All men have a source of their consciousness, source of their mind, even those who are not religious. And all men who can give up the five senses from time to time and stop listening through those senses and listen within, can communicate with the source of their being. If you can learn to give up all of that sensory feedback and become quiet, and go into a subtler reality, you can experience a different place. The place where you body is becomes a memory. And you enter into a subtler reality or a different reality, a beautiful place, as beautiful as you want it to be. And in that place, ask questions, receive answers from the source of your own being."
Paul Solomon

These are the words of Paul Solomon, one of the most influential spiritual teachers of our time. Internationally known as a teacher, prophet, healer, minister and humanitarian, Paul Solomon made contact with his Super-conscious Mind after experiencing a "dark night of the soul." Paul Solomon could 'view the body' at a distance, make accurate diagnosis and suggest treatment that saved lives. During his lifetime he gave over 1,400 readings on topics such as Soul Growth, Ancient Mystery Traditions and Arcane Knowledge, Sacred Scripture, Qabalah and Universal Law. Answers to almost every conceivable subject are available through The Paul Solomon Source Readings and lectures. His gift of being able to communicate clearly the essence of universal principles, both ancient and modern, has inspired people all over the world to find their uniqueness, thus 're-membering' their own connection to Source.

"The Source Readings, impressive as they are, are only a means of revealing what lies beyond the words and beyond the wisdom. They are great only if they give you a glimpse of their Source. If they cause you to see the Source, then they have succeeded. If they cause the Source to be awakened within you, then they've really done what they are supposed to do."
Paul Solomon

This eleventh book is comprised of the readings that Paul gave during the period of May, 1974 - September 12, 1973.

Mary Siobhan McGibbon, grew up in Belfast, Northern Ireland. A life long researcher and student of spirituality, she is the editor of The Readings of the Paul Solomon Source Books and The Solomon Keys, a collection of sayings from the work of Paul Solomon that have given meaning and purpose to her life and inspiration to others. She now lives in Ireland.

The Paul Solomon Foundation

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