The Real Education of TJ Crowley

The Real Education of TJ Crowley

by Grant Overstake


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ISBN-13: 9781732304703
Publisher: Grain Valley Publishing Company
Publication date: 11/05/2018
Pages: 380
Sales rank: 688,309
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.85(d)
Age Range: 13 - 18 Years

About the Author

Author Grant Overstake has written two novels on important themes for young people. His premier novel, Maggie Vaults Over the Moon, received widespread critical acclaim for its focus on grief and recovery from loss.

Grant began his writing career at 18 years-old at his hometown newspaper, The Wichita Eagle. He went on to attend the University of Kansas School of Journalism, where he won the William Randolph Hearst Award for Excellence in Newspaper Writing, considered the Pulitzer Prize for college journalists. At 24, he was a Staff Writer for one of the top "writer's newspapers" The Miami Herald; and later edited and managed several award-winning Kansas newspapers.

Today, Grant shares his writing know-how and life experiences as a Teaching Artist for Arts Partners of Wichita, including co-leading a summer writing workshop for disadvantaged youth at Storytime Village. He also facilitates Artist's Way creativity workshops and memoir writing classes for adults at various locations, including Watermark Books and Cafe in Wichita.

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The Real Education of TJ Crowley 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Nancy-Julien-Kopp More than 1 year ago
TJ Crowley may go to school every day but his real education takes place in a garage talking to a man whom he never expected to converse with, let alone grow to like. TJ, in the seventh grade, faces myriad choices amidst confusion and fear as well as anger. Grant Overstake's second YA novel, The Real Education of TJ Crowley, is set in the turbulent years of the Civil Rights Movement in Wichita, Kansas. The summer of 1968 just prior to entering 7th grade leaves TJ Crowley spinning like a top. His dad deserts the family and his older brother joins the Army, then is shipped to Vietnam. His mother spends her days housebound relying on cigarettes and liquor. The author invites the reader on a train ride of problems that TJ encounters and worries he has, as well as choices he must make. At times, I cheered TJ on, then feared for him, and sometimes felt disappointed in a choice he made. I had no problem in turning the page and continuing reading this intriguing story of a turbulent time in our country that resonates even today. Fiery-tempered TJ narrates the story. It doesn't take long to relate to the character and what he is experiencing. The author has created a fine cast of secondary characters who all influence TJ's life in some way. Emotions run on high throughout the book. Timothy Hayes, PhD, Clinical Psychologist offered praise for the book. He said, "This intense young adult novel presents numerous racial stereotypes and then shatters them." I would agree wholeheartedly with his assessment. Adults would benefit from reading this novel as well as the young people it was written for. It's a story that could be used in schools to promote discussion on the racial problems our country still faces today. The author does not tip-toe around what the desegregation problems were like in the late '60's. He is honest in his presentation, no sugar coating. I give The Real Education of TJ Crowley 5 stars and urge anyone who has a middle school or early high school student in their family to purchase this exciting new novel by Grant Overstake. It's historical fiction at its best and a good story. Gift it to the young person but also read it yourself.