The Real Eminem: Revelations of an American Original

The Real Eminem: Revelations of an American Original

Paperback(Enriched ed.)

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THE REAL EMINEM is a lively authentic look at the most successful artist to debut after 1983 and the most successful rapper of all-time featuring 90+ unseen 1999 black & white photos and 2 exclusive1999 interviews.

Eminem outsold every artist across the globe in 2018. In the first half of 2019 Eminem is the leader in net sales in the U.S., surpassing Lady Gaga, Metallica and Ed Sheeran.

THE REAL EMINEM, like Slim himself, holds nothing back. An unfiltered testament of his fresh perspective, THE REAL EMINEM, reveals an extraordinary window into the world - and intimate life - of the gifted prodigy. Illustrated by original photographs and ephemera, THE REAL EMINEM also has genuine 1999 quotes by Violent J of ICP and Dr. Dre, and an exclusive 2001 interview with D12.

Eminem speaks openly about:

  • Why he is not a role model
  • Why he shocks and pisses people off
  • White Rappers
  • Underground Hip-Hop
  • Critics
  • The ignorance he encountered in American society
  • Kim, "Just The Two of Us," the day he dyed his hair blonde and got a stomach tattoo
  • Much more

With Proof by his side, Eminem speaks openly, flagrantly rejects the label of role model and defines why he shocks and pisses people off. He attests to his relationship with Kim and details the state of mind that led to "Just The Two of Us" and the day he dyed his hair and got a stomach tattoo. Further, rails against and reflects upon his comeuppance from underground Hip-Hop, the ignorance he encountered as an independent artist and in American society as a rule.

Eminem mocks white rappers, expressly those he battled, and dismisses critics as Proof places him amongst the all-time greats. The evolution of Eminem asserted by his confidants and accomplices, D12. The unbridled determination to spit in the face of principled, moral judgement and go to war with shameless lyrical assaults stated.

It is challenging to comprehend the moral sense that has ensued over the past twenty years. No person, place or thing is unaffected by time. Life is life. The ravages of generations exceptionally cruel to Eminem. Colossal achievements cleaved by immediate family, the death of his best friend, mental illness and drug addiction. The strength and fortitude to endure the stuff of legend.

Eminem has sold 97.92 million studio albums, including the 8 Mile soundtrack, 14.4 million physical singles,18 838 000 compilation albums, and 197 million downloads. With the addition of 17 200 199 801 audio streams and 22 726 962 356 video streams. D12 has sold 8 450 000 D12 albums.

The continuing influence of Eminem on two generations of Hip-Hop, Rap, and Pop Culture is incalculable. THE REAL EMINEM presents an intimate, unfiltered, raw and direct connection with him at the exact point as his ascension to stardom. Others may have spoken with and interviewed Eminem during this crucial period; however, this questioning brought deep-seated, definite reactions.

THE REAL EMINEM is the ideal gift for Eminem fans.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781988956183
Publisher: Peace! Carving
Publication date: 10/11/2019
Edition description: Enriched ed.
Pages: 324
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.73(d)

About the Author

The author of ten Behind The Music Tales books. For twenty years, he self-published Peace! In the midst of musical, cultural revolutions throughout the 90's and 2000's, he complied an authentic archive of audio, images and video.

The blogger/radio host who helped the Houston hip-hop scene to explode, or the guy who expanded hip-hop's presence at SXSW. A world class project manager who has worked on the Netflix series Hip Hop Evolution and Red Bull's Wanton Bishops documentary.

Table of Contents

Foreword; Preface; I - Detroit Rock City; Murder City U.S.A; The Homecoming; Libras; The Black Bottom; II - Coming Up; 7 Mile and Greenfield; I Learned That In Life; Battles; One of the Few; III - Rest In Pieces, Kim; Chuck E. Cheese; That's Personal; A Page Out of History; IV - Dr. Dre; Find Him; Chronic 2000; The Bike; V - The Dark Detroit City Carnival; 'You Guys Comin' to My Release Party, or What?'; Ricky, Julian and Bubbles; Eminem x ICP Diss Songs; VI - White Rappers; All In A Line; No Comment; Clowns; Eminem x Cage Diss Songs; VII - Sex, Drugs & Violence; Criminal Code; The American Dream; A Burnt Up Apple Pie; VIII - Controversy; I Don't Do Shock Value Rap; Role Model; I'm the Bad Guy; IX - Shit Talk with Bizzare and Swifty McVay; Looking For the Coke They Say Bizarre Smokes; G-Shit; Politics, X - Politics, Politics; Crucible of War; Dom Deluise; Eminem x Everlast & Limp Bizkit Diss Songs; XI - Life in the Fast Lane; Drugs, Sex & Hip-Hop; Sleep; XII - Flashback #1 - Matt Sonzala's Lamb's Breath; Flashback #2 - Ron Boudreau and the Melting of Eminem; Flashback #3 - Gavin Gerbz & Mr. Heller; XIII - Coda; Postscript; XIV - 1999 Shows; 1999 Tour Dates & The Slim Shady LP Tour; XV - Discography; Albums; Singles; Featured Artist Singles.

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