The Real Sherlock Holmes: The Mysterious Methods and Curious History of a True Mental Specialist

The Real Sherlock Holmes: The Mysterious Methods and Curious History of a True Mental Specialist

by Joe Riggs


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What if you could spot deception instantly and see through people like Sherlock Holmes? After having been raised by professional psychic readers, Joe Riggs left all that behind to become the internationally acclaimed Mentalist, Psychological Performer and Consultant that he is today. In this brief yet extremely powerful book, Joe Riggs will not only teach you the hidden methods employed by psychic readers everywhere; he will also teach you some of the most powerful techniques in the art of Mentalism. Joe Riggs has been repeatedly hailed by the press as "The Man Who Knows Too Much" as well as "The Real Sherlock Holmes." His uncanny ability to gather a literal wealth of information from a person in seconds is legendary. Get ready to see everyone and everything in a way you never thought possible. These skills and techniques will catapult you into the world of literal mind reading and mental acuity.

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ISBN-13: 9781780922621
Publisher: MX Publishing
Publication date: 06/28/2012
Pages: 78
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.16(d)

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The Real Sherlock Holmes: The mysterious methods and curious history of a true mental specialist 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
**PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS FOR ADVANCED MEMORY AND MIND-ENHANCING TECHNIQUES** Wow. Honestly, it was as enlightening as disheartening to learn what fodder I'd been for the types of charlatans described in the first part of this remarkable book. Yet, my true exhilaration came when I realized that I was learning the secrets to ensure that it would NEVER happen again! I can even unabashedly assure you, that if you so choose; it WILL NOT happen to you either, after reading this book and knowing what I now know. As for the second part of the book, it's a kaleidoscope of information and techniques regarding how to guard, foster, and enhance one's mind. It's an absolutely thrilling whirlwind of learning about nonverbal cues and detecting deception (reminiscent of Joe Navarro's "What Every Body is Saying"), as well as applying the "Method of Loci"/Memory Palace techniques in a vast number of ways, and studying as much what a person really 'says' with their linguistic cues as their actual words. It is an almost dizzying rollercoaster of information that I look forward to reading, over and over. I've read books ten times this size, without a fraction of the information I gleaned from this one. Lastly, as an educator and a linguist, I can envision the endless classroom applications afforded by the techniques offered in this brief powerhouse of a book! Enhancing memory is a topic that concerns parents, teachers, and students alike; not to mention, our older citizens who want nothing more than to stay sharp in their golden years. Gaining mental acuity and respect from your peers for your powerful skills of observation and logical deduction? Well, who doesn't want that? Psychic Lies & Mental Spies will be an excellent resource for years, to come, and I look forward to learning more from Mr. Riggs. This is clearly not a man for whom the title of "Mentalist" even begins to cover his skill set. Bravo. Highly recommended.
Heidi_T More than 1 year ago
You can tell from the very start that Joe Riggs is passionate about mentalism. He would be- it is his life. He is a mentalist, psychological performer and consultant, not really something you'd see on the average CV, but then again Riggs isn't the average person. Gifted with a brilliant mind and rather cool talents, you can tell that by picking up his book, you're going to experience something quite different. Riggs holds an intriguing life story and can boast a range of incredible talents, yet he is open and humble. What is his book actually about? Well, if you haven't already guessed, mentalism. It might mean something to you, but to me I wasn't quite sure what it encompassed at first. To give a brief outline "Psychic Lies" refers to the Psychics and horoscopes one hears so often and (not giving too much away-go read it to find out more!) why these just aren't the `real thing'-how they fool the vast majority of people. Riggs unpicks this and lays it bear to show the reader that they should be more doubtful of many psychics' methods. The second part of the book "Mental Spies" then gives the reader the power to change how they think. Riggs, with an inside view, is the ideal person to teach the reader how to master the art (or science) of increasing their brain power. This section includes how to expand one's memory and to store memories like the great Sherlock Holmes does. Most astounding and really rather useful to one's life! Even though his book contains technical terms, it is relevant and encounters things that you have experience of: "Most all of us have visited them: psychic readers, metaphysical shops, spiritual consultants". Riggs never makes the reader feel as if they cannot be part of something 'greater' as it were, he is always inclusive and encourages the reader to try out a whole host of exciting techniques, promising "you will be able to do things you`ve never been able to do before" and one cannot disagree with that after reading it. The structure of the book itself is synoptic and useful. Riggs explains in a fascinating way where the techniques arise from, how they were used, how he uses them (and how Sherlock Holmes would be too!) and how you the reader can start to implement them too. He shared his experiences and how he has honed his skills with Sherlock Holmes as an inspiration, and come on, who can't love a bit of Holmes? I have to admit that before reading "Psychic Lies and Mental Spies", I was quite sceptical about Mentalism and what it was, but strangely (or maybe not so strangely, considering how appealing this book is) I have come to see that it isn't just some distant person on a TV show doing things one couldn't quite believe in, this is something believable and exciting. Seriously, get a copy, read it, read it again, and go out and implement the techniques you learn!
James_P_Hoy More than 1 year ago
The human brain. The most powerful tool in the universe. Humans have used it to create beautiful art, incredibly destructive weapons and technologies that would stun the most advanced minds of a generation ago. In your mind you have created fantastic worlds and solved all the problems on the planet. Your brain--your mind--stores and nurtures your hopes and dreams. And, unfortunately, some have chosen to use their mind to prey on those same hopes and dreams you possess. Whether they be scammers, "psychics" or simply overly aggressive sales people, some people have developed skills that allow them to be seemingly a step ahead all the time, or to claim to have the power to speak with the dead or even control your mind. You may even know, inside, that their claims are nonsense. But the question remains: How do they do that? In this book, Joe Riggs invites you behind the scenes, to no longer ignore that man behind the curtain and to take back your power from those who would take advantage of your inherent goodness. In two separate sections, Riggs shows us what "they" think. And, importantly, how "they" think. Learn the secrets of T.H.E. S.C.A.M. Discover the secrets behind having a superhuman memory. Learn to interpret, with chilling accuracy, the body language, facial tics and word choices that charlatans observe in us that gives them such seemingly impressive "powers". Know when someone is lying to you, without asking them a single question. Detect sincere emotional responses from those designed simply to elicit a response in you. Discover how neuro-linguistic programming can be used to guide the choices you seemingly make of your own free will. These skills are not just for the Derren Browns of this world. Yes, skills. Not special gifts or anointings. They haven't been blessed with any gifts, other than a lack of conscience. Joe Riggs has chosen to shine a light where several people probably wish he wouldn't. Knowledge is power, and it is there for you to take it, if you want it. Your mind need not be a source of amusement or profit for scoundrels. Your mind is a sacred place, the repository for all that is good about you. It is worth defending from those who wish to mislead you.
DoctorDan2 More than 1 year ago
If Sherlock Holmes wrote a book (other than The Whole Art of Detection and The Practical Handbook of Bee Culture), it might be something like this. In fact, Holmes did write some of it in the sense that quintessential quotes from the Master are spread throughout this little book. Riggs, a mentalist, psychological performer, and consultant, has been called "the real Sherlock Holmes" for his ability to read people. A Sherlockian, he wears the label proudly. In the first part of the book, Riggs calls upon his upbringing as the child of psychics to expose the tricks of the trade. He discusses the seven subjects that are on people's minds all the time, cold reading (no preparation), hot reading (advance work needed), something called the Forer/Barnum effect, and how psychics cover up when they go wrong. He names names. Part II is perhaps more practical for most of us. Here, Riggs offers advice on how to develop a supermemory, how to read body language, and how to detect lies. "Much like Sherlock Holmes," he writes, "an adept Mentalist can gather a wealth of information from a person or place within minutes, or even seconds. Sherlock may be fictional, but his tools and powers are not. Let’s develop them." That's hard to do with a short book as your guide. I would have loved a much longer volume exploring these subjects in greater depth. I look forward to the sequel.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago