The Rebel (Harlequin Intrigue Series #1598)

The Rebel (Harlequin Intrigue Series #1598)

by Adrienne Giordano

Paperback(Mass Market Paperback - Original)

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ISBN-13: 9780373698653
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication date: 09/15/2015
Series: Harlequin Intrigue Series , #1598
Edition description: Original
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 4.10(w) x 6.60(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

USA Today bestselling author Adrienne Giordano writes romantic suspense and mystery. She is a Jersey girl at heart, but now lives in the Midwest with her workaholic husband, sports obsessed son and Buddy the Wheaten Terrorist (Terrier). For more information on Adrienne's books please visit or download the Adrienne Giordano app. Adrienne can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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"Come on, boy. Another quarter mile and we're done."

Larry McCall whistled for Henry, his black Lab, who needed exercise more than Larry, to move along. Sunrise illuminated the sky, streaking it in shades of purple and orange that made even a grisly homicide detective marvel at the beauty of nature on an early fall morning.

With Henry busy sniffing a patch of dirt, Larry paused a moment, tilted his head back and inhaled the dewy air. Another two weeks, all these trees would be barren and the city would come in and scoop up the leaves. At which point, his body would make excuses to stay in bed rather than hoof it through ten acres of fenced-in fields on Chicago's southwest side.

Half expecting Henry to trot by him, Larry opened his eyes and glanced to his left, where the dog always walked. No Henry. Since when had he gotten subversive? Larry angled back and found Henry still at the spot he'd been sniffing a minute ago. Only now he was digging. Hard. Terrific. Not only would he have dirt all over him, but he'd also probably snatch a dead animal out of the ground and drop it at Larry's feet. Here ya go, Dad.

Not happening. He whistled again. "Leave it," he said in his best alpha-dog voice.

His bum luck was that Henry had alpha tendencies, too, and kept digging. He'd have to leash him and pull him away before a dead squirrel wound up in his jaws.

Years earlier the city had torn down three low-income apartment buildings—the projects—because of the increased drug and criminal activity surrounding the place. All that was left was the fenced-in acreage that made for great walking. Problem was, there could be anything—rodents, needles, crack baggies, foil scraps—buried. Needles. Dammit. Larry hustled back to the dog before he got stuck. Or stoned.

"Whatever you found, Henry, we don't want any part of. Leave it."

He snapped the leash on, gently eased Henry back and was met with ferocious barking. What the hell? His happy dog had gone schizo.

"What is it, boy?"

Holding the dog off the hole he'd started, Larry bent at the waist to focus on something white—dull white—peeking through the dirt.

Henry barked and tugged at the leash.

"Okay, boy. Relax. Let me look at it."

He led a still-barking Henry to a tree, secured the leash around it to keep him at bay and walked back to the spot. Using the handkerchief he always carried—yes, he was that old-school, so what?—to protect his hands, he cleared more of the loose, moist dirt from the top, and more white appeared. He tapped the surface. Solid. Rock solid. And Larry's stomach twisted in a way it only did on the job.

Stop. Twenty years of working homicide told him he should. Right now. Don't go any further; call it in.

Birds chirped overhead, the sound so crisp and incessant it sliced right into his ears. Henry apparently had riled 'em good. Still squatting, Larry scanned the desolate area. Beyond the fence at the end of the last quarter mile, the early-morning rush began to swell on Cicero.

Henry barked again. Normally calm as a turtle, he wanted to dig.

Larry cocked his head to study whatever peeked through the dirt, and once again his stomach seized. After all these years, only one thing futzed with his stomach.

Crime scene.

But, truth be told, he had a tendency to overthink things. Something else years on the job had done to him. Hell, he could be staring at an old ceramic bowl. And how humiliating would it be to call this in and have it wind up being someone's china?

Just hell.

Henry barked again, urging him on, and Larry gave in to his curiosity and pushed more loose dirt around. At least until he hit a depression and his finger, handkerchief and all, slid right into it. Gently, he moved his finger around, hitting the outer edges of the depression, and a weird tingling shot up his neck. His breathing kicked up.

What'd this dog find?

He cleared more dirt, his fingers moving gently, revealing more and more of the surface of whatever was buried here. Once again, his fingers slipped into the depressed area and he knew. Dammit.

He'd just stuck his finger into an eye socket.

* * *

Five Years Later

Surrounded by four hundred guests, seven of them sitting at her table in the ballroom of Chicago's legendary Drake Hotel, Amanda studied a giant photo of a fallen firefighter that had flashed on the screen behind the podium. Without a doubt, she'd botched his nose.

Ugh. How embarrassing. Any novice artist, particularly a sculptor, would see the slight flare of the man's nostrils. She slid her gaze to the sculpture, her sculpture, a gift to the widow of Lieutenant Ben Broward, who'd died three months ago after running into a crumbling building to save a child.

The child had survived.

Ben had not.

And Amanda's gift to his widow and their children was now worthless. At least in Amanda's mind. Had the flaring nostrils been that obvious on the photos she'd been given? Later, when she arrived home, she'd swing into her studio and check. Just to satisfy herself.

Darn it.

Sitting back in her chair, she eased out a breath and made eye contact with Lexi, her interior designer friend who'd originally suggested she attend this fund-raiser and meet Pamela Hennings and Irene Dyce, both politically connected—and extremely wealthy—women. Amanda's idea to donate the sculpture had come after seeing an interview with Lieutenant Broward's wife and children. She couldn't give them the man back, but maybe the sculpture would bring some sort of peace. Not exactly closure because Amanda didn't buy in to that whole closure thing. What did that even mean? Tragedy was tragedy and she doubted Ben's family would ever fully recover.

Mrs. Hennings leaned closer to speak over the chatter and the sound of clanging silverware filling the room. "Amazing likeness, dear."

"Yes," Mrs. Dyce said from the other side of Mrs. Hennings. "Beautiful work, Amanda."

"Thank you."

Not that she believed it after spotting her mistake, but coming from Mrs. Hennings, the wife of Chicago's most brilliant defense attorney, a woman notorious for her good taste, Amanda, as she always did, graciously accepted the compliment, allowing it to momentarily smother her doubt.

At least until she looked at that nose again. Would the widow notice? Would she see the blunder every time she chose to look at the piece? Would it drive her insane? Gah.

The woman couldn't spend years looking at a nose butchered by the artist. Amanda couldn't allow it. She'd redo the piece. That was all. She'd make time to fix her mistake.



Move on.

A waiter slid a slice of cherry cheesecake in front of her. Any other day, she'd happily indulge, which of course wouldn't help her lose that extra ten pounds, but a girl had a right to sugar. Simple fact. But after the beating she'd just given herself, she wasn't sure her stomach could handle a rich dessert. Gently, she nudged the plate away, opting instead for a sip of water. "Evening, Miss LeBlanc."

She glanced up to where a large, barrel-chested man, late fifties perhaps, stood behind her. "Hello."

"I'm Detective Larry McCall. Chicago PD. Homicide." He gestured to the vacant chair next to her. "Mind if I sit?"

Oh, boy. What was this?

Whatever it was, she was thankful he wasn't the man who'd been sitting beside her all evening. That man, a financial planner from one of the city's big banks, had disappeared more than thirty minutes ago after she flatly told him, no, she was not interested in doing "hot" things in his bed. What an idiot. With any luck, he'd found a woman willing to take him up on his offer.

She held her hand out. "Of course. Someone was sitting there, but he's been gone awhile."

Hopefully, for good.

The detective glanced across the table to where Lexi sat with her boyfriend, Brodey, another Chicago homicide detective and also the brother of one of the Hennings & Solomon investigators. Seemed to Amanda that the Hennings clan had a connection to just about everyone in this city.

"Junior," Detective McCall said, nodding a greeting.

"Lawrence," Brodey drawled.

And how amusing was this? Clearly these two were in some kind of twisted male peeing match, and Amanda did everything in her power not to roll her eyes.

Detective McCall dropped his bulky frame into the chair beside her. "I'll move if he comes back. Sorry if I'm interrupting."

"Not at all. What can I do for you, Detective?"

"I checked out your bust."

Amanda bit her lip, stifling a smile as the detective replayed in his mind the last seconds—wait for it. There.

He smacked himself on the head, then did it again, but he laughed at himself all the same. Instantly she liked him, liked his ability to find humor in embarrassing situations, liked his acceptance of his blunder without making a fuss.

"I apologize," he said. "This is what happens when you put a guy like me in a place like this. I insult nice women."

And he had the rough-around-the-edges grit of one of those throwback detectives she liked to watch on reruns of NYPD Blue.

"Well," she said, "lucky for you I'm not easily offended. And what's worse is that I figured out immediately you meant the sculpture and not my—" she looked down, circled her hand in front of her chest "—you know."

"The sculpture. Yeah. It's really good." Aside from the botched nose. "Thank you."

"No. I mean it's really good. I knew Ben. Good guy. Great guy, actually. His wife is the daughter of…" He shook his head, waved it off. "Never mind. Doesn't matter. The sculpture is…accurate. Scary accurate."

Hmm… Having been approached by detectives before, Amanda felt the puzzle pieces beginning to come together and she readied herself to ruin Detective McCall's evening. "I had a few photos from different angles to work from."

"Yeah, I guess that helps. Listen, do you ever do forensic work?" And there it was.

As suspected, the detective wanted her help on a case. Probably doing an age progression on a missing child or working with a witness to identify an attacker. Because of budgeting woes and a lack of funds for full-time forensic artists, police departments sometimes hired outside the department.

None of it mattered. She'd have to turn him down. "I'm sorry, Detective. I do have an interest and have taken some classes, but it's not work I feel comfortable with yet."

McCall, apparently ignoring her refusal, leaned in. "I've got this case."

He has a case. On countless occasions throughout her childhood she'd heard those very words from her mother, a part-time forensic artist. Amanda held her hand up. "I'd like to help, but I have little experience in forensic work. I'd do more harm than good."

"No, you wouldn't. Trust me. It's a cold case. Five years now. No leads. All we have is a skull and some hairs found where it was dug up. That's all that's left of her."


"The medical examiner thinks it's a female. Maybe late teens or early twenties."

"I see."

"I actually found her."

Amanda gawked. Couldn't help it. "You found the skull?"

The detective shook his head as he let out a huff. "Craziest damned thing. I was out walking my dog in that vacant spot near Midway, and Henry started digging. I'll never forget it. Whoever this girl is, she and I are a team. I made sure I kept her case. It's mine."

"That's admirable, Detective. Really."

He shrugged. "We have a sketch done by one of the department artists, but I don't know. Maybe she got it wrong because no one is coming forward to claim this girl and we didn't get any hits from DNA. I'm a father. It makes me sick." He ran his hand over his thinning, gray hair as he scanned the ballroom and the people moving toward the exit. "I saw what you did with the sculpture of Ben and thought maybe you could help us out."

Amanda glanced across at Lexi, hoping to grab her attention with the save me stare. No luck there because her friend was busy whispering in Brodey's ear. By the look on his face, he liked what he was hearing. A flash of something whipped inside Amanda. At odd times, she missed the comfort, the familiarity, the knowing of an exclusive relationship. Casual dating didn't provide any of that.

But a pity party wouldn't get her assistance from Lexi or Brodey. To her right, Mrs. Hennings and Mrs. Dyce were in deep conversation about scheduling a lunch, so there'd be no help there, either. For this one, she'd fly solo. Try once again to nicely let the detective know she couldn't help him. As much as she felt for him, she wouldn't—couldn't—risk involvement. She faced him again, meeting his gaze straight on. "Detective, I'm sorry. It's just not what I do. I've never done a reconstruction before. I could ask around, though, and see if any of my colleagues might be interested."

McCall hesitated and studied her eyes for a few seconds, apparently measuring her resolve. He must have received her message because he nodded, his jowly cheeks shaking with the effort. "I'd appreciate that. Thank you. I want to give this girl her name back."

And, oh, that made Amanda's stomach burn. Ten years ago, her mother would have loved this project.

A lot had changed in ten years.

Movement from Amanda's right drew her attention to Mrs. Hennings placing her napkin on the table. "I'm sorry to say, it's past my bedtime." Mrs. Hennings touched Mrs. Dyce's shoulder. "I'll call you in the morning and we'll figure out a day for lunch."

"I'll be at the youth center. Call me there."

"Will do." Mrs. Hennings nodded at Lexi. "And I'll have David call you about his new home. He needs help. Just don't tell him I said that."

Lexi laughed. "Your secret is safe with me. And thank you. I'm excited to work with him."

Then Mrs. Hennings turned her crystal-blue gaze on Amanda. "My son has just moved back from Boston. Lexi will be helping him on the redesign of his condominium. I'd love to have him look at your artwork. He's starting from scratch." Her lips lifted into a calculating smile only mothers pulled off. "Whether he likes it or not, he's starting from scratch."

And from what Amanda had heard from Lexi, when Mrs. Hennings made a request, you should not be fool enough to deny her. When it came to Chicago's upper crust, Mrs. Hennings might be their president.

"Of course," Amanda said. "I'd love to. Lexi and I have worked together several times. Your son can come by my studio and look at some of my paintings. Or we could do a sculpture. Whatever he likes."

The older woman reached to shake Amanda's hand. "Wonderful. I'll have him call you."

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The Rebel (Harlequin Intrigue Series #1598) 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 31 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
## What a fun book. It has romance, suspense, and plenty of interesting characters. I loved that this heroine was so accomplished and confident. I'm so tired of the mousy insecure heroines authors are writing these days. This heroine was capable AND beautiful. And she was super honest with the hero. No doormat, no games. Yay. David was awesome as well. Playful, yet so loyal. He was a doll. Unlike his wretched sister Penny. She was awful. It's hard for me to believe she has her own story. I don't think I could ever see her as a heroine. This is my second book of this series, and can't wait to read Zac's story. Well done.
THHernandez More than 1 year ago
I love a good mystery. Add romance and instant heat and I'm there. The Rebel pairs pragmatic artist, Amanda, with edgy civil lawyer, David. David comes from a family of lawyers, but he's the only one to shy away from criminal law, so it's ironic he's the one his mother enlists to convince Amanda to reconstruct the identity of a woman only from her skull. Sparks fly upon their first meeting, but they dance around their attraction for more than half the book before anything happens. There was more than enough intrigue, and good juicy mystery, and lots of unresolved sexual tension to keep me invested. The timeframe is short, so a lot is packed into several fast-paced days, including a red hot romance. Despite that, the pacing of the writing itself is steady rather than intense. It moves, but for me, never reached the I-can't-put-it-down stage. Not to say that I didn't find that I wasn't interested in finishing it, only that I was okay to wait until morning to finish reading. It was a good solid story, though, with interesting characters and an intriguing plot. Plot On the surface, it seems the plot is the mystery of the skull found in the prologue, but it's really the story of David and Amanda's romance. They're thrown together because of the mystery, and danger follows them as a result, driving conflict. The romance moves almost too quickly based on the compressed timeframe of only a few days, but in the span of the story itself, it unfolds slowly. But at no time did I doubt these two would end up together. Characters The characters are where this story really shines. Adrienne Giordano creates deep, layered characters who are exceedingly likeable as they spew witty banter. The family dynamics of David, his siblings, and his mother are as real as it gets and were at the root of some of the best scenes in the book. Writing The author does a great job of setting the scene, getting us inside her character's heads, and developing those characters. There were a few pacing issues, but nothing major. There was also a pretty good twist I didn't see coming, even though it was excellently foreshadowed. Ending Things wrapped up pretty much the way I expected in a satisfying conclusion. Top Five Things I Enjoyed About The Rebel: 1. The mystery. When a skull is found, the hunt is on for the identity it belongs to, putting everyone in danger. 2. The flirty banter between David and Amanda. Their attraction is instant and it shows. 3. Family dynamics. The sibling rivalry and revelry between David and his brother and sister is palpable. 4. The twist. I won't give it away, but it was fun to not figure it out ahead of time. 5. Jenna. The smart, tough investigator is a solid supporting character and I'd love to read a whole book from her point of view. Think Kalinda from The Good Wife. Bottom Line The Rebel is a mystery wrapped in a romantic suspense with a big dose of fully-developed characters. Disclaimer I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
Loupy More than 1 year ago
WOW, I was a little worried about this addition to the series. This story is about the older brother that constantly fights with his younger siblings in prior books. My delima was I loved his younger brother and sister. My fears were unwarranted, truth be known, I should of known Ms. Giordano wouldn't let me down. As it turns out, David is as loveable as the rest of the Hennings family. The Rebel, or David Jennings, has decided it's time to move home and settle things with the family. What he doesn't count on is his meddling mother butting into his love life, which is silly because Peggy Hennings lives to butt in her children's business. Peggy just knew, the minute she met Amanda, that this was the girl for the wayward David and she convinces the two to work together to solve a cold criminal case. But what happens when trouble finds Amanda? Can David protect her? Does the couple find more than just the common ground of solving the case? Will David find a way to settle things with his family? This story is funny, romantic and suspenseful all rolled up into one! This reader HIGHLY RECOMMENDS The Rebel.
Crickerz More than 1 year ago
The Rebel by Adrienne Giordano. I was given an advanced reader copy in exchange for an honest review. I enjoyed this book so much that I read the entire thing in one night. Adrienne always has a well developed plot and her characters are always easy to like and connect with. This book starts right off with action and does not stop from page one to the last page. Detective Larry McCall is a great character and is like a dog with a bone, one unsolved murder case has been his passion for five years, no leads, no missing persons reports nothing for him to go on until a chance meeting with Amanda LeBlanc a local artist and sculptor. Amanda is a great protagonist, she is smart and beautiful but also has her own private pain that holds her back in life and causes her to debt herself more than she should. She is a highly talented sculptor and artist and makes a good living. She has amazing friends and loves what she does for a living. When asked to do a recreation of the murder victim from the skull casting of the victim Amanda refuses, enter David Hennings the hero match up to our Amanda. David Hennings the rebel of the Hennings family is tall dark and handsome with that bad boy vibe. He loves his leather coat and his motorcycle. He does not care overly much about what other people think about him. He is a Mommas boy, but not a wimp. He and his little sister can not stand each other, something he hopes to change now that he has moved back to Chicago to be closer to his family and open his own law practice. David helps convince Amanda to do the recreation of the murder victim sculpture and after she agrees her life takes a really bad turn for the worse. It seems someone very powerful does not want the identity of this poor victim to be discovered and they are willing to do anything to stop Amanda. This one will keep you guessing and keep you so involved in the story that you will not want to put it down until you find out who is making Amanda's life hell and who killed the poor woman that no one ever reported missing. This is a five star read all the way from the first page to the last.
Nicolerko More than 1 year ago
Every time I read a book by Adrienne Giordano it reminds me why I love her books so much. I just get ensnared every time. She writes as story of suspense and intrigue with all the romance I love. Poor Amanda her life spirals out of control, but she has yummy David in her corner. She is asked to reconstruct a skull to help law enforcement to solve a murder case and that leads to all these misfortunes. What I really liked about Amanda is she has guts and spine that she doesn't buckle under all the negative in her life that normal people would crumble under. David is finally back home, but his relationship with his sister is still strained. He wants to turn a new leaf. His life gets more complicated when Amanda enters it, but it may just be worth it. Can David find out who is behind all the "accidents" before lives start coming into play?
beckymmoe More than 1 year ago
The Rebel, Adrienne Giordano's latest romantic suspense (in the same world as The Prosecutor , The Marshal , and The Defender ) is a fast-paced, sexy read. The hero "rebel" of the story, David Hennings, is the elder sibling of "prosecutor" Zac and "defender" Penny. He's be working as a civil lawyer in Boston, but has just returned to town to try and mend fences with his family and start his own practice. He's barely moved back when his mother, the Chicago queen bee socialite who he claims "everyone is afraid of", has gotten him involved in her latest cold case project--finding the identity of the owner of a skull discovered in an empty lot by a homicide detective's dog while out on a walk. David's job? To convince artist Amanda LeBlanc, a gifted sculptor, to do a facial reconstruction on the skull. Amanda, whose forensic artist mother never fully recovered from helping to send an innocent man to prison with one of her drawings, is reluctant to help but eventually gives in. And then all heck breaks lose--the building where her apartment and studio is located is condemned by the city, her bank accounts are frozen--and that's just the beginning. Coincidence? Unlikely--especially when the cast of the skull she's started work on is stolen in a break-in. Soon she and David are racing against time and an unknown adversary to solve the years-old crime... David and Amanda share an instant attraction and have solid chemistry. Neither's been too great with relationships in the past, but David succumbs to the inevitable rather quickly (especially when his mother, who he's admitted being afraid of multiple times--with love, of course--tells him she's determined to make Amanda the newest member of the family) and it's really sweet to watch him be all protective of her. Amanda's slower to come around--especially once she gets a hearty dose of the sometimes volatile Hennings clan (David and Penny have been at odds for years, but spend the novel trying to mend fences with varying degrees of success), which sets off her warning triggers. She can't deny the attraction, though, or the fact that David makes her feel safe in a world that's rapidly spinning out of control... The Rebel is a solid addition to the series--I loved spending time in this world again, and it was great to revisit so many past characters. I can honestly say I didn't figure out "whodunnit" until Ms. Giordano revealed it, though there were subtle clues along the way and once it was all revealed it made sense. David and Amanda's relationship did progress quickly, but it was fairly believable and impossible not to root for them. A pity there aren't any more Hennings siblings for future books, though... ;) Rating: 4 stars / A- I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.
JensReadingObsession More than 1 year ago
David and Amanda find themselves thrown together by David's mother to try and solve a cold case involving the buried skull of a young woman. Amanda is hesitant to do a reconstruction on the skull as she is it brings back memories of her mother who did that for a living before taking her life. But she can't help but want to do whatever she can do find out who the victim is and bring her family peace. However, someone doesn't want Amanda to do the reconstruction and causes a series of events that they hope will lead Amanda to quit. David feels the need to protect her and in the process falls in love with her. These two are attracted to each other from the instant they talk on the phone and I could feel the chemistry increase as the story progressed. I also loved David's mom and how she pretty much manipulated the pair. Recommended if you enjoy romantic suspense that is heavy on the romance and a bit lighter with the suspense.  I received an ARC for the purpose of an honest review. I was not compensated for this review, all conclusions are my own.
ReneeEntress More than 1 year ago
4.5 star I was pulled right into this story. The story has laughs, secrets, suspense, and heartbreak. This is Amanda and David’s story. David needs Amanda’s help with a cold case. He wants her to reconstruct a skull. Once the job is agreed on and work starts Amanda’s life starts getting crazy. Can she count on David to protect her while she tries to complete the job? Can the skull even get completed with all the danger? With the sparks flying can they keep it professional or will they cross a line? Can they afford to get involved when someone is after Amanda to never complete the task? Can Amanda complete the task and solve the case? Will they survive the enemy that is after them? I loved these characters and also the side characters. I felt I was able to connect with the characters and the story was a great read. I highly recommend this book and can’t wait for the next story from this author.
green____ More than 1 year ago
Had my attention from page one... In The Rebel, we meet an artist named Amanda. She believes in being calm and controlled... does not like things that touch her emotions... but once she meets David Hennings, it all changes. She gets pulled into a homicide investigation because of her talent and gets more than she bargained for. This tale is full of suspense and romance! I loved turning page after page to see what would happen next! Enjoyable characters, both main and secondary that bring this story to life! A wonderful read that show such growth in the characters as things unfold. I really loved the banter between everyone. A book I truly enjoyed! *a copy was gifted in exchange for an honest review.
MJHughes12 More than 1 year ago
Another great romantic suspense by Adrienne Giordano! I loved the characters and the mystery, and I really loved getting to know the Hennings family a little bit better! I just loved David. He was pretty much a straight shooter, knew what he wanted, and didn’t like to play games. He’s returned home to try and rebuild his relationship with his family, especially the very strained relationship he has with his sister. And being the good son, when his mother asks him for help he can’t say no…which leads him to Amanda LeBlanc’s doorstep and neck deep in trouble. Amanda LeBlanc was such an interesting character. She’s carrying around a lot of emotional baggage that has her living her life in a safe zone – no highs, no lows, just middle of the road. When David Hennings enters her life her safe zone is quickly at risk by her emotional and physical response to him. And when her life is quickly turned upside down by someone who doesn’t want her to complete her forensic work on the cold case she agrees to work on, her safe zone is all but obliterated…good things she finds a new safe zone in David’s arms…but can she count on him not to hurt her? David and Amanda were just perfect for each other. He likes to live more on the edge, isn’t afraid to take chances, and knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to go for it. Amanda needs someone like David to help her break out of her safe zone and begin living her life – and let go of some of the fear she holds. I loved that Amanda wasn’t afraid to stand up to David though, especially when she felt he was trying to take over – she wasn’t afraid to push back and let him know she still needed to be in control of her life. The attraction between the two sparked from their first conversation on the phone, and you could feel the tension build between them. It was great to catch up with many of the characters from the previous book in this connected series (the books can all be read as stand alones, so no worries if you haven’t had a chance to read the other books yet…but they are all great, so I would recommend you grab them and read them as well!) I really loved Mrs. Hennings – even though she could be a bit manipulative at times…but when you live in a house full of litigators I’m sure that manipulation is a necessary skill! Getting a behind the scenes peek at the Jennings household was fun, and it was interesting watching all the family members interact. This is a quick read with a well-developed plot and characters that has the right balance between the romance and the suspense. I would highly recommend this book to any lover of romantic suspense, mystery, and/or action. I was given a copy of this book by the author for an honest review.
grandmareads102 More than 1 year ago
David Hennings is back home. He's immediately caught up in the craziness that's his family. His mother asks him to convince sculptor Amanda LeBlanc to reconstruct a skull of an unknown murder victim. This is a cold case. She reluctantly agrees even though it brings back painful memories. Suddenly her life is falling apart. Thank goodness David is there to help her. They need to find who is behind this chaos and why? David is a strong man. He's attracted to Amanda and wants her in his life. It's so easy to be charmed by him. He's tender, caring and very sexy. Amanda is a talented artist. She needs order in her life. She struggles with her attraction to David. She finds that being around him is never dull. These two are perfect together. I enjoyed seeing their interaction. The Rebel is an exciting, suspenseful story that that kept me guessing until the very end. I loved the characters and the action. It was good to reconnect with the Hennings family. They are entertaining. They're a magnet for trouble. The hustle and bustle of Chicago is the perfect background for this story. I was hooked from the first page. I love Adrienne Giordano. She's a terrific writer.
Evarista More than 1 year ago
If you like romance mixed in with a compelling murder mystery, you will love The Rebel By Adrienne Giordano! In The Rebel, we meet sexy, rich, bad boy David Hennings and sweet, lovely artist Amanda LeBlanc. David is a hot, delicious hero and Amanda is sympathetic and gorgeous. They come together to solve a cold case involving a young girl's skeletal remains.
David and Amanda are immediately drawn to one another and must over come both personal and external obstacles to be together. The romance is intense and sexy. David and Amanda are well written and the mystery is fast moving and intriguing. You will immediately be drawn into the both the sexy romance and the intense murder mystery!
The Rebel by Adrienne Giordano is an exciting, sexy read. She masterfully combines mystery and romance. A must read for all fans of romance and intrigue!!!
missalicia2013 More than 1 year ago
Really fascinating book!!! Amanda is an artist and is approached by one the rich and powerful Mrs. Hennings's to work on one of her pet projects. A reconstruction for a forensic cold case. Her husband is an attorney and she has made it her mission to work these cases and solve them when possible. Amanda has a family history with forensics and doesn't want to be involved. David, Mrs. Hennings's son is roped in to helping convince Amanda to take the position of forensic sculpture for this case under the pretense that he needs some art for his new condo. What they don't know is the bag of worms they are opening by starting this case. Someone doesn't want this person identified. As the case gets more dangerous Amanda and David draw closer, but will everyone survive intact?
IrishEyes430 More than 1 year ago
I thoroughly enjoyed this latest book from one of my favorite authors. No matter how many times I thought I knew what the ending would be, I was wrong! I was completely surprised. I really loved the main characters of Amanda and David. I would be happy to see them featured in another book
Grandma_Tami More than 1 year ago
LOVE this series there is suspense and romance all in one . Amanda is pulled into helping solve a cold case weather she wants to or not and David feels like its his fault she is in danger and will protect her at all cost ,well falling for her . If you have not checked out this series do so now for I truly think you will not be disappointed .
mardawnthom More than 1 year ago
The Rebel by Adrienne Giordano is a fantabulous novel full excitement, chemistry and deathly mystery while finding one’s self. I love it and can't wait to read what Adrienne comes up with next! We are taken along in a deathly mystery, where Amanda, an up and coming reputable artist, and David, a criminal attorney, who are mashed together to help solve a homicide cold case. Amanda tries to turn down the request for her artistic input into a skull that was found years before, but when David shows up at her apartment, she has a hard time controlling her steadfast neutrality. When she loses a bet and agrees to help out, her life gets flipped upside down in the worst possible ways. While she is trying to savage her life’s work and solve the mysteries behind who the skull belongs to, she also has to face the reasoning behind why she kept her live in the save zone and if she really wants to keep it there anymore. David, who recently moved back to Chicago, has always felt like the odd man out in his family. His mother twists him into helping out the PI part of the family business while he is waiting for the completion of his own office to be done. What he gets is more than he bargained for. When he shows up at Amanda’s place he has an instant attraction to her and he feels that there would be something more than his typical one night stand. While Amanda’s life gets upheaval, he becomes more and more interested in her and wants to protect her. Amanda’s own attraction to David leads to a possible relationship, but her only rule is that she can’t deal with drama, and his family is full of it. David is forced to deal with pass transgressions that leads to the drama and make peace, or lose the one women he wants before anything can start.
Rockport_rocker More than 1 year ago
I loved The Rebel just as much as I have loved the other Hennings family romantic suspense novels. This Hennings does not quite fit the family mold but he is still a lawyer, and he does feel compelled to stick up for those in need. In this case, his mother has corralled him to enlist artist Amanda LaBlanc to create a sculpture from a skull that was located years ago so the family of the victim can at last get some closure. Almost immediately Amanda's life starts falling apart. It doesn't take to long to realize that someone is after her to stop her from completing the forensic sculpture. Fortunately David is standing by to make sure that Amanda is safe in spite of the disaster that her life has become. Of course that is not the only reason he is standing by. This is a great couple and I loved seeing David's relationship with his family.This is a great couple and I loved seeing David's relationship with his family. As an Adrienne Giordano fan, I was thrilled to receive a copy of this book in exchange for a review.
carol223CS More than 1 year ago
Adrienne Giordano"s The Rebel Out on a morning walk with his dog, Henry, Homicide Detective Larry McCall with the Chicago Police Department stumbles onto a crime scene. His dog starts digging in an empty field…What was found?? A skull. Thus the story begins as Homicide Detective McCall seeks help five years later to identify the skull. He seeks out Amanda LeBlanc, a sculptor requesting her to perform a reconstruction help determine the identity. She refuses. Enter David Henning, a civil attorney who returned home to open his law offices and reconcile with his family. David did not become a defense attorney as his father expected. Therefore, David became “ The Rebel”. David talks Amanda into doing the reconstruction. Then usual things start to happen. Someone does not want the reconstruction to continue. But who and why????? Loved the chemistry between the main characters. All the characters were well-developed. Each brought their own flavor to the story. Mix intrigue, mystery, a heaping dose of danger plus add a dash of romance for a captivating read. A great read!!!! Thank you to the author for this eBook. My opinion is my own.
ArizonaJo More than 1 year ago
The Rebel by Adrienne Giordanno was a great read for me. There was nothing about the book that I didn't love. Amanda LeBlance is a reputable sculptor and artist. Amanda's childhood was difficult even turbulent at times as her mother was artistic but also extremely emotional. Amanda grew up determined to never allow extreme emotions into her life. She thrives on routine to keep her safe from emotional highs and lows. David Hennings is "the rebel" of the family. He didn't follow in his father's footsteps of being a criminal attorney but instead went into civil law. He loves history and appreciates the grace and beauty of historical buildings. He also rides a Ducati, has a neatly trimmed beard and wears jeans and boots. His mother, Pamela, hates his "scruffy" look. Isn't that a typical mother? David approaches Amanda about art work for his newly renovated condo at his mother's request. His mother also wants him to convince Amanda to help the police identify a cold case victim. Amanda and David's attraction is there from the beginning; but the author allowed both of these characters to develop throughout the story. The romance wasn't rushed but allowed to build as Amanda and David worked together and got to know each other. The plot was smoothly written and the twists and turns kept me pretty much glued to the pages. Many of the secondary characters were able to help really aid in the development of Amanda and David more than the mystery/suspense. There were quite a few surprises at the end that I never saw coming. An enjoyable and fast paced mystery that totally entertains. I need to find the previous books related to the Hennings family so I can read their stories. I received an ARC from the publisher and author in exchange for an honest review.
JuliaAD More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book. Adam and Amanda meet, get involved in a mystery and with each other. Someone is trying to ruin Amanda's life because she is helping with a project that David was taking on because his mother wanted him to. He has a crazy dynamic with his family and Amanda isn't sure she can handle it. She likes her life to run along evenly and nothing has been even since she met David. They both have to step out of their comfort zone.
psoccermom More than 1 year ago
I loved everything about this book. I must admit I am not always into romance novels but this one had me craving more. It was very well written. You have intrigue, suspense,mystery,and romance all rolled into one great book. I fell in love with these characters. You have Amanda, an artist who is normally very status quo and likes to live in her neutral, safe zone. Then you have David Henning who is a sexy independent civil law attorney trying to come back to town and set up a private practice. He is the rebel of the Henning's family. Everyone else has followed in dad's footsteps and become a defense attorney but not David. Amanda is introduced to the Henning's at a fundraiser and catches the attention of Pamela Henning. Pamela is known for solving cold cases with the help of the police department and wants to get Amanda to do a reconstruction on a cold case skull found by detective McCall. David is sent to Amanda's studio to convince her to work on the skull and sketch. After she agrees to help her life is turned upside down. Everything starts to go wrong. She is told her building is mold infested and she has to leave immediately, her bank account is frozen, and she gets locked out of the hotel that she is staying at because her building is closed. Oh and she is attracted to David like a magnet from the instant they saw each other. Why is all of this happening now? Is the police department some how involved? When will the craziness stop. Will Amanda take a leap of faith and leave her safe zone or just return to her neutral life? Who is the person behind the skull and will they be able to take them home to their family or will someone make sure the past stays buried? If you want a great read that you won't want to put down you need to read The Rebel. I received an ARC of this book to review. This is my honest review.
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
I adored this book! Lots of mystery and intrigue with a wonderful romance at the core. David Hennings has never quite fit into his family's dynamic. His decision to become a defense attorney rather than follow in his father's footsteps has broadened the rift. He's trying though. He's back in Chicago and working hard to fit in with his close knit family. When his mother asks him to get involved in a case and find an artist to complete a skull reconstruction, he can't say no. That's when he meets Amanda LeBlanc. A fabulous artist who lives a carefully balanced life. Her attraction to David has her saying yes to him rather than playing it safe. If she only knew how crazy her life was about to become! This is one I highly recommend.
MoniqueD More than 1 year ago
What a terrific book! THE REBEL is everything a romantic suspense should be! THE REBEL is David Hennings, a civil lawyer and the black sheep of his family, who is coming back to Chicago to open his private practice. He is attending a fund raiser where a cold case is being discussed by the homicide detective, Larry McCall, who found a skull and a few hairs 5 years before. David’s mother, Pamela, is fascinated by the homicide case, and it just happens that artist Amanda LeBlanc, a painter and sculptor is on the premises. Before anyone knows what hit them, Pamela has schemed and enlisted David, McCall and Amanda to try to find out who was the victim and get the murderer arrested, if they can convince Amanda to do a sculpture reconstruction of the victim, which for personal reasons Amanda is loath to attempt. With THE REBEL, everything is in the execution, which as close to perfect as it can get. The story is pretty much standard fare, albeit solid, meticulously crafted with no plot holes, but where Ms. Giordano shines is in her mastery of her craft. The characters are extremely well fleshed-out, the surroundings carefully described, and the story is perfectly paced. Ms. Giordano also includes pertinent details such as to forensic drawing, which contribute to the overall authenticity of the story. I loved how the romance progressed between David and Amanda; they obviously cannot deny the chemistry the immediately sense, but the romance builds upon the friendship they develop while working together, and being both strong-willed people, there are clashes; their relationship is very organic. THE REBEL displays a perfect balance of romance and intrigue, the story builds slowly, as it should, and when the author springs plot twists, they come as a total shock because the human side of the story is so captivating, they jolt you out of your comfort zone. THE REBEL is a quick read, and I finished it in one sitting because I could not stop reading! I will go back to read the previous books in the series and I hope there will be more because I absolutely loved it, and the Hennings family! I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
LynnB888 More than 1 year ago
If you're looking for lots of intrigue, some sweet, sassy flirting, and a sexy bad boy wannabe, this book is for you! I flew through it because I just kept having to know what was going to happen next. Homicide Detective Larry McCall is out for an early morning walk with his dog. He never expects to stumble upon a crime scene, but when his dog starts digging in an empty field, that's exactly what happens. A skull is uncovered. Five years later, Detective McCall approaches Sculptor Amanda LeBlanc at a function for a fallen fireman, where she is presenting his family with a sculpture she donated to honor their husband and father. He thinks she does great work and is interested in trying to get her help on the skull cold case. Amanda is hesitant to help because her deceased Mother was a forensic artist and there's some upsetting history stemming from it. David Hennings mother overhears their discussion, and the next day encourages David to go see Amanda under the pretense of needing artwork for his new house, but really to try to talk her into helping on the case. Mrs. Hennings has been picking pet projects the last few years to become interested in and get help to solve. David meets with Amanda and convinces her to meet with the Detective again to go over the case and she eventually agrees to help. In the midst of their visits and discussions, they are attracted to each other and agree to see where it goes. Once Amanda starts working on the project, crazy things start happening around her. Her home and studio are suddenly inaccessible, her credit cards are being declined, break ins are occuring, etc. Will David be able to keep Amanda safe long enough for her help solve this case? Will their budding romance lead to anything more than casual comfort? I highly recommend you read the book to find out!
weluvdopey More than 1 year ago
Great Book! This is a great book by Adrienne Giordano. David Hennings is a civil lawyer who is the rebel in his wealthy family who didn’t follow in his father’s footsteps. Amanda LeBlanc is a sculptor, when David asks her to reconstruct a skull from a cold case murder she agrees. What she wasn’t expecting is attraction they feel towards each other. When someone starts attacking her, David will do anything to protect her. If you are looking for a great mystery, suspense that will keep you reading until it is finished then you need to read this book. I am looking forward to the next book by this author. A Review copy was provided to me in exchange for a fair and honest review. The free book held no determination on my personal review.