The Red Hat

The Red Hat

by Armando M. Lopez


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Little Bobby thinks that his Red Hat has magical powers that makes him run faster, jump higher, ride his bike faster and even be smarter than all his friends in school. In this journey he finds out it was him all along that had all those wonder gifts.

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ISBN-13: 9781452025148
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 12/06/2010
Pages: 28
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.07(d)

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The Red Hat

By Armando M. Lopez


Copyright © 2010 Armando M. Lopez
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4520-2514-8

Chapter One

It was an early Monday morning and little Bobby was getting ready for school. He was very excited and was looking forward to having a great day because it would be the day when he would get to see all of his good friends at school again and also get his test results from a math test he took on Friday.

His 2nd grade teacher Ms. C says that little Bobby is one of the best and brightest students that she has ever had. He's always on time and, very helpful around the classroom. He works very hard at getting straight A's in all his assignments.

Well, it was very clear to see that there wasn't anything little Bobby couldn't do right, just as long as he had his old beat up red hat on and with him everywhere he would go. You see, this beat up red hat had magical powers for little Bobby, he even wore the red hat at his Aunt Mary's wedding. It really didn't matter where he would go or what he would do you would always see little Bobby wearing his favorite old beat up red hat.

This old beat up red hat would help Bobby run faster, jump higher, be stronger and ride his bike much faster than all his friends and, oh yes!, this old beat up red hat would make him feel much smarter than all of them too. So after he ate his breakfast that cold Monday morning he ran upstairs to find his magical red hat. He searched and searched all over his room for that old beat up red hat but he just could not find it anywhere. His mother Carol called for him from downstairs to put his boots, coat, gloves and scarf on to get him ready for school. "Bobby!" she yelled, "Come downstairs honey, it's time for you to go to school now you'll be late!"

"Ok Mommy, he yelled, I'll be down in a minute" As he continued to look for his old beat up red hat. After a few minutes later of looking for his old beat up red hat his mom called for him again. "Bobby" she yelled, "Come down! You are going to be really late for school." So little Bobby gives up looking for his red hat and runs downstairs. There his mom was waiting for him with his boots, coat, gloves and scarf. Bobby didn't know that his Mommy had a surprise for him. So as she helped him put on his coat, then his boots, then his gloves, and then finally his scarf his Mommy turned over to a table near by the stairs and there was a white box with a blue bow on it. She began to open it for him. "Bobby, Mommy has a surprise for you, I hope you like it?" Then she took out a brand new blue hat and placed it on his head.

"There", she said, "now you have a brand new blue hat". "Mommy," little Bobby said, as he took off the brand new blue hat, "I don't want a new hat, where's my favorite red hat?" "I searched and searched all over for it in my room and could not find it." His Mommy replied: "Well Bobby, I took that dirty old red hat and threw it away. I thought you would like this brand new blue one instead". "No mommy No!" said little Bobby, "I loved my old red hat, it was my magical red hat, it helped me run faster than my friends, jump higher than my friends, be stronger than them, ride my bike faster than them and it makes me feel really smart in school too."

"Oh nonsense Bobby, you don't need a dirty old red hat to do all those things", Mommy replied. "You can do all those things without that old beat up red hat, don't be silly". "No Mommy, I do, I do need that old beat up red hat", said little Bobby. "Where's my red hat now?" he asked. "Well Bobby, I threw it away last night in the trash and the garbage truck already picked it up early this morning". "Oh no!" said little Bobby, "I got to find my magical red hat now!"


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