The Red Sphinx

The Red Sphinx

by Alexandre Dumas

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In 1844, Alexandre Dumas published The Three Musketeers, a novel so famous and still so popular today that it scarcely needs introduction. Shortly thereafter he wrote a sequel, Twenty Years After. Later, toward the end of his career, Dumas wrote The Red Sphinx, another direct sequel to The Three Musketeers that begins a mere twenty days afterward. Picking up right where the The Three Musketeers left off, The Red Sphinx continues the stories of Cardinal Richelieu, Queen Anne, and King Louis XIII—and introduces a charming new hero, the Comte de Moret, a real historical figure from the period. Dumas wrote seventy-five chapters of The Red Sphinx, but never quite finished it and the novel languished for almost a century. While Dumas never completed the book, he had earlier written a separate novella, The Dove, that recounts the final adventures of Moret and Cardinal Richelieu.Now for the first time in one cohesive narrative, The Red Sphinx and The Dove make a complete and satisfying storyline—a rip-roaring novel of historical adventure, heretofore unknown to English-language readers, by the great Alexandre Dumas, king of the swashbucklers.

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Publication date: 01/03/2017
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About the Author

One of the most famous French writers of the nineteenth century, Alexandre Dumas (1902-1870) is best remembered for his novels The Three Musketeers, The Count of Monte Cristo, and The Man in the Iron Mask. These books have sold millions of copies worldwide.
One of the most famous French writers of the nineteenth century, Alexandre Dumas (1802 - 1870) first achieved success in the literary world a playwright, before turning his hand to writing novels. In two years from 1844 to 1845, he published two enormous books, The Count of Monte Cristo and The Three Musketeers. Both novels have sold millions of copies worldwide.

Table of Contents

Introduction xiii

Part I The Red Sphinx 1

I The Inn of the Painted Beard 3

II What Came of the Proposition the Stranger Made to Étienne Latil 11

III In Which the Gentleman Hunchback Realizes His Error in Desiring the Death of the Comte de Moret 19

IV The Hotel de Rambouillet 29

V What Occurred in the Hotel de Rambouillet as Souscarrières Was Disposing of His Third Hunchback 40

VI Marina and Jacquelino 54

VII Stairs and Corridors 64

VIII His Majesty King Louis XIII 74

IX What Passed in Queen Anne of Austria's Bedchamber After the Departure of King Louis 86

X Letters Read Aloud and Letters Read Alone 92

XI The Red Sphinx 102

XII His Gray Eminence 115

XIII In Which Madame Cavois Becomes Partner to Monsieur Michel 125

XIV In Which the Cardinal Begins to See the Chessboard Clearly 135

XV The State of Europe in 1628 143

XVI Marie de Gonzague 156

XVII The Commencement of the Comedy 172

XVIII Isabelle and Marina 181

XIX In Which Monseigneur Gaston, Like King Charles IX, Puts On His Little Comedy 188

XX Eve and the Serpent 195

XXI In Which the Cardinal Uses, on His Own Behalf, the Invention for Which He'd Granted Souscarrières the Patent 203

XXII The In Pace 217

XXIII Her Story 228

XXIV Maximilien de Béthune, Baron de Rosny, Due de Sully 241

XXV The Two Eagles 253

XXVI The Cardinal in His Dressing Gown 264

XXVII The Demoiselle de Gournay 277

XXVIII Souscarrieres's Report 284

XXIX The King Goes Larding 296

XXX As the King Was Larding 307

XXXI The Shop of Ildefonse Lopez 313

XXXII Advice from a Jester 326

XXXIII The Confession 336

XXXIV In Which Cardinal Richelieu Writes a Comedy Without the Help of His Collaborators 346

XXXV The King's Council 358

XXXVI Vautier's Plan 369

XXXVII The Overlooked Wisp of Straw, the Unnoticed Grain of Sand 376

XXXVIII Richelieu's Resolution 384

XXXIX Birds of Prey 393

XL The King Reigns 403

XLI The Ambassadors 421

XLII A Royal Intermission 439

XLIII Et tu, Baradas? 449

XLIV How Étienne Latil and the Marquis de Pisany, Each Making His First Outing, Happened to Encounter Each Other 463

XLV The Cardinal at Chaillot 471

XLVI Mirame 480

XLVII News from the Court 489

XLVIII Why Louis XIII Always Dressed in Black 496

XLIX In Which the Cardinal Audits the King's Accounts 504

L The Avalanche 511

LI Guillaume Coutet 518

LII Marie Coutet 524

LII Why the Comte de Moret Went to Work on the Fortifications of Susa Pass 530

LIV An Episode in the Mountains 536

LV Souls and Stars 542

LVI The Giacon Bridge 548

LVII The Oath 554

LVIII The Journal of Monsieur de Bassompierre 560

LIX In Which the Reader Meets an Old Friend 568

LX In Which the Cardinal Finds the Guide He Needs 575

LXI Susa Pass 582

LXII In Which It Is Shown That a Man is Never Hanged Until the Noose is Tightened 588

LXIII The White Plume 594

LXIV What l'Angely Thought of the Compliments of the Duke of Savoy 602

LXV A Chapter of History 608

LXVI One Year Later 621

LXVII Old Lovers Reunited 628

LXVIII The Cardinal Takes the Field 634

LXIX The Empty Lair 640

LXX In Which the Comte de Moret Offers to Take a Mule and a Million to Fort Pinerolo 647

LXXI The Foster-Brother 654

LXXII The Eagle and the Fox 661

LXXIII "Aurora" 670

LXXIV The Letter and the Lure 679

Part II The Dove 689

Translator's Notes 777

Publication History 781

Dramatis Personae: Historical Character Notes 785

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