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The Redcroft Journals: Volume Two - The Raven Stones by K Y Eden

The Redcroft teenagers have more than one type of demon to fight as The Raven Stones unveils some uncomfortable truths and some untapped feelings.

Zak, Natalie, Adam and Lizzy have just arrived home from the past, narrowly escaping a dark demon creature known as a Simoreele. Since their return, not only have some artefacts and journals vanished, but one of the village residents now seems to have never existed.

The time travellers question whether they caused a rift in the time-line and endeavour to unravel the mystery. Soon they find themselves embroiled in a new quest and a WWII rescue mission. Their individual supernatural abilities uncover some surprising new allies and some dangerous new enemies.

The Redcroft Journals series is a coming of age, time-slip adventure that will lead you on a journey of discovery, require you to question the familiar and encourage you to embrace new possibilities. It’s an exploration into friendships that show faith will triumph, trust is powerful, and that we all have a hidden ability to share. The whole world can reside within one small village if family bonds are strengthened and supernatural abilities unfold.

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ISBN-13: 9781911438274
Publisher: K.Y. Eden
Publication date: 07/06/2017
Series: The Redcroft Journals , #2
Pages: 264
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.60(d)
Age Range: 13 - 18 Years

About the Author

I was born in London in the 1970'sand lived in the South East of England untilmy early teens,I thenmoved to the West Country with my parents, whereI nowlivewithmy husband and children.

Always having a love for writing, drama and the artsI attended drama school in childhood and latergained a BA (hons)in Theatre and Performance. Further post graduate study resulted inmy specialising in creative writing.Ilectured in Drama, Performing Arts and Production Arts andwhilst teaching, the itch to become a story teller increased,I wrote several plays, with one being produced for fringe theatre.

WhenI'm not writingI enjoyspending time withmy family,horses, dogs and chickens andI love being in the countryside.

Table of Contents


Choosing Changes

Elsie Moore No More

I Spy

Empty Pages

Spring Dig

New find, Re-found

No Way Forward, One Way Back

Raven Stones


Piece of Pizza

Mum’s The Word

Crystal Lies


Simoreele’s Servant

In The Amid

Secret Angel

The Impossible Dream

The Guardian Returns


Adam’s eighteenth birthday party had been a success and somewhat of a surprise, in fact the day preceding it was the most strange he had ever imagined. Adam had found out that he had a rare ability known as retrocognition, he could hold an object and see its past or origins. He also found out that the small, seemingly sleepy village of Redcroft where he lives, is a place that holds strange secrets that inspire supernatural abilities in some of its residents. His mother Lizzy, younger brother Zak and their fifteen-year-old neighbour Natalie all supernatural abilities.

Lizzy impressively manages to conceal from her husband Steve (Zak and Adam’s father) that she is telekinetic, she can move objects with her mind. However, the most unusual and dangerous ability two of the residents of Redcroft have, belong to Zak and Natalie, for they can time travel. Natalie is a Jolter, she can touch an artefact and be taken to the past and to a significant time and place. Zak is her Anchor, he goes with her so he can bring her back. So, all in all, Adam’s last day before officially becoming an adult had revealed some unnerving and unexpected surprises.

Adam looked in the bathroom mirror and decided to fully submerge his throbbing head in cold water. He filled the sink and dunked his head in, in the hope that it would truly wake him up. The water whooshed around his ears and he gasped as he pulled his head out, it was shockingly cold. Just what he needed! As he admired his image in the mirror he rubbed his spiky blonde hair with a towel and slowly began to piece the previous day’s events together.

Only yesterday he and his mother had joined Natalie and Zak and travelled back in time to a place he had only seen in one of his artefact inspired visions. Unfortunately, the only thing they managed to acquire was an empty, wordless journal that was missing from their deceased neighbour, Bernie Watts’ collection. It offered no clue, no reason why they had been tasked with collecting it. This was not the only troubling issue the four time travellers had, for a huge menacing Simoreele (a mutant creature created by demons) which in this case resembled an over large bear-sized dog creature from the Amid world (the world that exists between past and present) had jumped into the moment of their time travel and arrived with them in the past.

For another unknown reason, it did not attack them; it left them alone, seemingly on its own quest. However, when they went to travel back to their present it attempted to either stop them or hitch a ride back. Adam had foreseen this and set a trap, where he presumed it still remained. They all returned unscathed but confused. This was still not the most pressing concern Adam had as he waited for Natalie, Zak and his mother to join him in his ordinary yet familiar kitchen at their home in Redcroft.

Adam wanted to know what had happened to their fellow villager Elsie Moore. She was an odd, square-shaped woman renowned for being nosey. After yesterday’s antics they thought she could quite possibly be possessed. For Elsie, it seemed, no longer existed...

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