The Reform of EC Competition Law: New Challenges

The Reform of EC Competition Law: New Challenges

by Ioannis Lianos, Ioannis Kokkoris

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ISBN-13: 9789041144461
Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Law & Business
Publication date: 12/16/2009
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 624
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Table of Contents

Foreword; V. Korah. Preface; I. Lianos, I. Kokkoris.

Part I: Institutional Aspects. Chapter 1: The Design of an Optimal Competition Law Enforcement Regime.1. Welfare-Based Optimal Legal Standards: A Brief Review of Theory and Applications; Y.S. Katsoulacos, D. Ulph. 2. Private Enforcement: Current Situation and Methods of Improvement; D. Waelbroeck. 3. Is There a Need for a Specialist EU Competition Law Tribunal? C. Bellamy. Chapter 2: Concurrent Proceedings in National and EC Competition Law. 4. Case Allocation in Antitrust and Collaboration between the National Competition Authorities and the European Commission; A. Mikroulea. 5. The Role of Arbitration in Competition Disputes; L. Idot. 6. Modernization and the Role of National Courts: Institutional Choices, Power Relations and Substantive Implications; K. Boskovits. Chapter 3: Optimal Sanctions and their Limitations. 7. Optimal Antitrust Enforcement: From Theory to Policy Options; F. Jenny. 8. Tools for an Optimal Enforcement of European Antitrust Law: Examples of Guidelines on the Method of Setting Fines and the Commitment Proceedings: Is the European Commission Right? Some Thoughts concerning Discretion; E. David. 9. Protecting Human Rights in the Context of European Antitrust Criminalization; P. Whelan.

Part II : The Challenges of Economic Evidence. 10. Judging Economists: Economic Expertise in Courts; I. Lianos.

Part III: Vertical Aspects. Chapter 1: Competition Law Policy inMarkets with Non-conventional Price-formation Mechanisms. 11. Antitrust Issues in Dynamic Markets; F. Etro. 12. Antitrust Issues in Network Industries; N. Economides. 13. EC Competition Law and Parallel Trade in Pharmaceutical Products; A. Komninos. Chapter 2: Abuse of a Dominant Position. 14. Exclusionary Abuses and the Justice of ‘Competition on the Merits’; P. Marsden. 15. The Implementation of an Effects-based Approach under Article 82 – Principles and Application; P. Papandropoulos. Chapter 3: Mergers. 16. Critical Analysis of the ECMR Reform; I. Kokkoris, K. Katona. 17. Competition Policy against Non-horizontal Mergers; N. Vettas, F. Kourandi. Chapter 4: Cartels. 18. An Optimal Enforcement System against Cartels; M.L. Tierno Centella. 19. The ECN and the Model Leniency Programme; K. Dekeyser, F. Polverino. Chapter 5: State Action and EC Competition Law. 20. The Community State Aid Action Plan and the Challenge of Developing an Optimal Enforcement System; A. Zemplinerova. 21. EU Competition Policy on State Aid for Rescuing and Restructuring Companies; N.E. Farantouris. 22. State Aid Law Claims in Merger Control; A. Stratakis, L. Crocco. List of Contributors.

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