The Reindeer Chronicles: The Green Scarf

The Reindeer Chronicles: The Green Scarf

by Michael McWade


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The Reindeer Chronicles: The Green Scarf by Michael McWade

Everyone knows the story of Rudolph. From early childhood we are exposed to various Christmas specials, the stories, the song “Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer,” as well as Rudolph stuffed animals and toys. The idea of Rudolph is, of course, to teach us tolerance of the differences in others at an early age. But does anyone know the story of Blitzen or Vixen?

Ever wonder how Santa’s other reindeer came to pull his sleigh? Meet the young Dasher, Dancer, Prancer & Vixen - Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen as they begin their quest to become one of Santa’s flying reindeer! This delightful story will capture your child’s attention as they meet new friends and are exposed to valuable early life lessons.

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ISBN-13: 9781466951594
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication date: 09/04/2012
Pages: 32
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.08(d)

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By Michael McWade

Trafford Publishing

Copyright © 2012 Michael McWade
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4669-5159-4

Chapter One

The little red fox looked out the window of her room. It was a bright, sunny day.

"Mom, can I go outside for a while?" she asked.

"Yes, just be home in time for dinner," her mom said.

As she stepped outside, there was a slight breeze, but the weather was nice. It was springtime, and there was no snow on the ground. The path she was walking was very dry, and she could hear birds singing in the trees.

She walked past many of the houses, called dens, of Foxwood Forest. She had lived in these woods all her life as had most of the foxes.

A little blue bird suddenly landed in a bush next to the path.

"Hello, Mr. Bird," she said in a friendly voice. However, the little blue bird just gave a tweet and flew off. Right where the bird had landed, she noticed something else was in the bush.

It was a bright-green scarf. It was so pretty. She took it down from the branch and looked around. No one seemed to be looking for it. She knew it was wrong to take it, but it made her red fur look so much brighter!

The little red fox tied the bright-green scarf around her neck.

She couldn't wait to get home and see what it looked like in the mirror. What she didn't notice was that there was something written on the back of it.

Blitzen was so excited that he could hardly hear what his teacher was saying. He liked school, but today was a special day.

Today was his final test to get into "Flight School", and everyone knows that is where Santa gets the reindeer to pull his sleigh on Christmas Eve! Blitzen and his buddies Dancer, Prancer, and Donner had been practicing their flying for weeks so they would be ready for the test.

He decided he better pay attention to what the teacher was saying, so he began to focus on her words.

"So repeat after me, children, the seven continents are"

Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America.

Then the teacher asked, "And where do we live?"

"The North Pole," Dancer said out loud.

And the teacher said, "No, that's where Santa lives in his village. We live somewhere else."

There was a long pause, and Blitzen leaned over and whispered in Dancer's ear, "That's what you get for being such a smarty-pants."

Dancer just shrugged and smiled. He and Blitzen had been friends a long time, so Dancer knew he was just teasing him.

"The Arctic," Blitzen finally said.

"That's correct," said the teacher. "And who knows what the Arctic stands for?"

"The Great Bear," answered Prancer.

"And why is the Arctic named after the Great Bear?" asked the teacher.

"Because we are the only place on Earth where Polar Bears come from," said Donner out loud.

And the teacher asked, "And who can tell me which continent the Arctic is part of?"

Vixen raised her hand and said, "We are part of three continents—North America, Europe, and Asia!"

Vixen was very smart and Blitzen's best friend. Girls were allowed to get into Flight School too, and Vixen and her girlfriends Dasher, Comet, and Cupid were all just as excited about today's test as the boys.

Blitzen passed Vixen a note. "Let's walk home together after school," it said. Vixen wrote on it "OK, meet me by the flagpole when class is over" and passed the note back.

The final bell rang, and Blitzen walked with his buddies outside. Donner, as usual, was talking about how fast he could fly.

"Whatever the test is, I'm going to be the first one done," he said.

"You're just a show-off," said Prancer.

"Nobody likes a show-off," kidded Dancer.

"You know it's true," shot back Donner, and he gave Prancer a little shove.

Dancer just rolled his eyes.

"OK guys, knock it off. Here come the girls," said Blitzen.

They could hear what the girls were saying.

"After we pass the test today, I'm going to throw a party!" said Comet. "We'll have balloons, punch, and cake!" Reindeer really like cakes of all kinds..

"Well, I'll have to finish my homework first," said Dasher.

Vixen and Comet both said, "Your parents are so strict."

This was true, but Dasher replied, "That's why I get better grades than you."

Cupid, not really paying attention as she was daydreaming as usual, looked up and saw Prancer behind the other boys. He was shy, but that was OK with her; he was nice. She winked at him, and he looked at the ground nervously.

Blitzen said to Vixen, "Ready to get outta here?" She nodded.

"Let's go to my house and hang out for a while before we go to Emuras Field for the test," said Vixen, and they started on their way.

"See you guys later at Emuras Field," they all shouted and said good- bye.

Emuras Field was where the reindeer practiced flying and played reindeer games. It was between their school and Buckeye Woods, which was where Blitzen and Vixen lived. This was in the part of the Arctic where most of the animals lived.

It was a magical place where the reindeers' homes, with help from the wood elves, were made by bending the branches of the trees to form the roofs and walls of their houses. This didn't hurt the trees, and they didn't seem to mind as long as the reindeer provided them with food from their bathrooms. (Yes, reindeer poop and pee help trees grow!)

"Are you nervous at all about the test?" asked Blitzen.

"Yes," replied Vixen.

"Me too," said Blitzen. "But I know I can do it."

"Of course you can," she said. "I'm not so sure about myself. If I pass the test, I will be the first one in my family to ever make it to Flight School. It's really important to me and my family."

"You'll be great!" said Blitzen. "Just remember what we practiced, and you'll pass with flying colors!"

Vixen just smiled, but Blitzen could tell she was worried.

They were about halfway to Vixen's house when a great shadow passed over them.

"What was that?" cried Vixen.

Blitzen didn't answer, but he knew what it was.

"Hide over here," he said, and they snuggled up to the nearest tree for cover.


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