The Relationship Of Work And Family Life Balance To Job Satisfaction For Government Executives

The Relationship Of Work And Family Life Balance To Job Satisfaction For Government Executives

by Dr. Christina Frye




The Relationship of Work and Family Life Balance to Job Satisfaction for Government Executives encompasses breakthrough research and concepts from Dr. Christina Frye. Today's workplace culture for executives in the federal government is just as strenuous as those in the private and nonprofit industries. The dynamics within the federal workforce are generously impacted by the beliefs and attitudes of government leaders. Therefore, leaders can learn how their decisions really impact the workforce and the consequences therein whether good or bad. Are workplace flexibilities the answer to addressing the needs of employees as portrayed within the results of the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey, or would employees benefit more from eliminating pay gaps between male and female staff for the same work, a diverse and inclusive workforce with managerial guide to the religious calendar observances recognized for the twenty-six largest cultures practiced in the United States, supporting innovation and creativity within all ranks to recruit and retain millennials? This book outlays techniques that can assist executives with establishing a powerful workforce that's capable of creating a path of balance, job satisfaction, and prosperity for all. The changes in diversity within the U.S. workforce are growing rapidly; as a result, there has been a dramatic increase in the engagement and legal pressures placed on executives and managers who must understand social and cultural diversity in the workplace and the necessity of making decisions that are sensitive to these cultural and religious differences. Executives make decisions that impact job satisfaction and work and family life balance within the workplace. Employees' cultural obligations can and frequently do conflict with their ability to perform their assigned duties at acceptable performance levels; this must be taken into account by executives within the workplace and dealing fairly with all employees on the issue of religion, race, and other cultural differences. 58

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Publication date: 04/18/2018
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About the Author

Dr. Christina Frye, PhD, is well respected and engaging leader in human capital management within the government spending over twenty-five years of her life studying the social sciences, criminal justice, resource management, and human behavior. Having served in Senator Ted Kennedy’s office in undergrad and achieving her master’s in business, recently, she has completed her doctorate in human services with management of agencies specialization from the School of Public Service Leadership at Capella University. This book captures her breakthrough and defining research on work and family life balance to job satisfaction of government executives. It has always been her goal to assist others to succeed in life. Executives can understand how their decisions and influence on the workforce can impact and possibly change the culture of government for the better. Many of the outcomes depicted in this book have been used to develop training to assist executives with managing their balance and learning how to engage staff to achieve critical mission, goals, and overall success. Most of all, she is empowered by her faith in Father God and is a proud mom of Jade and Nigel. Coming from a strong family background, her father, Pastor Frye, and mother raised her to believe that anything is possible and the importance of stability and balance in one’s life.

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