The Relaxation and Stress Reduction

The Relaxation and Stress Reduction


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ISBN-13: 9780934986632
Publisher: New Harbinger Publications
Publication date: 09/15/1988
Edition description: REV
Pages: 256

About the Author

Martha Davis, Ph.D., worked as a psychologist at the Kaiser Permanente Medical Center Department of Psychiatry in Santa Clara, CA, where she did individual, couple, and group psychotherapy. She is now retired and living in northern California with her family. She has co-authored Thoughts & Feelings, Messages, and The Messages Workbook.

Elizabeth Robbins Eshelman, MSW, is a licensed clinical social worker who worked as a staff operations consultant for the marketing and internet services group of the Kaiser Foundation Health Plan. She is now retired and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is preparing to become a certified coach for executives and other individuals and plans to use skills and techniques from this book in her practice.

Matthew McKay, Ph.D., is a professor at the Wright Institute in Berkeley, CA. He has authored more than twenty-five books, including When Anger Hurts, Self-Esteem, and ACT on Life Not on Anger. In private practice, McKay specializes in the cognitive behavioral treatment of anxiety, anger, and depression.

Table of Contents

Preface to the Fifth Edition
How to Get the Most Out of This Workbook
1How You React to Stress1
Sources of Stress
The Fight or Flight Response
Chronic Stress and Disease
Schedule of Recent Experience
Symptoms Checklist
Tactics for Coping with Stress
Symptom Effectiveness
2Body Awareness15
Internal Versus External Awareness
Body Scanning
Letting Go of Your Body
Stress Awareness Diary
Record of General Tension
Breathing for Awareness
Diaphragmatic or Abdominal Breathing
Deep Breathing
Complete Natural Breathing
Breathing for Release Tension
Breath Counting
The Relaxing Sigh
Letting Go of Tension
Breathing for Symptom Control or Release
Abdominal Breathing and Imagination
Alternative Breathing
Controlled Breathing
4Progressive Relaxation31
Basic Procedure
Shorthand Procedure
Establishing Your Posture
Centering Yourself
Three Basic Meditations
Mantra Meditation
Sitting Meditation
Breath-Counting Meditation
Releasing Muscular Tension
The Inner Exploration
Moving Band Meditation
Mindfulness and Present-Moment Awareness
Eating Meditation
Walking Meditation
Seeing Meditation
Mindfulness of Pain or Discomfort
Letting Go of Thoughts
Types of Visualization
Rules for Effective Visualization
Eye Relaxation (Palming)
Metaphorical Images
Creating Your Special Place
Finding Your Inner Guide
Listening to Music
7Applied Relaxation Training61
Progressive Relaxation
Release Only Relaxation
Cue-Controlled Relaxation
Rapid Relaxation
Applied Relaxation
The Power of Suggestion
Postural Sway
Postural Suggestion
Personalized Self-Induction
Basic Self-Induction Script
Abbreviated Inductions
Hypnotic Suggestions
Self-Hypnotic Induction for A Specific Problem
Example: Insomnia
How to Facilitate Your Response When Doing Autogenic Training
How to Practice the Six Basic Autogenic Themes to Normalize Your Body
Autogenic Formulas for Calming the Mind
Autogenic Modification Exercises
10Brief Combination Techniques91
Stretch and Relax
Autogenic Breathing
Stop and Breathe
Changing Channels
Using a Coping Mantra
I Am Grateful
Deep Affirmation
The Tension Cutter
Breath Counting
Taking Control
Accepting Yourself
11Recording Your Own Relaxation Tape99
Your Voice and Background Sound
Mantras and Affirmations
Constructing Your Relaxation Script
Using Your Tape
Buying Tapes
12Refuting Irrational Ideas107
Rational Emotive Therapy
Assessment of Your Beliefs
Irrational Ideas
Rules to Promote Rational Thinking
Refuting Irrational ideas
Rational Emotive Imagery
Developing Alternative Emotional Responses
13Thought Stopping127
Thought Stopping Instructions
Eye Movement Technique
14Worry Control135
Distinguishing Healthy versus Unhealthy Worry
Worry into Problem Solving
Four Steps to Managing Your Worry
Risk Assessment
Scheduling Worry Time and Worry Exposure
15Coping Skills Training151
Coping Skills for Anxiety
Learn to Relax Efficiently
Make a Stressful-Events Hierarchy
Create Stress-Coping Thoughts for Anxiety
Imago Coping Skills
In Vivo Coping Skills
Coping Skills for Anger
Learn to Relax Efficiently
Make a Stressful-Events Hierarchy
Create Stress-Coping Thoughts
Image Coping Skills
Invivo Coping Skills
16Goal Setting and Time Management175
Clarifying Your Values
Setting Goals
Developing an Action Plan
Evaluating How You Spend Your Time
Combating Procrastination
Organizing Your Time
17Assertiveness Training197
Mistaken Traditional Assumptions Versus Your Legitimate Rights
Three Basic Interpersonal styles
The Assertiveness Questionnaire
Describing Your Problem Scenes
Your Script for Change
Short Form Assertiveness Technique
Assertive Body Language
Learning How to Listen
Assertive Listening and Expressing Go Together
Arriving At a Workable Compromise
Avoiding Manipulation
18Job Stress Management221
What Causes Job Burnout?
Identify Your Symptoms of Job Stress
Identify the Sources of Your Job Stress
Identify How You Respond to Your Specific Job Stressors
Set Goals To Respond More Effectively to Your Job Stressors
Motivate Yourself
Change Your Thinking
When In Conflict, Negotiate
Pace and Balance Yourself
Ten Steps to Positive Eating
Taking Charge of Your Nutritional Well-Being
Aerobic Exercise
Stretching and Toning Exercises
Developing Your Own Exercise Program
Diary of Opportunities to Exercise
Choosing the Best Type of Exercise for You
Establishing Goals
Sample Exercise Program
Heart Rate in Beats Per Ten Seconds and Per Minute
Estimated Heart Rates for Selected Ages Table
Exercise Diary
21When It Doesn't Come Easy--Getting Unstuck283
Questioning Your Goals and How You Spend Your Time
Taking Responsibility for Your Decisions
Confronting Roadblocks in the Road to Stress Management and Relaxation
When Symptoms Persist

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