The remote control job

The remote control job

by Mr. Haim Kadma


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Some twelve months before the "Tat offensive", Nick Spree a U.S. marine fell into the hands of the Viet Cong during a night patrol in the South Vietnamese jungle. He was captured in the Hue vicinity, was led by his captors northwards, across the border into North Vietnam; there he was interned as a P.O.W in a reeducation center two and a half miles south of the capital Hanoi.
He is the sole captive in that well camouflaged jungle citadel; the previous detainees if there were any, must have perished by executions or have been set free.
But instead of solitary confinement, day and night harsh interrogations and torture, he is met with bearable conditions and an unexpected treatment. A young beautiful Eurasian comrade Lee Chen Woe her name, conducts his brainwash operation in a peculiar and sophisticated process.
However, the operation's progress is slow, the reeducation center's commander and staff are frustrated. The hated Eurasian's free hand with Nick, the backup she has is a thorn in their eyes.
Meanwhile the war takes a further step - the escalation, the American air force B52's raid the North Vietnamese capital Hanoi.
During this time Lee Chen Woe convinces Nick that she is not his enemy, he starts to believe that she has hidden ties with the South, that she would land a chopper in a nearby jungle clearance to rescue both of them. According to her ambiguous instructions he tries to escape during one of the air raids and fails. He is caught in a deserted jungle shack where he waited for her to join him. He is caught there and faints at the end of the brawl with the squad of the reeducation's staff, which were sent out to bring him back and he loses Lee Chen Woe as well.
After a few days of solitary confinement Nick is sent southward through the Ho Chi Minh trail, to serve as a living decoy, to tempt his fighting comrades into deadly traps. In an unexpected almost miraculous escapade he manages to escape, and he is rescued by a pair of patrolling choppers.
He spends a week in an army hospital in Saigon, tormented by doubt and fears, and by a terrible longing for Lee Chen Woe (Nicole, as she introduced herself to him in his cell). Did he stir her father's blood in her veins? Was that the reason? Was she behind his successful escape? Or was she arrested as a traitor herself and was put under torture? He wonders desperately crushed almost by his doubts and fears. But above all, will he ever see her again? The only woman he ever adored and worshipped; the blue-eyed living myth that was but nineteen years old, when he first met her in his cell.
These thoughts kept haunting him, while he was interrogated by the army intelligence and the C.I.A branch in Saigon.
He is dishonorably discharged according to the C.I.A Saigon branch recommendations and is sent back home.
Eighteen months later a KGB agent, contacts him in New York City, and offers him to meet Nicole again. The infatuated Nick travels to Montreal, to join the spy net headed by his ex lover and tormentor Lee Chen Woe. After several days of getting to know his new surroundings, he meets Nicole joins her and becomes her assistant and fiancée. Nick's life takes a drastic turn, from one end to another. He is very happy to be beside his beloved Nicole again, without realizing that he serves his country's enemies. Thus things are pretty well at the beginning but while Nick is being prepared for his next mission, there is a turn of power in Moscow; Nicole is summoned back by her new KGB boss, but instead of rotting in Lubianka's torture dungeons she decides to flee. She takes Nick with her on her way back to Hanoi, in a devious course to mislead the pack of hit men that are sent to bump them off.

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ISBN-13: 9781490513294
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 06/25/2013
Pages: 136
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A few words about myself: being a native of a small country whose waist is seventeen kilometers wide in a certain area; and in seven to eight hours drive one can cross its length, I was amazed on my first tour abroad by the vastness and distances I've met with. I could have seen it on maps much earlier, that's true, but realizing it was a stunning experience. I visited Africa east and west and was enchanted by the landscapes, the wildlife, the rain forests, its diverse population; I've visited Europe and was awed and inspired by humanity's achievements, the richness of culture and tradition; the museums, the cathedrals, the architecture old versus modern. I've learned the meaning of what a masterpiece is, spending hours before huge incredibly beautiful paintings and sculpture; wondering how on earth they have managed to do it. The huge cities, the way of life the beautiful languages, the customs, it left its marks on me and is the cause no doubt to my own efforts and to what I'm trying to reach up to this very day.
My interest in art and literature isn't limited to enjoying it as a bystander. I've had five art exhibitions in my country, served as an art critic and I'm a published author. I've published three collection of short stories: 'The unveiling', 'The Red Square' and 'Some facts of life'; and four novels; 'An African sunset', 'The remote control', 'The death sciences' and 'Summer tempest' with Amanzon Kindle

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