The Restorer

The Restorer

by Sharon Hinck
4.8 24


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The Restorer by Sharon Hinck

Soccer mom in our world. Promised deliverer in another.

Susan Mitchell thought she was an ordinary homemaker.

She was wrong.

Pulled through a portal into another world, she finds a desperate nation waiting for a promised Restorer. 

While she struggles to adapt to a foreign culture, she tackles an enemy that is poisoning the minds of the people, uncovers a corrupt ruling Council, and embraces a profound spiritual journey.

Will this adventure demand her life? Can she find a way back to her family? She has always longed to do something important for God, but can she fill this role?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781935929352
Publisher: Gilead Publishing
Publication date: 10/01/2011
Series: Sword of Lyric Series , #1
Pages: 350
Sales rank: 1,156,331
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Sharon Hinck has experienced many adventures on the road of following Christ, but none has involved an alternate universe (so far). Winner of three Carol Awards and a Christy finalist, she is a wife and mother of four, with an M.A. in Communication and makes her home in Minnesota.

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The Restorer 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 24 reviews.
EmberCW More than 1 year ago
It took me a short bit to get into the Restorer. It think it was because I initially had a bit of difficulty connecting with Susan. Though I understood where she was coming from, she still aggravated me a bit through the first few chapters. Once she finally begins accepting that yes, she is in another world and not just watching some skilled actors playing out a part (Seriously, why do so many book characters always think this when they time travel/cross dimensions, even though all evidence often points to the contrary? It's getting ridiculous.) that I really began to like her. I began to see hintings of my own struggles in faith in her. Yet at the same time, the depth of her belief was humbling. I totally loved Kieran, our ever-cranky cynic. The poor guy just can't seem to let himself trust. He makes an excellent contrast to Susan and Tristan, though I often wanted to smack him upside the head for his incredible stubbornness. I so want him to finally see the light. The story world is not quite what I had expected. I was thinking more "medieval fantasy" but though this world did have elements of that, it was really more of a juxtaposition of historic and futuristic elements. There were fantasy riding animals called Lehkan, yet also unmanned vehicle transports, energy weapons opposite swords, and robes and armor alongside sweaters. You wouldn't think it would work, but somehow it does. The elements of faith, trust, and surrender run deeply in The Restorer. The people of Lyric have always held true to the Verses, and as long as they have, their protection remains. Now they are beginning to stumble down the slippery slope away from everything they know to be true. Unless Susan can find a way to nudge them back toward the One, Destruction looms imminent. Only Susan also is stumbling. She cannot truly step into her full potential until she gives it all up to God, or rather The One as he is called in Lyric. Kieran's lack of trust in both others and The One hindered him time and time again throughout what is only the beginning of his journey. The Restorer is just the beginning to what promises to be an epic series. I'll be diving into the next three just as soon as they arrive! Safety Rating: Romance: Susan is married and there are some kisses and affection between her and her husband, along with one fade-to-black bedroom scene. nothing is shown. Language: clean Drinking / Drugs: the villain uses extremely painful truth-serum type drugs on a character during an interrogation scene. Blood / Violence: there is a good bit of violence in this book. Deaths by sword, torture, interrogations of an enemy's messenger, battles, stabbings, animal attack (offscreen), murder, assassination attempts, and an assortment of other minor wounds. The author does do a good job of keeping things tasteful and not showing much blood. Other: The enemy's sacrificing of children is mentioned briefly. I believe we will be seeing a lot more about this in book two when the story takes a trip to the country of Hazor. There is also a group called the Rhusicans who can toy with your mind and plant dangerous, even deadly, suggestions.
Laura_Pol More than 1 year ago
This was an epic read, even though it took me a little bit to get into (which is why I would give this book the rating of 4.5 stars). Once I did, though, I could not put it down! I had seen this novel free for a while on Amazon and was so hesitant to get it because I usually like reading about young heroines, but I completely misjudged this one! Susan is an amazing heroine and I very easily related to her. She was the most unexpected Restorer yet the perfect one in the end. When I finished reading “The Restorer,” I was really bummed to leave the world Sharon created. It was fascinating to see that world’s culture and how the Verses played a big role in society. Plus, the people Susan met are priceless to say the least. If you’re a fantasy reader, don’t miss this one! Excellent storytelling that’s real and a heroine that’s awesome, it’s sure to keep you turning pages. *(I did not receive this book to review. All thoughts expressed are my own.)*
Landontod More than 1 year ago
Im so glad I came across this book. Great read. Can't wait to read the next book coming out in April
SarahElisabeth More than 1 year ago
Down and lacking luster for her purpose in life, soccer mom Susan accepts her husband’s provision of an attic retreat. What she doesn’t know is it will take her farther into her purpose than she ever imagined or wanted. Lost in a world so different from her own, Susan slowly accepts her new role in life even as she faces betrayal, temptations and unbelievable truths about her own world. When she learns what is expected of her and what it may cost, death isn’t the greatest thing she has to fear. *** I’m hooked. Not a fantasy reader, and I don’t completely agree with her approach to this, but Sharon Hinck has captured me through the characters and story of the worlds she’s created. As a reader, I loved the action, twists and turns and depth of themes in the story. As a writer, I’m in awe of the metaphors, dialogue, character development and overall first class writing found in every page of this book. Stellar. Greatly looking forward to Book 2. For Him, Sarah Elisabeth
Joanne_F More than 1 year ago
I had never heard of Sharon Hinck until I found this book by chance. She has now joined my list of favorite authors. "The Restorer" is about an ordinary woman who finds herself drawn into an unfamiliar world where her courage and strength are stretched to the limit, and her faith grows as she places her trust in "The One," as God is called in this parallel universe. The action is fast-paced, and the dialogue is natural. The characters are well-developed and very human. I could identify with many of their struggles. I especially liked the bonus scenes which allowed me insight into some of the minor characters, and enabled me to see the story from their perspective. Hinck ties up any loose ends at the conclusion, while at the same time leaving the reader eagerly awaiting the sequel. The study questions at the end are an added bonus and would be great for book groups. This book will appeal to anyone who loves books about time travel and/or portals to other worlds. Christian speculative fiction at its best. Highly recommended.
honeychile More than 1 year ago
This little book packs a wallop. It is tightly plotted and written, a real pleasure to read. The created world is genuine and draws the reader in. Plot twists are intriguing. Best of all, the book resonates with truth in both worlds. I read the expanded edition which included bonuses, most of which worked on my e-reader (the single exception was the mp3s which I used the computer to access — well worth the effort). Highly recommended.
Trissca More than 1 year ago
When I picked up Sharon Hinck's book The Restorer I thought I'd probably end up getting bored (seeing that it was about about a married woman, and I'm young). But I was wrong. This book is one of my favorites now and I've read it more then once! I loved this book and I'm sure you will too!
BuffaloJulie More than 1 year ago
I am a long time fantasy lover, yet there hasn't been much in the Christian genre. And here comes this book - not only is it a fantasy but it is about a woman. Susan isn't your average fantasy heroine. She's never described as attractive or strong or even smart. In fact, she starts off suffering from depression, needing a break from it all. This book is unique to the modern Christian fiction market which is why I think this will be a groundbreaking book with (I hope) many others of its kind to follow. Susan goes from fighting grape jelly stains to fighting assassins and enemies of the One. She becomes a Restorer, sent to help the people of Lyric in time of need. Through the process, she finds a new strength in herself and a growing faith in God. She seeks to restore not only this other dimension, but her family, her faith and the souls of many. What better person to do this than a mom? The writing seemed smooth and the characters distinct. Though the ending is predictable, there are still a few twists that may surprise you. I finished this 455 page book within two days, and have read the whole series - looking forward to the expanded edition now. The overall message and symbolism of the story won me over. The way the poison works is a great illustration of what we struggle with today, and the cure is brilliant. The sword at her side gave her great strength in times of need - just like in the armor of God. There are many things like this in the book that underlie the main story; and will make it a good book to read over and over again.
Kerry_Nietz More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book, mostly because it surprised me. The description hypes the fact that the heroine is a soccer mom pulled into another world. Since I have never been either a mom, or a big fan of soccer, I wasn¿t sure if the story would connect with me. I almost expected a skewed version of Narnia¿Matha Stewart dancing with elves, satyrs, and badgers¿or something. What I got instead was an immersive story that kept the pages turning. Yes, there is a nod to C.S. Lewis in the way Susan stumbles into another reality¿but that¿s where the similarities end. The alternate reality is what surprised me the most, in fact. It isn¿t a straight sword and sorcery fantasy world. It is a fusion of fantasy and science fiction, with some cultures being highly technical, and others not so much. And the characters are absolutely great. Very real. Plus, I feel I had an advantage over those who have read ¿The Restorer¿ before. I got to read the bonus chapters in place as I went through. (Something the eBook version makes simple.) I really enjoyed that touch. The additional backstory and life it breathes into the characters¿even those with smaller roles. The additions illustrate the firm grip Sharon Hinck has on her characters and world. I respect that in a storyteller. ¿The Restorer¿ is a great read. Buy it, and expect only to be surprised.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Rien_Takhid More than 1 year ago
When I first heard the premise of ¿The Restorer,¿ I was very skeptical. The idea of an ordinary mom transferred from one world to another where she suddenly becomes a sword-wielding warrior who saves the day was a bit more than I thought I could take. However, I was pleasantly surprised at what I found. Not only is Susan a thoroughly believable character, but also her sudden abilities have a logical explanation. She is weak when she strives to do things of herself but is strong when the One (God) works through her. While she does lead an army to battle, her primary strength lies in giving encouragement and hope to a distressed people¿something that most moms I know excel at. Overall, ¿The Restorer¿ easily exceeded my expectations both in story and characterization. I highly recommend this tale for any reader¿not just the moms.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Maybe I was expected a little to much with this book. I don't think it lived up to what different sources led me to believe, but still, it was worth reading I guess. I'd recommend it to people who have already finished all the other Christian fantasy fiction like The Door Within Trilogy and Echoes from the Edge.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I absolutely loved The Restorer! Sharon Hinck is an amazing writer! I loved the intense emotions in this book, it was really cool the way Sharon described how Susan was feeling, and how she could detect what others were thinking just by their facial expressions - especially Tristan. And I loved all her moments with the One ... what it would be like to feel His presence like that as much as she did...
Guest More than 1 year ago
If you like fantasy books and you can't find any that you haven't already read, try this one!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Is it fantasy, real, dream or allegory? The truth is, it is all of them. In The Restorer, Sharon Hinck has followed C.S. Lewis in taking her characters into another world. Only this time the traveler, warrior is a busy housewife and mother. Susan Mitchell sits in the chair in her new attic quiet room, her husband, Mark, built for her. However, it is not quiet. The noises coming from the other side of the room keep her from concentrating. As she explores the sounds and picks up items from an old trunk she finds herself on a street in a strange town witnessing a murder. How can this be? The journey home Susan begins takes her into the heart of a physical battle between different nations and a spiritual battle for the very souls of the people. How can a simple housewife be the awaited Restorer? That question is repeated by Sharon and all whom she meets. And as she faces the greatest battle of her life, her heart must learn to rely upon the One in ways she never imagined. Susan¿s adventure will forever change her faith, her understanding of love and her family. This book hooks from page one. It romances the soul. As the reader roots for the people of the Verses and cheers Susan¿s growth, the One romances the heart of the reader. Sharon Hinck has written a new kind of Narnia that will entertain and challenge anyone who opens the cover. Go ahead, open it and believe.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I was drawn to this book when I saw it facing outward on a shelf in my local bookstore, so I began thumbing through it, and couldn't put it down! I've since then re-read it THREE times, as well as given 3 copies away! My fellow fantasy/sci fi friends love it! My guy friends love it! Even my chick-lit-toting-wouldn't-dream-of-reading-fantasy/sci fi friends love it! Sharon draws you into this world of sword fights and political intrigue with a deft hand however, the book is not just plot/story-driven: I found myself caring so much about the characters---they are like dear new friends! I haven't been so drawn into a fictional setting since Middle Earth!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Every time I opened the book I could almost hear the ring of swords and smell the damp air. Her words reached out, grabbed me, and transported me to another place. The message was great. What a powerful concept, powerfully told.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Once you start reading Restorer you wont be able to put it down. Sharon has weaved an amazing tale that becomes so real and makes you feel apart of the story watching events take place before you. her detailing of the places and things paints a beautiful and exciting picture of Amara. it's a book thats at the top with C.S Lewis and J.R Tolkien Narnia and Lord of the Rings, young and old will love it Read it!!! You will not be dissapointed!!!
Deborah_K More than 1 year ago
Fantasy is a genre I don't normally read. It's not that I don't like it, I just have trouble getting into a story where it doesn't relate to what I live in. I'm not saying I don't have an imagination, I just prefer stories that seem more realistic. But when I saw Sharon Hinck had a fantasy/mom lit book coming out, I wanted to pick it up because I really enjoy her writing. I ended up enjoying the book very much. I love how Susan is respected by being the Restorer and that no one doubts her because of her gender. The other world is described thoroughly so I could fully picture the places and people that Susan met with. Since there was so many new things to discover, it does get slightly confusing at times to keep track of everything, but overall it makes the reader able to adapt to the new place. I'm a sucker for sword fights, so I liked reading about her training to use her weapon. I'm glad that she also got to fight in the battle, unlike other Christian books I've read where women had to stay out of the fighting. The other characters are very interesting and it's cool to learn about their culture and how it compares with Susan's. There is a scene near the middle of the book that totally caught me off guard and had made me flip to the beginning for clues. I did enjoy the twist though as it was highly unexpected. The only part that really confused me about this book is that the People of the Verses live in a world where it seems Jesus doesn't exist but Susan does. Obviously I know that there is spiritual allegory with the way they life, but it's just hard for me to grasp this concept. It's a completely different universe where Jesus didn't live in, yet just on the other side he does. But other than this, I did enjoy this book very much. It has changed the way I view fantasy and am highly looking forward to reading the sequel.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The Restorer is a fantasy crossover novel by author Sharon Hinck. A significantly different style from her two previous mom-lit books, The Restorer is a foray into a richer, deeper genre. Though I've enjoyed Hinck¿s other works, this new book is a real stand out. Plunged abruptly and unexpectedly into an alternate universe, main character Susan Mitchell must try to make sense of everything around her. Sights, sounds, smells¿ details she is taught about the new land (such as sticky bitum trees common to the area) evolve to application of her new knowledge (commenting how a preening character probably uses bitum sap to groom his perfectly coiffured hair). Susan¿s descriptions as she learns to absorb the all the changes in a world foreign to her help the reader to cross that threshold as well. It¿s the sign of a great author to be able to transport the reader into the land they've created without the reader realizing they've left the comfort of their couch. Especially so in a fantasy novel, where the land is new and everything must be explained ¿ it can often be an uncomfortable process trying to get the reader to `get it¿ without overdoing it. Susan is also a straightforward character everyone can relate to. The book begins with her in a mild depression ¿ feeling that the monotony of her life consists of endless questions from her brood of children, stinky science experiments, lost socks, and chipping jam off the kitchen counters. Transported out of her everyday life and into a whole new world, it¿s rewarding to follow her progress through the various stages of her journey. Susan learns that the land she falls into is called The People of the Verses, held by twelve different clans spread throughout the area. Much like the twelve tribes of Israel, surrounded by hostile lands on all sides, Susan learns that the People of the Verses hold to teaching from the One, with distinct rules to follow and roles to play that define their lives and culture. Once she accepts that she has a real role to play, Susan embraces it. Though worlds apart, Susan finds strength as she discovers that her faith is not so different from the people around her. Susan finds areas with tribes that live simply, with only the most basic of `technology¿ ¿ like the glowing walls of their homes, the use of heat trivets to cook with, and riding on their faithful antlered lehkans. As she encounters other clans and those from different lands she discovers the technology isn¿t quite so tame. High-speed unmanned transports, laser-like rifles called syncbeams, acid-shooting crop-destroying mini-trans and the like are featured throughout the book. The blend of technology coupled with cultural simplicity is different and refreshing. I've read plenty of fantasy and sci-fi books, but I especially like the way that Sharon Hinck incorporates unique elements from both genres in a nice blend without one overwhelming the other. All in all, the richness of detail, strong character development, and a riveting story make The Restorer one novel that I truly enjoyed reading, and which I highly, highly recommend to others.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Susan Mitchell is a soccer mom who is feeling just a touch overwhelmed by her humdrum life. But then she¿s pulled into another world where nothing is humdrum, and where she is hailed as a Restorer sent by the One to help His people in a time of great peril. The people of the Verses are as shocked as she ¿ the last Restorer led them in a great battle, and Susan doesn¿t even know how to hold a sword. Plus, she keeps making terrible blunders. How could this unlikely woman become a hero, as the Verses promise? In this excellent Christian fantasy, Hinck creates a world so vivid and characters so real that I literally could not pull myself away from the book. Our Christian faith and the importance of the Word are seamlessly and beautifully woven into the story. If you like well-written tales of adventure and faith, you do not want to miss The Restorer.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Hinck breaks fresh ground in faith-based fantasy, seamlessly incorporating an ordinary woman-next-door into an extraordinary world where she must perform supernatural deeds in order to save a people she's never met. There are no royal bloodlines involved, no thrones to win, and no quest for a talisman. With only an unlikely set of allies and a hodge-podge of archaic and technological resources to aide her, the heroine must truly trust the One to have any hope of victory against overwhelming odds. Hinck's world-building is superb as we meet ethereal Singers and mind-bending Rhusicans, among an array of imaginative new people groups. Highly recommended for any reader who loves a good adventure tale, regardless if fantasy is their genre of choice. There is plenty here for any fiction-lover to relate to, as the storyline inspires the reader to see how an extroardinary God can work wonders through an ordinary person. In our everyday lives, we often encounter situations that place us into 'another world,' so to speak. Hinck's tale ministers comfort and encouragement to anyone moving into an unfamiliar and challenging place in their life.
harstan More than 1 year ago
Susan Mitchell is feeling overwhelmed by the demands of her children and those she makes on herself. Her husband Mark built a getaway for Susan in their attic, but the first time she enters she hears voices before being pulled through a portal into another world. She sees a knight kill a person and realizes she isn¿t in Kansas anymore. Although the knight is mistrustful of her, he takes her under his wing and brings her to his clan in Braide Wood. --- She learns she is in the realm of the Children of the Verses, a group of twelve tribes which believe in the one. They are under attack from many fronts, as Hezon wants to expand and assimilate the Children of the Verses into their own empire and they give the people an ultimatum that they can¿t possible meet. They can get weapons but they can¿t use them have because on the records and in the songs the voice the One says his people can only do battle with swords and the Verses. Cameron the head councilman of the tribes wants to use the sync beam even though it is forbidden and he has allowed the Rhusicans to enter the tribal lands. They invade people¿s minds and poison them in some way so they turn from the One. Susan discovers she is the new Restorer sent by the One with enhanced powers to save his people. She hopes when the time comes she will have the courage to do so. --- The world that Susan enters is full of high tech superior to earth¿s but it¿s people have the same feelings, needs and hopes as they do in our own world. The people are waiting for their Deliverer while in our own world the Savior is believed by many to have come. There are plenty of surprises in this inspiring novel. The heroine is courageous and vulnerable at the same time in this new world where she has a connection with the One. Fantasy fans will thoroughly enjoy this exciting and character driven high fantasy tale. --- Harriet Klausner