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The Retard Test: An Interactive EBook Game

The Retard Test: An Interactive EBook Game

3.2 9
by Sandra Ross
Do you want to play a game that will give you a few minutes of guaranteed absolute fun?
How convinced are you that you're not a retard?

How smart are you?

If you are smart, then playing this game should be fairly easy for you--if you're brave enough to try it.

This game app can either prove you're smart or a retard. Either way, it is


Do you want to play a game that will give you a few minutes of guaranteed absolute fun?
How convinced are you that you're not a retard?

How smart are you?

If you are smart, then playing this game should be fairly easy for you--if you're brave enough to try it.

This game app can either prove you're smart or a retard. Either way, it is guaranteed pure fun that you might not care if you ended up a retard or not in the end.

And if you're witty enough to answer all the retard questions, you can dare your friends to a challenge of "Retard or Not!"

Special Features of this fabulous app includes:
Logical questions that can make you lose your logic.
The right answer that can also be the wrong one.
The wrong answer that can also be the right one.
Questions designed to make you insane. (You're not supposed to know this.)
Questions that will make you laugh like silly. Or will make you slap each other silly if you're not alone.
Questions that should be treated very, very carefully. Okay, I'm just pulling your leg here. (Actually, I'm not.)
Questions that will make your brain hurt. (Because you're trying to prove how smart you are.)
Questions that will make you laugh out loud, even if it makes a retard out of you.
All in all, the secret to a happy few minutes is here, and it can last a lifetime. Fortunately, the effect lasts a lifetime, too. (Unfortunate if you ended up a retard.)
Of course, there is much, much more!
We know that life nowadays is very busy and stressful--all the more reason for you to try this special limited-edition game app for your Kindle. It's such a short game you'll never even realize it's over. There is nothing like laughter to give the best relief from stress so playing this game can be the best break you can give yourself.

Pick answers to questions like:

"You hear a clock, what can you see?"

"Why did the road cross the chicken?"

"What happens once in a minute, twice in every moment, yet never in a thousand years?"

Download it today!

And take a moment to answer the questions.
If you happen to be witty enough to persist till the end, then you can slap your wits goodbye!

Or you can experience those few minutes of absolute pure fun alone or with your friends. You won't regret it.

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Meet the Author

Hi, I’m sexy Sandra and if you’re reading this, we have either had sex, and your trying to find me to get some more. Or your new to my writing, and have heard I know how to get people off literally, no pun intended. The third is probably what’s really going on, your just looking to read something that will get you up, and “off” quickly. Let me tempt you a little more then, and let you in on why I write, what I write, and how it can be used to your best advantage.

First off, I’m a dirty, sexy, slut of a woman, hell-bent on releasing sexual frustration through literary prose. Some people call my writing trash, or smut, good for them I’m sure they got off real good reading through my dirt. In all seriousness though, I was raised in a catholic boarding school, were the nuns were strict, and the lesbian sex was hot.

The experience left me always craving hot passion, while still respecting the authority of a powerful woman. Don’t get me wrong though, cock is most always in the mix, and by mix I mean several well hung men, mixed with at least one tan, well oiled, hot, half naked girl in lace panties. Life needs variety right? You’ll find a good variety of situations, and fantasies in my writing as well!

So, if any of this sounds the least bit enticing, read on and, let me turn that smile I’ve created into an opened mouth moan. You won’t be disappointed with my writing, it was once said my writing inspires the most chaste monks, to participate in a mad dash of masturbation. And no worries, I promise no one will find out all the naughtiness I create in your virgin mind, well unless you want them to find out…you nasty little pervert you!

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The Retard Test: An Interactive EBook Game 3.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
NHardin More than 1 year ago
Sandra Ross has always been known for her erotic romances, so when I saw she had a book, which was out of her usual category; I simply had to read it. “The Retard Test: An Interactive Ebook Game” is one of those books which you can enjoy after a hard day of work and simply want something which is going to be entertaining and require little brainpower. Though the title may be a bit deceiving, the book is in no way offensive to those who read it. There are several logical questions through the book that do get you thinking, and for those of us who think we are smart, this book will prove otherwise. Though the questions are not hard, they are simply on matters we do not think about every day, and this is why the book is so interesting. I have suggested this to all my friends who are wanting something which is going to keep them laughing at their own inability to come up with correct answers. And trust me, you will be laughing. I know I was laughing so hard, I had tears running down my cheeks. It was a good type of laughter in which I was laughing at myself, and they say the best medicine in the world is laughter. After reading this, I simply felt more lighthearted than I had in weeks. It is something I recommend to anyone who just wants random entertainment without watching television to find their laughs for the day.
Anna_Parchment More than 1 year ago
When I saw the title of this book I started laughing, wondering to myself what Sandra Ross was up to now. I was so used to her writing romances that I did not expect to see a book like this. Needless to say, I had to get myself a copy and to tell you the truth, my laughing did not stop. The Retard Test turns out to be one of Ross’ most humorous books so far. If you have a hard time having a good laugh at yourself then this is not the book for you. The book is very interactive, fun, entertaining and worth the buy. I showed it to my other half and we had fun one evening just going through and testing ourselves on it. Ross’ humor that she displays so well in her other books is practically doubled in this one, which is evident from her witty lines. The book isn’t farfetched. It really will bring you down to reality. It makes me think of some of those older TV shows that tested your knowledge on things you should know and how silly people would look when they don’t know the answers to the simplest of things. Although this is a small book, you will be left either feeling like you’re a genius, or feeling as if you need to go back to school. It’s very interactive so prepare to put all hands in if you really want to enjoy it. It may be perfect for work or for play.
Jwoods1 More than 1 year ago
I was surprised to see a book from Sandra Ross that’s not strictly about romance and sex, and was immediately intrigued by what she would be delivering in this interactive eBook. Initially, I was put off by the title, since I find the word ‘retard’ a little offensive and unsettling. However, Sandra is known for her ‘in your face’ style of writing, so I gave it a chance, and nearly wet myself laughing at the contents of this little gem. I pride myself of being ‘clever’, and sometimes even stretch to witty, but this book put me in my place! Even my husband was left scratching his head at some of the logic questions, which made me feel much better. Even the cat on the cover of the book seemed to be mocking me as I worked my way through the pages, answering questions that ranged from cute and clever, (why did the road cross the chicken?) to the downright mind boggling. There were more than a few good riddles, which my husband and I both love, and some questions designed to make you ‘unthink’, where you really have to take a sideways approach to the question to come to the answer. These challenging, fun questions definitely made me feel a little less than clever, but I still felt good that I answered more correctly than my husband! While I don’t necessarily think this will prove 100 percent any person’s intelligence level, it will certainly challenge your brain in a fun way. I found myself looking at the world a little differently after trying to answer some of these brain teasers, vowing I would be able to work my way through the book again without missing any! The humor in the book/game is in the crazy answers you find yourself coming up with, and trying to justify them. My husband and I laughed ourselves silly at some of the stuff the book made us come up with, and it was a great way to spend the evening. Of course, it would have been fun to read alone, as well, and don’t think I won’t be practicing for our next go at it! Overall, it was a great little book. My one reservation is the title; some people will be offended by it because of the word ‘Retard’. Like I said before, it was a little off-putting, but I grew up in a generation where it was no more offensive than calling someone a dummy, and far less than calling someone an idiot, which is so freely done today. If you can get past the title, Sandra has a great time waiting for you, and promises to relieve your stress, even if you do feel a little less intelligent at the end of it!
TanyaO More than 1 year ago
I always wonder – why people watch TV so often. I’m telling not about things you like – interesting films or Discovery program about something you were always interested in. I’m talking about this general process, when you come home after a busy working day, sit on your favorite sofa and begin to surf through all programs, without any goal or idea. I think it’s a part of rest for your brain. The bad thing is your brain will get nothing from such “relax”. In the “The retards test interactive ebook” I found something you can switch your brain to. “Switching” is always a good relaxing for your brain, as well as its development in some way. You’ll learn a lot of new things and think about issues you have never think about before, moreover it is just a lot of fun! I laughed at myself, when I give wrong answers, and I was surprised of different interesting facts and solutions. I believe a good sense of humor is vital for today’s society, overloaded by problems and tasks, and “laughing at myself” is an important psychological tool in life which helps to stay optimistic. These tests are for those, who are brave enough to do so. Test yourself and test your friends. This book can make your day!
jne2003 More than 1 year ago
The reason I am giving this book a 3 star is that I don't really care for people to use the “retard” word, it can be highly offensive to some people. Especially to those who have friends or family that are mentally challenged. With that being said... This interactive book can be a lot of fun. When a person feels like they are experiencing brain drain(having dullness of the mind) from a day of stress and frustrating work, it's nice to take a quick break to relax the brain with fun, witty questions. Human brains need a break from being overloaded on stress and it's important to find the time to switch the thinking around a bit and answers questions that accesses a different part of the brain. Humans are all work and not enough down time to refresh or rejuvenate the mind. Rejuvenating the mind does not mean sitting and watching TV and not thinking of anything, a person needs to exercise the brain in a different area than what's being used during the day. This book challenges the brain and can cause some laughs for not answering correctly. It supplies logical questions, questions to truly boggle, riddles, and out-of-the-box thinking. Some of the great benefits of thinking out-of-the-box lends itself to finding solutions in a new and creative way. It definitely assists in teaching a new perspective and things are not always what they seem. By taking a break from everyday routine, ultimately a person can better their performance and work in everyday living. So play with this interactive e-book privately or with someone else.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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RussellG More than 1 year ago
Sometimes the most educated of people can be completely obtuse. I had to do a double-take when I saw the title of Sandra Ross's interactive book, "The Retard Test." I honestly wasn't sure if I had brushed my laptop touchpad inadvertently and had been directed to another website, or if Ross was using some odd form of humor to convey a message to her readers who may have been expecting her usual exquisite stories of erotica and seduction. Either way, I was dumbfounded by the title's utter political incorrectness. In the year 2012, is it still really possible to use a term such as "retard" in casual company and not be completely oblivious to the sheer awkwardness that such a title screams? Let's be very clear here. I have used the term "retard" before. I have uttered it to myself in moments of sheer frustration when dealing with people who simply aren't too bright, or don't care to learn from their experiences. My brother and sister-in-law have a nephew with severe learning disabilites, and they are quick to immediately chastise family, friends, and even strangers who thoughtlessly or maliciously use the "R" word in their presence. As well they should. Good for them. It's not a nice word, no matter how much sugar I throw upon all six of its letters. And it's the primary reason why "Test" is one of Ross's lowest-rated books from this reviewer. I try very hard to see the goodness in all people, and maybe that's why I made the conscious choice to believe that Ross was in no way malicious in her selection of words for her book cover. I choose to accept that she truly meant no real harm or prejudice against those who are differently-abled through no fault of their own. I choose to overlook this egregious literary error and instead focus upon all the wonderful writings the author has contributed in the field of sex, erotica, fantasy, and intimate relations, and thus conclude that the title is an aberration and amounts to nothing more than an error in good taste. Moving on, "Test" presents to the reader an assortment of various questions designed to test your memory and logic. I have an affinity for these types of games, and was intrigued as to what sort of challenges Ross would provide. By and large the questions were interesting, although some of them could be viewed as almost surreal in style: "Why did the road cross the chicken?" (Of course, such a view is entirely subjective and can be interpreted in countless ways by different people, which in and of itself makes for a more interesting and eclectic subject of discussion, in this reviewer's opinion.) Ross does make a valiant attempt to encourage her readers to make parlor games out of such questions, although "Test" seems rather similar to just so many "Scattergories" questions repeated ad nauseum. Nevertheless, the questions are interesting enough that, given the right mixture of people (and maybe the right mixture of drinks), "Test" can serve as an impetus for encouraging some interesting responses to the queries that the author provides. We are a society of educated people---maybe even over-educated at times. Most of us enjoy a good academic and/or logical discussion. It doesn't matter if the subject is framed as rhetoric, debate, question-and-answer, or even casual banter. What's really key is the underlying sense of decorum and civility that comprises the fram