The Reunion: The Secret of Cypriere Bayou

The Reunion: The Secret of Cypriere Bayou

by Jana DeLeon
4.5 4

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The Reunion: The Secret of Cypriere Bayou 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
mistyJW More than 1 year ago
If you like suspense, a little love, and a great family ending this is indeed a book worth reading, but you MUST read the two books that preceeds it to understand this one. That is what is so wonderful about Jana's style of writing, she always gives you a little in one of her books and finishes it in another. She is truly a gifted writer, along with being a delight to read.
judiOH More than 1 year ago
ms jana has done it again. she's written a triology set in the bayous of louisiana that will amaze you. the reunion is the last of this triology. the three stories are about three sisters that were separated at a very young age after their mother died. did she? the evil stepfather that banished them passes away and the will left by their mother passes everything to the three girls. but where are they? the lawyer finds them one by one and as they are found they learn they must live in the old mansion for two weeks in order to inherit. each sister finds herself the object of someone's vindictiveness. but who? and why? each girl finds romance while trying to solve the riddles surrounding the house and their mother. no one but jana deleon could write such intriguiing mysteries/romances! can't wait for the next thriology to come along!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
4 STARS Wow this book had some twists and turns I did not expect at all. But others I figured out or guessed on. This ebook has two stories in it. I am going to review the first one Reunion then read the next one than review. So I don't blur the lines. Tyler is finally back home in Parish. He plans to open a security business soon as his license accepted by the state. His father wants him to take on protecting Joelle. The last of the three daughters to come back home and spend two weeks at the family LeBeau mansion so they can inheirit the money their mom left them after her stepfather died. I have read the first story but missed reading the second story. I enjoy reading Jana's stories. It has a bunch of mysteries in it. Ghosts, hired killers, reuniting lost sisters, romance and danger. All taking place in a big mansion off by itself in the swamp. Their is some humor, some secret passage ways and some love scenes I skipped over. Joelle has not been back home since she was 4 years old. When after her mother died her stepfather separated the three sisters to different relatives. She receives a certified letter telling her about her stepfather death and what was left for her, but all three girls have to live at the house for two weeks for them all to receiving it. Joelle has had some scary stuff happen to her lately. Her car vandalized. That a client's husband wanted to know where his ex-wife was. Joelle works with abused women as a social worker and works at a hot line. So she is willing to take off for two weeks. Joelle thinks she will be safe at her family home but finds that danger has followed her. She is grateful to see her sisters again. THE SECRET OF CYPRIERE BAYOU This second book in this ebook collection. It has some of the same features as Reunion. Their is a mystery in a haunted or cursed mansion in the bayou. The home has all these secret tunnels in them that the servants used so they were not seen. A missing girl that was supposed to have gone to the mansion. A caretaker who took off all of a sudden. Now another woman Oliva has come to the mansion. She is a writer and writes ghost stories after staying in old scary places. The people in near town warn her it is haunted, but that is what she wanted. Of course their is a storm when she comes and her car slides into a ditch. Oliva thinks someone came into her room while she was in the tub. She hurries and dresses gets her gun and heads downstairs where she heard a noise. Suddenly she is taken by surprise and her gun taken from her. John has taken the caretaker job. He had no idea someone was going to be their. He was planning to search the house till he found evidence of his missing sister. They both realize soon enough that they are not the only ones in the house. That person is up to no good. Oliva finds the secret tunnels. They are kept up pretty well. It is full of mystery and suspense right till the end. Every time things calm down something else happens. Their is one love scene that I skipped over. But I did enjoy the story and wished it did not end where it did though. I was given this ebook to read and asked in exchange to give honest review by Harlequin and Netgalley. publication: September 17th 2013 by Harlequin Intrigue 448 pages ISBN:0373697198