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The Revenue RAMP: How to Jump-Start Your Demand Engine to Accelerate Revenue

The Revenue RAMP: How to Jump-Start Your Demand Engine to Accelerate Revenue

by Lisa Cole
The Revenue RAMP: How to Jump-Start Your Demand Engine to Accelerate Revenue

The Revenue RAMP: How to Jump-Start Your Demand Engine to Accelerate Revenue

by Lisa Cole




Plagued by leaky sales funnels and relentless pressure for more leads? Worried about being viewed as a credible business driver? Discover a revolutionary approach to accelerated growth so you can rise to the top.

Seeking to inspire your team to grab hold of success together? Desperate to drive greater business impact? Looking to bake more marketing accountability into your organization? With over twenty years' experience advising 45+ industry leading B2B organizations, award-winning marketing leader Lisa Cole's methods have sourced more than $500M in revenues. And now she's here to share her precisely structured path to unify Marketing & Sales, prevent wasted leads and energize your troops to unlock your hidden potential and accelerate profitable growth.

The Revenue RAMP is a meaningful, proven framework for increasing team efficacy and boosting cash flow. By uncovering gaps in their processes, leaders can determine the most immediately impactful changes to unify Marketing & Sales on on key drivers of growth. And by jumpstarting your stalled demand gen engines without overworking staff, you'll soon be capitalizing on the demand you've already created to guide sustainable growth.

In The Revenue RAMP, you'll discover:
- Methods for mobilizing your organization to repair broken workflows and secure quick wins
- How to deliver high-value leads that your salespeople value and will pursue effectively
- Ways to drive alignment on the metrics that matter and establish a clear linkage between marketing investments and revenue
- Techniques to flip the focus from quantity to quality and steadily rise to the top as a credible business driver
- Real-world client success stories, how to keep the team happy, and much, much more!

The Revenue RAMP is a crucial guide to reviewing and restructuring marketing and sales decisions to boost your bottom line. If you like proven expertise, high-efficiency practices, and amplifying return on investment, then you'll love Lisa Cole's strategic powerhouse.

Buy The Revenue RAMP to smash those targets today!

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ISBN-13: 9781736433454
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication date: 06/25/2021
Pages: 168
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Author and award-winning marketing leader, Lisa Cole brings more than 20 years' experience transforming marketing functions into scalable, predictable, and accountable growth engines for industry leading B2B organizations. What started as an obsession with Marketing & Sales alignment became a passion for helping marketers change the perception of marketing and establish themselves as business drivers. In addition to delivering hundreds of millions in marketing sourced revenue for organizations, Lisa's inspiring, transformational work led to two awards: SiriusDecisions' 2018 ROI Award and Demand Gen Report's 2018 B2B Innovator Award for C-Suite Strategy. She is also the mother of three children, so leading a global marketing organization is the second most challenging & rewarding thing she does in life.

Table of Contents

Introduction 11

Phase 1 Review 23

Chapter 1 Establishing Operating Principles for Your Team 25

Your team is unintentionally undermining your ability to build a Revenue RAMP to help your organization accelerate revenue. This chapter will help you prepare your team to make smart decisions as their environment rapidly evolves around them.

Chapter 2 Inspect What You Expect 37

Because of disjointed technologies and broken processes, your organization is wasting most of the demand it creates. This chapter will teach you how to secret shop your organization to find leaks in your response channels and key hand-offs along the lead lifecycle.

Chapter 3 Create Your Wall of Shame 47

When organizations are under revenue pressure, leadership pushes hard for more marketing activities and leads without understanding the negative consequences for prospective customers. Marketers must create awareness for the unintended consequence of quantity over quality to gain some relief from relentless focus on activities over impact. Marketing can't go it alone. This chapter helps you create an easy to remember, compelling rallying cry that will turn critics into supporters that have your back when you're not in the room.

Chapter 4 Sales' Perception of Marketing is YOUR Reality. Make Sure It's How You Want to be Viewed 55

Accelerating your company's revenue recovery will require close alignment between Marketing and Sales. To do that, you'll need to get real about how each group perceives its relationship with the other then directly address the gaps. This chapter will provide you with the tools you need to learn how sales and marketing team members perceive the working relationship with each other and develop a roadmap to measurably improve alignment.

Chapter 5 Get Your Change Levers in Order to Maximize Impact 69

Once you've improved alignment with Sales and gained buy-in for changing focus from quantity to quality, you'll need to identify your organization's greatest opportunities to improve conversion rates. This chapter will help you assess the maturity of your sales & marketing processes, establish improvement priorities and decide on an order of operations to effectively manage change and quickly improve your organization's ability to convert demand into revenue.

Phase 2 Align 83

Chapter 6 Make it Official 85

Marketing and Sales misalignment often comes down to people discussing the same things with different terminology. This chapter will show you how to gain universal acceptance for the definition of a qualified, sales-ready lead. It will also show you how to create an environment of collaboration, partnership/and accountability with the development of a mutual Service Level Agreement (SLA). Organizations that invest the time to develop and implement SLAs have measurably improved alignment and accelerate revenues as compared with organizations operating without a common language or an SLA.

Phase 3 Mobilize 107

Chapter 7 Prepare the Organization for Implementation 109:

To implement the SLA and enable everyone to maximize lead conversion, changes will likely need to be made to the Marketing and Sales lead management workflows. These changes will need to be enabled by technology and supported with training and communications to ensure adoption. This chapter will help you translate your new SLA into business and functional requirements to help your IT partners build or optimize your lead management engine. Additionally, this chapter will provide you with tips on how to support the team through initial go-live and full roll-out of the changes to maximize marketing and sales adoption.

Chapter 8 Jump Start Your Engine 117

In order to create the needed runway to drive meaningful change for your organization, you need to jump start your demand engine and produce some quick wins for Sales. Most organizations already have the demand they need to jump start their engine. This chapter will help you identify and recycle the dropped, ignored, stalled or lost demand that currently exists in your revenue pipeline.

Chapter 9 Invest in Sales Productivity 125

There is no more profitable investment than investing in Sales' ability to convert the leads Marketing generates. This chapter will help you identify and leverage existing assets to enable Safes. This chapter will help you identify and leverage Marketing's existing assets to enable Sales.

Phase 4 Propel 133

Chapter 10 Eliminate Random Acts of Marketing for Impact 135

To maximize the impact and return on marketing investments, marketers will need to see, plan, execute and invest differently. This chapter will show you how to prevent random acts of marketing and build an always-on engine to create more demand with less effort.

Chapter 11 Prove Your Impact 141

For Marketing to be viewed as business drivers, your ability to establish clear linkage between investments and revenue is critical. This chapter will provide you with a measurement framework that will enable your team to manage the business of marketing and prove business impact for non-marketing stakeholders.

Conclusion 149

Index 159

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