The Revised Druid of Nazareth: A Grimoire of my Druid Jesus

The Revised Druid of Nazareth: A Grimoire of my Druid Jesus

by Roger Collins Broun-poher


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The Druid of Nazareth is one man's interpretation of the saying of Ishua (Jesus) from both canonical and non-canonical sources. In Part One of the book this interpretation is then augmented by historical documents to show that although Ishua was in fact the rightful blood heir to the throne of Israel he was not a practicing Jew.
Part two of the book is a magyckal grimoire that expands upon the magyck of Ishua. Ishua performed many forms of magyck from Elemental to Sigil magyck. His magyck is augmented by forms barrowed from the old ways of the British Isles giving birth to new rites and rituals for every purpose.

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ISBN-13: 9781536959680
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 08/08/2016
Pages: 288
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Born in the Flathead Valley of Montana Roger was brought up without any real religious affiliation. At 28 on a visit to Lourdes, France he was moved by a statue of the Virgin Mary and in his naivete' joined the Catholic Church. As the years passed and his studies continued he realized that what the Organized Churches had to say about Jesus did not set well with what he felt in his spirit. So he created and now follows his own path of Ishuan Druidry and he now shares this point of view with you.

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