The Rewards of Parenting: Growing Along with Your Child

The Rewards of Parenting: Growing Along with Your Child

by Alfred Koumans




There are hundreds of books on the market that discuss the emotional and psychological influence that we as parents have on the development of our children. The Rewards of Parenting offers an innovative view of the parent-child relationship that is intriguingly different - it asks us to reflect on the profound impact that our children have on our own continuing growth process.

Dr. Alfred Koumans, a psychiatrist, has written a refreshingly original study of parenting that looks at our family roles from a unique perspective. Through the examination of the fundamental reciprocity of the most basic human relationship we arrive at the understanding that we have as many lessons to learn from our children as they do from us. While we are absorbed in the job of nurturing, guiding and educating our children, we are traveling along parallel developmental paths. Whether it is re-confronting situations that confounded us when we were small; opening ourselves to our children's intuitive wisdom, or marveling as they approach problems with unexpected strategies. Each day that we share with our children rewards us with a life-enhancing experience.

Dr. Koumans includes a wealth of anecdotal accounts that shed light on specific situations in which parents have reached new epiphanies of self-awareness in moments shared with their children.

This fascinating book teaches us that our children are indeed our greatest gift and the patience, love and attention we give to them comes back to us in many ways, including deeper self-knowledge, a greater understanding of the world, and the privilege of sharing their glorious journey of discovery.

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ISBN-13: 9781582441016
Publisher: Rutledge Books, Incorporated
Publication date: 03/15/2001
Pages: 195
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