The RF and Microwave Handbook

The RF and Microwave Handbook


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ISBN-13: 9780849385926
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 12/28/2000
Series: Electrical Engineering Handbook Series
Pages: 1376
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 2.70(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction, Patrick Fay
Cellular Mobile Telephony, Paul G. Flikkema
Nomadic Communications, Andy D. Kucar
Broadband Wireless Access: High Rate, Point to Multipoint, Fixed Antenna Systems, Brian Petry
Digital European Cordless Telephone, Saf Asghar
Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs), Jim Paviol, Carl Andren, John Fakatselis
Wireless Personal Area Network Communications, Thomas M. Siep, Ian Gifford
Satellite Communications Systems, Ramesh K. Gupta
Satellite-Based Cellular Communications, Nils V. Jespersen
Electronic Navigation Systems, Benjamin B. Peterson
Avionics, James L. Bartlett
Radar Continuous Wave Radar, James C. Wiltse
Pulse Radar, Melvin L. Belcher, Jr., Josh T. Nessmith
Electronic Warfare and Countermeasures, Robert D. Hayes
Automotive Radar, Madhu S. Gupta
New Frontiers for RF/Microwaves in Therapeutic Medicine, Arye Rosen, Harel D. Rosen, Stuart D. Edwards SYSTEMS CONSIDERATIONS
Thermal Analysis and Design of Electronic Systems, Avram Bar-Cohen, Karl J. Geisler, Allan D. Krauss Safety and Environmental Issues, John M. Osepchuk, Ronald C. Petersen
Signal Characterization and Modulation Theory, John F. Sevic
Cost Modeling, Leland M. Farrer
Power Supply Management, Brent A. McDonald, George K. Schoneman, Daniel E. Jenkins
Low Voltage/Low Power Microwave Electronics, Mike Golio
Productivity Initiatives, Mike Golio
Electronic Hardware Reliability, Arun Ramakrishnan, Toby Syrus, Michael Pecht MICROWAVE MEASUREMENTS
Linear Measurements, R.E. Ham
Network Analyzer Calibration, Joe Staudinger
Noise Measurements, Alfy Riddle
Nonlinear Microwave Measurement and Characterization, J. Stevenson Kenney
Theory of High-Power Load-Pull Characterization for RF and Microwave Transistors, John F. Sevic
Pulsed Measurements, Anthony E. Parker, James G. Rathmell, Jonathan B. Scott
Microwave On-Wafer Test, Jean-Pierre Lanteri, Christopher Jones, John R. Mahon High Volume Microwave Test Jean-Pierre Lanteri, Christopher Jones, John R. Mahon
Receivers, Warren L. Seely Transmitters, Warren L. Seely Low Noise Amplifier Design, Jakub Kucera, Urs Lott Microwave Mixer Design, Anthony M. Pavio Modulation and Demodulation Circuitry, Charles Nelson Power Amplifier Circuits, Mark Bloom Oscillator Circuits, Alfy Riddle Phase Locked Loop Design, Robert Newgard Filters and Multiplexers, Richard V. Snyder RF Switches, Robert J. Trew
Passive Lumped Components, Alfy Riddle
Passive Microwave Devices, Michael B. Steer
Dielectric Resonators, S. Jerry Fiedziuszko
RF MEMS, Karl R. Varian
Surface Acoustic Wave Filters, Donald C. Malocha
RF Coaxial Cable, Michael E. Majerus
Coaxial Connectors, David Anderson
Antenna Technology, James B. West
Phased Array Antenna Technology, James B. West
RF Package Design and Development, Jeanne S. Pavio ACTIVE DEVICE TECHNOLOGIES
Semiconductor Diodes Varactors, Jan Stake
Schottky Diode Frequency Multipliers, Jack East
Transit Time Microwave Devices, Robert J. Trew
Transistors Bipolar Junction Transistors, John C. Cowles
Heterostructure Bipolar Transistors, William Liu
Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistors, Leonard MacEachern, Tajinder Manku
Metal Semiconductor Field Effect Transistors, Michael S. Shur
High Electron Mobility Transistors, Prashant Chavakar, Umesh Mishra
RF Power Transistors from Wide Bandgap Materials, Karen E. Moore
Tubes, Jerry C. Whitaker
Monolithic Microwave IC Technology, Lawrence P. Dunleavy CAD, SIMULATION AND MODELING
System Simulation, Joe Staudinger
Numerical Techniques for the Analysis and Design of RF/Microwave Structures, Manos M. Tentzeris
Computer Aided Design of Passive Components, Daniel G. Swanson, Jr.
Nonlinear RF and Microwave Circuit Analysis, Michael B. Steer, John F. Sevic
Time Domain Computer-Aided Circuit Simulation, Michael Lightner
Computer Aided Design of Microwave Circuitry, Ron Kielmeyer
Nonlinear Transistor Modeling for Circuit Simulation, Walter R. Curtice
Technology Computer Aided Design, Peter A. Blakey UNDERLYING PHYSICS
Maxwell’s Equations, Nicholas E. Buris
Wave Propagation in Free Space, Matthew Sadiku
Guided Wave Propagation and Transmission Lines, W.R. Deal, V. Radisic, Y. Qian, T. Itoh
Effects of Multipath Fading in Wireless Communication Systems, Wayne E. Stark
Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), Alfy Riddle
Materials Properties Metals, Mike Golio
Dielectrics, K.F. Etzold
Ferroelectric and Piezoelectric Materials, K.F. Etzold
Semiconductors, Mike Harris
Appendix A: Mathematics, Symbols,m and Physical Constants Appendix B: Microwave Engineering Appendix, John P. Wendler

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