The Rich You Formula: Living in the Pursuit of Excellence

The Rich You Formula: Living in the Pursuit of Excellence

by Gary Smalley, Ryan Chamberlin


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ISBN-13: 9780988593121
Publisher: Carpenters Son Publishing
Publication date: 04/16/2013
Pages: 224
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About the Author

DR GARY SMALLEY is president and founder of the Smalley Relationship Center, which presents conferences nationwide and provides resources for families and churches. Combined, his books have sold more than six million copies. The Blessing and The Two Sides of Love won the Gold Medallion Award for excellence in literature, and The Language of Love won the Angel Award for best contribution to family life. Gary has been a guest on numerous national TV shows, including The Oprah Winfrey Show, Larry King Live and NBC’s Today. RYAN CHAMBERLIN is a successful entrepreneur, speaker, author, consultant, and mentor. In addition to building some of the largest sales teams in the United States, he is also known for his development of business and training systems that have been adopted by thousands. Ryan is one of the most sought-after speakers and motivators in business and leadership. He is the author of Now You Know and the co-author of a fiction book, The Mentor: The Dream…The Struggle…The Prize.

Table of Contents

Dedication 9

About the Authors 11

How to Gain Riches in Every Area of Your Life 13

Part 1 The Formula

1 The Rich You Formula (Ryan) 21

Fly High 21

Defining the Formula 23

Believe It or Not 24

Dream for Destiny 28

Strategize for Success 29

The Domino Effect 31

Crossing the Finish Line 33

2 What's Your Dream? (Ryan) 37

Dream Big 37

Dream Makers 41

Dream Takers 45

3 What's Your Strategy? (Ryan) 49

The Lotto Plan 49

Your Input Sources 50

The Rich You Strategy-Your Model 51

The Compound Effect 56

The Ripple Effect 59

Develop the Will to Win 63

4 Actions (Ryan) 69

Actions Produce Success 69

The Real Zeal 72

Discovering and Pursuing Purpose 74

Values That Matter 76

How to Empower Actions 80

5 Results (Ryan) 85

Get Motivated 85

Make Improvements 88

Make Adjustments 89

Positive Relationships 92

Don't Be a Chicken 93

No Isn't a Negative 95

Priorities Produce Results 95

Results Driven-Belief Based 99

Reward Results 102

Part 2 The Pursuit of Excellence

6 Responsibility (Gary) 109

Determining What Is Wealth 109

Acknowledgement 112

Passion 117

Consistency 118

Taking Control 121

7 Relationships (Gary) 129

It's Not Rocket Science 129

Cultivating Rich Relationships 132

8 Leverage (Ryan) 155

Is Money the Answer? 155

Can You Handle Money? 156

Sowing and Reaping 159

Financial Leveraging 161

Money Methods 164

Income Sources 166

Pass Down the Formula 167

9 Leadership (Ryan/Gary) 173

Lead On 173

The Benefits of Leadership 177

Talent Alone Won't Work 179

Character Counts 181

Relationships Prepare You for Leadership 183

Leaders Are Mentors 184

The Burr under the Saddle 188

Teamwork 191

Leadership at Work 195

10 Legacy (Ryan/Gary) 199

Ryan's Thoughts on Legacy 199

Gary's Thoughts on Legacy 204

Endnotes 213

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