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The Ride of Pride

The Ride of Pride

by Lee E. Johnson
The Ride of Pride

The Ride of Pride

by Lee E. Johnson


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A family uses black inventors to motivate their son to show more interest in school.

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ISBN-13: 9781504979047
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 02/24/2016
Pages: 42
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.11(d)
Lexile: 1020L (what's this?)

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The Ride of Pride

By Sonya Johnson, Yvonne Johnson


Copyright © 2016 Sonya Johnson, Ph.D. and Yvonne Johnson, Ph.D.
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5049-7904-7


Jaylen Anderson is playing basketball with his friends when his mother calls him in to do his homework.

Shortly after Jaylen starts his homework, Mrs. Anderson can hear the sound of video games coming from his room. She knocks on his door.

Mrs. Anderson asks,--"Have you finished your homework already?". "Yes Ma'am" he answers. "What was your homework assignment?" Mrs. Anderson asks. "My teacher, Mrs. Johnson, asked us to write about a black inventor," Jaylen replies. "May I see your report?" Mrs. Anderson asks. Jaylen hands his mother his report. She looks at the report then shows it to Mr. Anderson. Mr. Anderson studies the report briefly, and then hands it back to Jaylen.

Later that night Mr. and Mrs. Anderson discussed Jaylen's school performance. "He's not a bad student", they agree, "he's getting good grades but he could do much better if he spent more time on his work".

"We need a way to motivate him," Mrs. Anderson says. "I have an idea", Mr. Anderson says. The next night Jaylen notices his father busy working at his desk with the computer and stacks of books.

"What is he working on?" Jaylen asks his mother, "Oh--he's just doing some homework," Mrs. Anderson says jokingly.

The next morning while Jaylen is getting ready for school his mother is ironing his clothes. "See the ironing board that your mother is using?" Mr. Anderson asks-"The ironing board was invented by Sarah Boone, a black woman, in 1892," checking his notepad.

After Mrs. Anderson finished ironing his clothes, Jaylen continues to get dressed. While Jaylen was putting on his shoes, Mr. Anderson says," The process of making shoes was automated by the invention of a black man, A. R. Cooper, in 1899. Before then shoes were made by hand-- this was a very slow process."

"Be sure to eat your breakfast before you go". Mrs. Anderson reminds Jaylen, "It's the most important meal of the day they say."

Jaylen opens the refrigerator to get milk for his cereal. Mr. Anderson says, "Did you know that John Standard, a black man, received a patent for an improved refrigerator design in 1891?"

"Don't catch the bus from school this afternoon, I'll pick you up at 3:30 p.m.," Mr. Anderson tells Jaylen.

That afternoon, Mr. Anderson arrives at the school to pick up Jaylen.

Jaylen checks his watch as he gets into the car.


Excerpted from The Ride of Pride by Sonya Johnson, Yvonne Johnson. Copyright © 2016 Sonya Johnson, Ph.D. and Yvonne Johnson, Ph.D.. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
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