The Right Bite

The Right Bite

by Stephanie McPhilips


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The Rite Bite nutritional program is based on scientific research that has identified more than forty weight-gain triggers. Weight-gain triggers are agents that create changes in the body that lead to uncontrollable cravings, feelings of hunger, and metabolic disruptions that cause you to put on weight even when not eating to much.

More than one trigger affects most of us, few of us are affected by all of them. The secret to dieting success is to learn to eliminate the weight-gain triggers that specifically affect you.

Then you'll learn how and why these triggers work, and what you can do about them. Because the triggers are complex, and we're each affected by a unique set of them, simple "single-strategy" diets (such as high-protein, or all fruit, or no fats or carbohydrates) will not work. In fact, you'll come to understand that too few calories is one of the most powerful weight-gain triggers of all.

In the menu and recipe sections, you'll fond meals that will leave you feeling full and satisfied, and give you a new level of energy and pleasure you'll never experience with other diet programs.

The Rite Bite program works with your own biochemistry so you can reach your lowest weight-and your highest health.

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ISBN-13: 9781567316827
Publisher: MJF Books
Publication date: 11/20/2004
Pages: 323
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