The Right Side of Mr Wrong

The Right Side of Mr Wrong

by Jane Linfoot


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One-off, moving on sex, wasn’t meant to be this hot…

When determined singleton Shea Summers is persuaded to become the “wife” of the Lord of Edgerton Manor, the last thing she wants to do is play house with a stranger.

Brooding playboy Brando Marshall is far from happy when Shea turns up at his sprawling estate with production crew in tow. Surely she’s just another woman after his wallet? And if she’s looking for Mr Right, she’s definitely hitting on the wrong guy. Then again, after catching an unscheduled glimpse of her knickers, perhaps Brando needs to teach this “gold-digger” a lesson!

She’s seizing the moment, he’s breaking the rules, and when bad boys can be so much fun, who can resist getting on the right side of Mr. Wrong…

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780007591718
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
Publication date: 02/28/2017
Series: Harperimpulse Contemporary Romance
Pages: 184
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.80(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

I write fun, flirty fiction, with feisty heroines and a bit of an edge. Writing romance is cool, because I get to wear pretty shoes instead of wellies. I live in a mountain kingdom in Derbyshire, where my family and pets are kind enough to ignore the domestic chaos. Happily, we’re in walking distance of a supermarket. I love hearts, flowers, happy endings, all things vintage, most things French. When I’m not on Facebook, and can’t find an excuse for shopping, I’ll be walking, or gardening. On days when I want to be really scared, I ride a tandem.

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The Right Side of Mr Wrong 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
loriweller1 More than 1 year ago
This is the first book of this author I read and it won't be my last. I enjoyed her style of writing. It had me laughing and enjoying the book from the start. I enjoy romantic comedies with sizzle and this has alot of sizzle. A professional organizer is hired by the Lord of the Manor. They each have their own inner battles and also have to fight the chemistry that exists between the two of them. It leads itself to many delightful experiences. I can't wait to read another of Jane's bThis is the first book of this author I read and it won't be my last. I enjoyed her style of writing. It had me laughing and enjoying the book from the start. I enjoy romantic comedies with sizzle and this has alot of sizzle. A professional organizer is hired by the Lord of the Manor. They each have their own inner battles and also have to fight the chemistry that exists between the two of them. It leads itself to many delightful experiences. I can't wait to read another of Jane's books! I recieved a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest opinion only.
kydirtgirl68 More than 1 year ago
Brando doesn't want a wife or anyone in his business, He figures it will be easy to run off the gold-digger he picked to make his sister happy. He just wants to get this shamble over and get back to his life.Shea never figured she would get picked but when she does she is determined to help organize Brando's estate. She isn't looking for a husband just a job and a place where no one knows her past. Both can't keep their hands off each other but they never planned on falling in love. Brando seems at first like a jerk. He does do what his sister wants but it is only to get her to leave him alone. He doesn't trust easy and has huge walls up to keep people out of his life. He is very sexy and can at times make you want to smack him to get him to open his eyes. Shea isn't a gold digger even if that is what Brando thinks at first. She is a woman who uses her work to hide her own feelings. She does everything she can to show Brando she isn't looking for love but he has a hard time believing her. She has her own past she wants to keep hid from him and is afraid to share it even when she pushes Brando to talk. This was an enjoyable story. i laughed a few times especially when Shea first gets to the estate. There is lots of sexy parts as no matter what these two can't deny they want each other. I wouldn't say there is a whole ton of romance at first as they butt heads quite a few times. They both begin to help each other even if they don't know it. Shea is so great for Brando as she slowly gets him to open up. I love the little things Brando does like talk to Shea's mom and other little things. This is a great story about two characters who at first don't want it but do fall for each other. They just have to learn to let go of their past and move on.
Casey_Dawes More than 1 year ago
It took me a little bit to get into this book, partially because of the English idioms and partially because it was explicitly sexual from the beginning. (Lot's of talk about breasts and knickers.) From the get go, the writing was good, so I kept plowing through and then I found I really, really liked the characters. There are some zany actions in this book. The hero, Brando, has a habit of jumping off buildings to relieve stress. The heroine, Shea (rhymes with all kinds of things), is work-obsessed. Two people who would never find themselves together, and the story works. A few lines I wish I'd written. "The words he'd flung hit the table and splintered up at her." "Achingly scooped neckline." Beautifully written! Fun read. I recommend!
LovesBooks212 More than 1 year ago
From the get-go I was happy to be reading this book. I saved it as my special bedtime treat: Like ice cream or chocolates, but better for me! I knew this would be light, fun romance with a chick lit feel based on the cover and Amazon blurb. I got what I signed up for, and then some. This book had me smiling and raising my eyebrows right away. The bad boy, Brando, was misbehaving right out of the gate, and our heroine revealed more than she'd planned as she entered the scene. I won't say more, but let me say it'll leave you giggling. The first pages hooked me because it was set in a fabulous country house, complete with all the trappings. For me, the house became a character and I loved reading about its details. Not to mention, Shea, our heroine had the dream job of being a professional organizer. I might not want to be one, but I'd sure like to employ one, so it was fun to follow her around while she did her work. The best part of the book for me was the tension. Shea and Brando sparked and sizzled, each holding back to the point of its being excruciating (in that good way). As I read on, I found out each had ghosts in their pasts that they were dealing with, answering the question, "Why don't you just DO it already?" and the more important question, "Why can't you see that you're so right for one another?" I especially enjoyed Shea as a heroine. She was more complicated than your run-of-the-mill Harlequin girl and was smart and sharp with her barbs. To me, that made her highly relatable.  And as for Brando, there are a few images burnt onto my brain that won't go away soon. They're delicious, so I really don't mind.
jeanniezelos More than 1 year ago
The Right Side of Mr Wrong. Jane Linfoot Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews. Sometimes you just want a fun, easy to read, straightforward romance. This book does all that with the added attraction of some gentle humour and some really emotional parts. Oh and lots and lots of hot, spicy sex too :) Shea takes a job understanding it's her organisational skills needed, Brando has agreed to let his sister film his sprawling estate for her TV programme. It was so popular and got so much fan mail that she wants to do a follow up- advertising for a wife for him. He's not happy, but little sis has a way of twisting him round her finger...and somehow he agrees, to his astonishment. Ah well... he thinks, I don't actually have to marry, in fact he plans to leave as soon as the gold-digger, would-be wife arrives. Then Shea turns up, and he doesn't know how, but instead of jumping on the helicopter that brought her and fleeing, he's carrying her indoors out of the mud where Those Shoes, the F Me shoes, got her stuck. Both Shea and Brando are hiding, escaping from their thoughts and pasts with constant action – he with running and jumping off trees and buildings, and she with her incessant need to keep busy. In fact it was only the drop out of a client that led to her being free for this job – then she finds out its a wife interview so to speak, and not an organisation of the estate and house that she's needed for. Brando does his typical playboy approach, over confident, cocky and certain she'll do for a quick one off fling, and she plays along with the wife scenario realising its the one way to get him to back off. She can see through him. Before they know it they're getting hot and heavy. How did that happen? Its almost as if neither intended it, but somehow the pull was too much to resist, then kissing becomes touching and touching becomes...and they're deep in the throes of passion, hot and erotic sex, and each time saying to themselves this will be the burnout time, when they can get back to normal. Its a fun, spicy read, some sad parts and some funny parts. I loved them both. and enjoyed how they grew and worked through their problems. Shea's sweetie obsession though – that wasn't funny to me, just really really irritating and each time I saw ref to pink shrimps or something it just made me cringe a little. Don't really know why that was there – it added nothing to her character or the story for me. Still, I’m a reader not the author, no doubt there's a reason that escapes me.... If you want a fun read, this is excellent, it's a one off only for me but enjoyable. It's £1.99 for 174 pages so not a long book, perfect for those who want a quick read. Stars: three. ARC supplied by Netgalley