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The Ring That Binds

The Ring That Binds

4.8 6
by Linda Carroll-Bradd
Widow Celina Innes, a dress shop owner in the small 1886 mining town of Aspen, Colorado, struggles to run her shop and live down her late husband's bad choices for the sake of her four-year old daughter, Keena. She made the mistake of following after one man's dream of striking it rich and has sworn not to do it again. Co-owner of Toussaint's General Store, Mikel,


Widow Celina Innes, a dress shop owner in the small 1886 mining town of Aspen, Colorado, struggles to run her shop and live down her late husband's bad choices for the sake of her four-year old daughter, Keena. She made the mistake of following after one man's dream of striking it rich and has sworn not to do it again. Co-owner of Toussaint's General Store, Mikel, watches this proud woman run a successful business but wishes he could make her life a little easier. He has to be contented by slipping treats to the child in hopes of pleasing her mama. When illness strikes the child, Celina turns to Mikel for help and they work together all night to get past the crisis, deepening their friendship. But when the crisis is over, Mikel disappears from Aspen and Celina learns he is seeking to increase his stores. How could she have been so wrong about the man? Can a woman sworn to put down roots and a man looking for more riches find happiness?

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Meet the Author

After years spent in the administrative support field, Linda decided to exercise another part of her brain and write a novel. She loved reading romance and figured that’s what she’d write. Easier said than done. After years of workshops and RWA chapter meetings, she finally saw her manuscripts place in contests. Twelve years after her first writing class, she sold a confession story. From that point on, she couldn’t be stopped and is always pleased when her sweet contemporary and historical stories find homes.

With interests as widespread as baking, crocheting, watching dog agility matches, and reading thrillers by Swedish authors, Linda is the mother to 4 adult children and grandmother to 2 granddaughters. She currently lives in the southern California mountains with her husband of almost 34 years and their two spoiled dogs.

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The Ring That Binds 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Danele More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this Western about a widowed seamstress who finds love. The storyline flowed naturally, and the characters were engaging. One of the things I enjoyed the most was the descriptive phrases the author used in her story. Several of the lines sounded like poetry. Other lines engaged all of my senses allowing me to hear, smell, and feel what the characters were experiencing. I thought this was a very enjoyable story.
Lori_Zalewski More than 1 year ago
With her attention to historical detail, Carroll-Bradd brings an 1886 mining town to life. The author entices you from the beginning through well-written characters and realistic situations that enliven the pages. Protagonist Celina Innes, a proud young widow, struggles to run her seamstress business and care for her young daughter, Keena. When Keena becomes seriously ill, you empathize with Celina, who realizes that sometimes you have to put pride aside and ask for help. Through harrowing situations and true-to-life struggles, the author cultivates Celina into such an endearing and believable character that you long for her well-deserved happily ever after. Her knight in shining armor, Mikel Toussaint, comes through for Celia in such a special way at the end of the story, making their union emotional and heartfelt. The Ring that Binds is an enchanting love story that will warm your heart as you turn the pages. I was provided a copy of the book by BTS eMag for purpose of an honest review. I was not compensated for this review – all conclusions are my own responsibility.
CH2 More than 1 year ago
Short and sweet! This is an inspiring love story with a happy ending, just my kind of book. Although the novela is short, the characters are well-developed and believable. The story takes place around Christmas, but I would enjoy reading this story any time of the year. The historical details add richness without intruding on the plot.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Kathryn Bennett for Readers Favorite Step into Aspen Colorado in the 1880's in "The Ring That Binds" by Linda Carroll-Bradd and meet Celina Innes, a shop owner and a widow. Celina is not only a widow but a mother with a small daughter and, thanks to the bad choices her late husband made, the small family is left struggling in this sometimes harsh environment. Mikel is one of the owners of Toussaint's, a general store in town, and has an interest in Celina, who has sworn not to follow any other man's dreams. While Celina seems immune to any impressing that Mikel tries to do, her young daughter enjoys the treats that he slips her when the girl comes to the general store. Keena takes sick and Celina blames herself for the illness needs Mikel's help. Sitting vigil over the girl's sickbed helps the pair to develop a deeper friendship; however, Mikel is one of those men who seek to increase their fortunes, one of the things Celina has sworn not to do. Linda Carroll-Bradd's 1886 version of Aspen, Colorado, really leaps off the page and I can feel myself in the old western town. I loved Celina's will not to let a man's dreams lead her into a place that she did not want to be, and yet at times I had to shake my head at her. Mikel is not the same kind of man as her husband and I felt she needed to give him more of a chance. I really did love the interactions between the two characters and how things did develop. You can tell that a good deal of research went into this book. I can always appreciate a historical romance that not only has a good romance and a great story but gets the nuances of the time period correctly. It keeps you immersed in the story and makes the time you spend with the characters all that much more enjoyable. Linda Carroll-Bradd has a winner in "The Ring That Binds", and I would recommend it for anyone to read.
VPCaine More than 1 year ago
It’s almost Christmas and a cold winter in the 1886 mining town of Aspen, Colorado, finds widow, Celina Innes, struggling to run her dress shop and care for her daughter, Keena. Celina’s husband’s poor choices left her in debt and she swears she will not follow another man in his strike it rich scheme. Mikel Toussaint who owns the general store with his brother quietly watches the woman and wishes he could make her life easier. Mikel loves little Keena and slips her treats when she visits his shop with her mother. Late one evening Mikel comes to the dress shop and brings Celina a slice of his mother’s cake and a taste of his apple cider. Celina is shocked and surprised as this gesture and realizes she longs for a man’s company. Mikel notices the Christmas ornaments Celina is making and offers to sell them in his store. She is grateful for the extra income even though she doesn’t know he has hung the first ornaments over his bed. On the morning Celina must deliver a coat she’s made to crotchety Mrs. Peabody, Keena wakes up not feeling well. With no other choice, Celina bundles her up and makes the long walk across town to deliver her product. Keena only becomes worse and Celina binds her daughter to her back, struggling against the storm to get home. Mikel sees them and picks them up in his wagon. He carries the sick child upstairs. Mikel goes to find the doctor and when the doctor makes his diagnosis, Celina learns a patent medicine will help Keena, but it is five dollars, far out of her budget. Mikel returns to his store and Celina goes to the general store to pawn her wedding ring, the only thing she has of any value. Mikel keeps her fires going, chops wood, and does the breakfast dishes all the while endearing himself to Celina. Then he disappears. On her next trip to the general store, Celina asks Daniel, Mikel’s brother, where Mikel is. Daniel tells her he has gone to a larger town to increase the store. Celina fears from this comment Mikel will be moving to find a larger location for the general store. Has she fallen in love with another dreamer? This wonderful heart warming story takes the reader back to a time when life was much harder. Ms Carroll-Bradd whisks us off to Aspen and engulfs us in an amazing Christmas tale. Mikel is a gentle, caring man who wants to make Celina’s life easier but her first responsibility is her child. She learns she can depend on Mikel to take care of both of them.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago