The Rings of Allah: Osama bin Laden's 14 Year Master Plan

The Rings of Allah: Osama bin Laden's 14 Year Master Plan

by Lee Boyland
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The Rings of Allah: Osama bin Laden's 14 Year Master Plan 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
After hearing Mr. Boyland on a talk-radio show last December, I was impressed by his knowledge of current events, Islam, and nuclear weapons, and ordered a copy of his first book. The story is divided into three parts. Part I is Ivan¿s story, an old, destitute Soviet nuclear weapons engineer with a secret. The reader also meets Mohammed, bin Laden¿s lieutenant, and KGB Colonel Valek. Valek discovers Ivan¿s secret and the adventure begins. In Part II, Ralph Eid joins Mohammed and takes center stage, planning and executing the operation to disguise and import five Soviet nuclear test devices into the U.S. and hid them in plain sight. The author shows how easy it is for an intelligent, patient group of terrorists to plant atomic bombs in our cities. Part III jumps the story to 2004. Hilda Rodman defeats George Bush, becoming president. She immediately pulls all our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan, allowing a civil war to begin in Iraq. Mohammed takes his in-place plan to destroy five Great Satan cities to the Shura, and offers it to them in return for being named caliph. Retired Air Force Major General George Alexander is introduced. Rodman makes him Secretary of Homeland Security. Alexander leaves Washington on a family emergency, and survives the attack. The only surviving Cabinet member, he becomes president and sets about protecting America from additional attacks. We are only given a glimpse of Alexander, but he appears to be a no- nonsense man who has no trace of political correctness. It is obvious he will be the central character in the sequel. The plot is anchored in historical events: the U.S and Soviet nuclear weapons programs the Soviet-Afghanistan war Iraq, and of course al-Qaeda. Boyland tells a believable tale that will make any sane person reevaluate America¿s sense of security. My military friend tells me the technology described in the story is accurate. ¿The Rings of Allah¿ is the equal to Tom Clancy¿s ¿Sum of all Fears,¿ and Boyland has staked his claim to be Clancy¿s successor as the author that foretells events in the new war with Islamic Extremists. I plan to read his next book, ¿Behold, an Ashen Horse,¿ which he says continues the story. Can he do it again?