The Rise of the Wehrmacht [Two Volumes] [2 volumes]: The German Armed Forces and World War II

The Rise of the Wehrmacht [Two Volumes] [2 volumes]: The German Armed Forces and World War II

by Samuel W. Mitcham


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The Rise of the Wehrmacht [Two Volumes] [2 volumes]: The German Armed Forces and World War II by Samuel W. Mitcham

The Rise of the Wehrmacht is the first comprehensive work to deal with the German war effort in World War II from this point of view. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it covers the entire war effort from the point of view of the German military that actually conducted and fought the war, something that has never been done before on this scale. Excellent books have been written about the German Army, Navy, the Luftwaffe, and the SS, as well as about the Panzer branch, the parachute arm, the U-Boat forces, etc., but this is the first to cover them all in depth.

Mitcham also covers the German Wehrkreise (roughly translated as military district) system in depth and recognizes its importance, both in the formation and expansion of the German Army before the war and in its continuing importance throughout the conflict. He deals with the German rearmament in greater depth and detail than has been done before, points out the importance of the police in the development of Germany's reserves before and during World War II, and offers new insights into the evolution and development of the German military doctrine of Kesselschlact (the decisive battle of encirclement and annihilation). In addition, The Rise of the Wehrmacht explains the problems the Wehrmacht faced because of its too rapid expansion. This expansion was far more rapid than the German generals intended and resulted in many problems, especially in terms of equipment shortages and a shortage of qualified officers. Finally, Mitcham addresses the contributions of the Hitler Youth to the war effort, where their work on farms, fire and rescue crews, in nursing, and as postal workers, for example, provided essential services to German infrastructure.

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ISBN-13: 9780275996413
Publisher: ABC-CLIO, Incorporated
Publication date: 06/30/2008
Series: Praeger Security International Series
Pages: 768
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About the Author

Samuel W. Mitcham, Jr., is an internationally recognized authority on Nazi Germany and the Second World War and is the author of over thirty books on the subject, including Panzers in Winter (Praeger Security International, 2006), Rommel's Lieutenants (Praeger Security International, 2006), Crumbling Empire (Praeger, 2001), Retreat to the Reich (Praeger, 2000), and The Desert Fox in Normandy (Praeger, 1997). A former Army helicopter pilot and company commander, he is a graduate of the U.S. Army's Command and General Staff College. He has appeared on the History Channel and National Public Radio, among other media outlets.

Table of Contents



I.The Reichsheer

II. Enter Adolf Hitler

III. The Secret Rearmament

IV. Diplomatic Successes and Panzer Divisions

V. The Rhineland Crisis

VI. Expansion and Training

VII. The Luftwaffe Takes the Wrong Path

VIII. Expansion and Purges

IX. The Anschluss

X. The Sudetenland Crisis

XI. The Wehrmacht Expands Too Rapidly

XII. The Fall of Czechoslovakia

XIII. Over the Edge

XIV. Mobilization and Deployment

XV. First Blood: Poland, 1939

XVI. Sitzkrieg 28

XVII. Denmark and Norway

XVIII. The Manstein Plan

XIX. The Conquest of Holland

XX. The Drive to the Channel

XXI. The Battle of the Dunkirk Pocket

XXII. The Fall of France

XXIII. The Battle of Britain

XXIV. The Winter of Frustration, 1940-1941

XXV. Hitler Comes to the Aid of His Ally

XXVI. The Balkans Campaign

XXVII. The Invasion of Crete

XXVIII. The Siege of Britain, Late 1940 to May 1941 21

XXIX. The North African Sideshow

XXX. Prelude to Barbarossa

XXXI. Operation Barbarossa: The Invasion

XXXII. Stalins Winter Offensive, 1941-1942

XXXIII. The Holocaust Begins

XXXIV. The Desert War

XXXVI. Crisis in the Desert

XXXVI. The Battle of El Alamein

XXXVII. The Holocaust Continues

XXXVIII. The Battle of the North Atlantic, 1941-42

XXXIX. The Bombings Begin (1942)

XL. Hitlers Summer Offensive, 1942

XLI. The Battle of Stalingrad

Appendix 1 Table of Comparative Ranks

Appendix 2 German Staff Positions

Appendix 3 German Units, Ranks and Strengths

Appendix 4 Characteristics of Selected Tanks

Appendix 5 Luftwaffe Aviation Units, Strengths and Ranks of Commanders


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