The Risk Manager's Desk Reference

The Risk Manager's Desk Reference

by Barbara J. Youngberg

Hardcover(Older Edition)



The definitive guide to ensure quality in your organization and save thousands of dollars in costly lawsuits. At your fingertips you'll have the information you need on integrating quality assurance and risk management, complying with the mandates of OSHA, and program development. You'll learn how to integrate patient support services and facilitate physician participation. This handy reference offers concise information on your most challenging issues and various ethical issues.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780834205062
Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Law & Business
Publication date: 01/28/1994
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 540

Table of Contents

Contents: Introduction to Risk Management
• Integrating Quality Assurance and Risk Management
• Setting up a Risk Management Department
• Developing a Risk Management Manual
• Risk Management Program Development
• Risk Management in the Age of Clinical Service Cutbacks
• Education as a Valuable Risk Management Resource
• Computerizing Risk Management
• Facilitating Physician Participation: An Integrated Approach
• Integrating Patient Support Services with Risk Management
• Integrating Administrative Support Services with Risk Management
• Incorporating Quality Improvement into Existing Quality Assurance and Risk Management Programs
• A Quality Assurance Program for Credentialing, Reappointment, and Privilege Delineation of Health Care Professionals
• Ethical Issues in Risk Management
• AIDSA New Risk Management Challenge
• A Basic Insurance Primer
• Risk Financing: An Important Risk Management Function
• The Risk Manager's Responsibility for Off-Premises Locations
• Guidelines for In-House Claims Management
• Post-Litigation Stress Management
• Legislative and Regulatory Issues
• Complying with the Mandates of OSHA
• Infectious and Hazardous Waste Management
• Preparing for the Risks of Tomorrow's Technology
• Managing Risks Associated with Employment
• Managing the Risks of Agency Nurses
• Dealing with a Violent Patient
• A Clinical Proactive Approach
• Developing a Comprehensive Quality Management Program in Obstetrics
• Risk Management in the Pediatric Setting
• Risk Management in the Psychiatric Setting
• Risk Management Issues Associated with Anesthesia
• Risk Management in the Emergency Department
• Developing a Quality Aeromedical Transport Program

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