The River Leith

The River Leith

by Leta Blake


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Memory is everything.

After an injury in the ring, amateur boxer Leith Wenz wakes to discover his most recent memories are three years out of date. Unmoored and struggling to face his new reality, Leith must cope anew with painful revelations about his family. His brother is there to support him, but it's the unfamiliar face of Zach, a man introduced as his best friend, that provides the calm he craves. Until Zach's presence begins to stir up feelings Leith can't explain.

For Zach, being forgotten by his lover is excruciating. He carefully hides the truth from Leith to protect them both from additional pain. His bottled-up turmoil finds release through vlogging, where he confesses his fears and grief to the faceless Internet. But after Leith begins to open up to him, Zach's choices may come back to haunt him.

Ultimately, Leith must ask his heart the questions memory can no longer answer.

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ISBN-13: 9781626227217
Publisher: Leta Blake Books
Publication date: 05/21/2014
Pages: 214
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.45(d)

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The River Leith 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
RuralMom More than 1 year ago
The past is what makes a person who they are in the present, but what if the memories of the past are gone? How do you move forward when you can't remember who you are? Leith lives for boxing; it's the most important thing in his life and defines who he is. At least, that's what he thought, before everything changed. Waking up in the hospital after surviving a horrific blow to the head that could have killed him, Leith has lost all his memories from the past three years. Once confident, outgoing, and driven to succeed, Leith is now uncertain and drifting. His memories are gone, he doesn't recognize his friends, boxing is no longer an option, and he's being handled like a fragile glass globe that could shatter at any moment. The sad-eyed young man who comes to visit is a stranger to Leith, but something about him tugs at Leith's heart. Zach's scent moves him in ways he doesn't understand, and the unfamiliar desire to protect the fragile-looking bird who hovers just beyond his memory confuses Leith beyond reason. Zach is devastated when Leith, the love of his life, no longer remembers him. In fact, Leith doesn't even remember that he's gay. Once loved and cherished, Zach now must be strong for the man who used to be his rock. Determined to rekindle their love, Zach is willing to do whatever it takes to win his lover back, but Leith has changed, and Zach must decide if he can let go of his own memories of the man Leith used to be and love who he has become. THE RIVER LEITH is an exceptionally well-written story about self-discovery. With a complex storyline that slowly builds from the past into the present, I was captivated from the very beginning. Leta Blake weaves a story of love and loss with emotional depth and flawless character development. Delving into the past, while at the same time discovering the future, her characters will take readers on a journey of life, love, and loss that is unique and mesmerizing. With sensual love scenes and tender emotionalism, THE RIVER LEITH is a perfectly balanced romance that will captivate readers' hearts and carry them away on a river of love. My OFFICIAL REVIEW written for The Romance Reviews
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It was a nice romance with some tension thrown in. Good read. I would have wanted more details on Leith's reaction to the video blog. That cant be easy to realize that your business/relationship is available to everyone before you are. I felt like it was brushed over like it was simply a normal way to deal with emotional relationships.
Streamer More than 1 year ago
The River Leith - 4.25 stars I read a lot of books and honestly, most of them follow commonly used themes.  I’ve seen them done again and again.  Some of them are definitely better than others, but it’s rare to find a book which stands out on many fronts.  THE RIVER LEITH does that.  It’s a stand out because of the plot, the character development, and the quality of the writing.  It’s unique. Leith is a boxer.  He was in his final round of a championship match when his opponent threw an illegal punch.  That hit sent Leith into a coma.  He woke up to discover he has lost 3 years of his life.  The only constant from the time he remembers and the present day he awakens to is his brother, Arthur.  Everyone else is a stranger, his roommates, his coworkers, and his supposed “best friend,” Zach.  The anger and frustration of his lost memories are overwhelming.  Leith is surrounded by loving and supportive “strangers” and is struggling to find a footing in the “new” life he awakens to. Zach may not have been on the receiving end of that illegal punch, but it hit him just as hard, maybe even harder.  He’s thanking his lucky stars that the man he loves woke from the coma and has been given the prognosis of a full recovery.  It’s the best possible news, but that’s tempered by the devastation of Leith’s memory loss.  All the love and happiness Leith and Zach had enjoyed in the past is gone, at least for Leith.  Zach still sees the man he loves more than any other, but Leith sees a stranger.  Zach is in the anguishing position of being the supportive “best friend” when he’s around Leith and the grieving partner when alone.  The anguish, grief, frustration, and rage Leith and Zach feel come across so well.  I love when a book pulls me in so much that I’m feeling the emotions along with the characters.   That’s what I was talking about when I said the character development made this book stand out.  I also claimed that the quality of the writing was exceptional.  I say that because of how well the story flowed.  Leith and Zach were dealing with some pretty dark emotions through most of the book.  That may have been depressing to read if it wasn’t for the constant ray of hope.  There were times when it was shining bright and times when it was so dim I could barely see it, but it was always there.  No matter how impossible the odds, I always knew that Leith and Zach would pull through this together.   I would recommend THE RIVER LEITH to readers looking for something different and who appreciate some angst in their romance. 
Books_on_Silver_Wings More than 1 year ago
Review posted on Books on Silver Wings blog. Leith loses his recent three years of memory, including his sexuality, boyfriend, father's death, and family scandals. His boyfriend, Zach, and his brother decides to hide many truths from him to shield him from the pain. However, their plan backfires when Leith discovers them anyways. The story is told in a part novel format and a script format (when Zach is making his videos). The switch in formatting is easy to understand and showcases Zach's more emotional side that he refused to let Leith witness. Even though Zach is such a nice guy, he cheated on Leith and Leith finds out. Even though it's definitely not okay in a monogamous relationship, Zach's situation is understandable and I'm sympathetic. Their bonding/making-up moments are cute. This story tugs at my heartstrings when Zach's love goes unacknowledged and Leith forgets his sexuality. It's even harder when Leith tries to hide his new found feelings for Zach from his friends, when they already knew. A lot of things could have been easier for Leith if everyone were truthful to him but I can also understand their reluctance to do so since three years ago, Leith identified himself as a straight man.  I don't know if this portrayal of amnesia is accurate or not, but Leith is very easy to relate to. Leith's voice in the story is very natural and he brings a different voice to an old trope. He journeys to find himself metaphorically with his amnesia and then literally. The saying: "the body remembers what the mind doesn't" is quite true for Leith.  The side characters in this story are weird and quirky. For example, Leith has an interesting therapist that uses vague sayings with his patients (and they work for Leith!). I really enjoyed this story and its HEA. Despite the Zach's infidelity and Leith's confusion during the majority of the story, it was an entertaining read.  *review copy received in exchange for an honest review*
musings-of-a-bookworm More than 1 year ago
Wow... What can I say about this book... Well it resonated with me as I have had a brain injury (a stroke 18 month ago)and although my memory was most unaffected I still identified with much of what both Leith and Zach went through.  I spent much of this book on the verge of tears and in floods of tears by the end, this story was beautifully told and touched me deeply.  It will stay with me for a long time it treated the subject matter with honesty and dignity while still delivering a believable love story.  All in all a damn fine read!!
ELF-thereadingaddict More than 1 year ago
A poignant and sensual m/m novella. 4.5 stars “The River Leith” is a poignant m/m erotic novella that follows the travails of a MMA fighter, Leith Wenz, who has no memory of the past three years. Even more shocking, he has forgotten his relationship with his partner Zach Stephens, who pours his anguish out in a vlog that he updates intermittently. Unfortunately, Leith is struggling to adjust to his new reality and is unable to cope with the betrayals he encounters, especially since he may never remember everything that was most important to him. The question is whether Zach’s love will be enough for both of them to get past the damage to their relationship or whether they will have to forget all that they have ever had with each other. I love the play on the concept of the mythological river Lethe which conferred amnesia and the twist that requires that Leith learn of his attraction to males after the traumatic event that fractures his memory. This is a fantastically emotional tale that gives a wonderful portrait of a love story that has to flower once again after it is virtually destroyed. The intriguing insights provided by the video entries that Zach has made and the gradual revelation of pieces of Leith’s past makes this a compelling read and the yummy sensual scenes are nicely balanced by the intensely emotional interactions. This is the first story I have read by this author but I will definitely be looking for others. © Night Owl Reviews I was lucky enough to win a copy of this enjoyable title and wanted to thank the author by providing my honest review.