The Road to Democracy in South Africa: Volume 1 (1960-1970) (Revised Edition)

The Road to Democracy in South Africa: Volume 1 (1960-1970) (Revised Edition)

by Unisa Press




Volume 1 of The Road to Democracy in South Africa encapsulates the political developments of the watershed decade of 1960 to 1970. This revised edition is testimony, not only to the popularity of this volume, but also to its importance as a resource on the history of the South African struggle for liberty for all. Developments, such as the Sharpeville massacre, marked the turning point in the history that was to shape the future of the country. Prior to this tragic occurrence, the struggle was characterized by passive resistance by way of demonstrations and defiance campaigns. Thoroughly researched, the book is a collaboration between some of the most brilliant historians within South Africa and around the globe. It unearths new insights supported by previously untapped documentary sources, such as trial records. It includes oral accounts into the history of the struggle for democracy. The book reflects on such developments as: the establishment of the Apartheid policy and resistance to it * popular uprisings in the townships * the prohibition of political parties and life in exile * the start of the armed struggle and ensuing conflicts * parliamentary and extra-parliamentary liberal opposition to the system * the political trials and incarceration of leaders * pressure from the international community to bring about change. Sixteen years into the new dispensation of freedom, South Africa's road to democracy is a meandering stretch through the valleys of unchartered waters. The history of the struggle is therefore important in showing society how inclusive politics can be more effective. (Series: The Road to Democracy in South Africa - Vol. 1) [Subject: African Studies, History, Politics]

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