The Road to Trump: How Failure to Meet in the Middle Fueled Trump's Rise and the Resurgence of China and Russia

The Road to Trump: How Failure to Meet in the Middle Fueled Trump's Rise and the Resurgence of China and Russia

by Shay McNeal


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The Road to Trump chronicles the most pressing issues the United States faced over the last five years in an effort to illuminate the prevailing political landscape. McNeal's columns, Meet You in the Middle, published in the Charleston Mercury, in Charleston, S.C., reveal the raw nature of the state of our nation. The Road to Trump also places on the record McNeal’s insightful analysis of China and Russia as they challenge the United States on the world stage. The Road to Trump also clearly illustrates how failure to meet in the middle fueled the successful election of the outsider, Donald Trump, and contributed to the resurgence of China and Russia.

On Russia and the Election

This debate will rage and finally boil down to a foul-tasting roux...that foul-tasting roux has already revealed a mouth full of facts that are hard to swallow for so many who prefer not to acknowledge the nether world that operates 24/7 as nation states protect their own interests...the bitter taste of reality has bubbled to the surface...espionage, spy craft, cyber-attacks, and the intelligence game are the names of today's modern warfare. (January 2017)

On Race

Race has been a difficult issue in this country. Honest dialogue has been nearly impossible to cultivate as there is a deep well of emotions that can spew its rancid water anytime the discussions become inflamed. (September 2016)

On Immigration

Well, again hold it. It is easy if you are China, Singapore, or Russia to tell us how to be a part of the new world when the pressures your countries are suffering from are not pressures related to new immigrants and refugees. (November 2016)

On China, North Korea and Japan

There is much at play to protect our interest vis a' vis South Korea and Japan, who have been good allies in the region where China is now stepping forward to secure its dominance. (April 2018)... Often in the UN, China and Russia have shown solidarity in defeating any US resolution regarding sanctions or other punitive measures to stem a real war from evolving (May 2018).. Now is a crucial moment as we negotiate the North Korean challenge. We are asking Kim to come in from the cold and Russia, Syria and China - who do not have our best interest at heart - are rushing to visit, set up summits and more so that they can influence the direction Kim takes and the message his actions will send. (June 2018)

On the Middle East

...the all-consuming Middle Eastern puzzle and how it directly affects us here at home. This huge chessboard and our next move are preoccupying each side of the aisle and few are meeting in the middle. The matter of Middle Eastern affairs cries out for our best and brightest to formulate a strategy and execute a plan regarding our involvement or non-involvement. (July 2014)

On ISIS and Terrorism

Could we not find someone who is not naive and blinded by his or her own vision of how things will turn out to sit with Putin and his coalition to attempt to meet in the middle and truly work together to defeat the ISIS threat with no hidden hands at work? For us it may be Sophie's choice. (November 2015)

On Ukraine and Crimea

While we watch the will of another nation's majority hangs in the balance as they proclaim an independent Ukraine. (March 2014)... Russia became emboldened by our lack of push back on Ukraine and Crimea in 2014. Does this mean that Russia and China have finally shown their colors - and have not their anti-Western UN Security Council votes already made this clear? (September 2018)

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ISBN-13: 9781732722217
Publisher: Cachet Books Publishing
Publication date: 10/22/2018
Pages: 286
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About the Author

Shay McNeal is a past political consultant, past president of an advertising and marketing firm as well as an executive in the fashion and retail business where she began her business career. She has been a guest numerous times on the BBC, CNN, and radio shows in the United States and the United Kingdom.
Shay's last book, The Secret Plot to Rescue the Tsar, garnered a full-page review in the Sunday Times (London). Vogue (UK), BookPage and Publishers Weekly, among others, weighed in as well. She is an indefatigable researcher who is fearless when it comes to placing valid yet controversial findings on the record.

Table of Contents

Partial Table of Contents

Facing Down International Bullies—Syria in the Crosshairs 3

Common Sense and Common Ground Shut Down 7

History of Thanksgiving Pulls A Nation Together 11

Why Can’t We Find a Christmas Truce? 15

2014- What You Can Learn from a Rather Remarkable Year 21

Re-thinking the Minimum Wage Debate 25

Historical Background as Ukraine Remains Under Siege 29

Putin’s Invasion Unites Congress—for a Moment 32

Do We Really have Enemies? 34

The Shame of How We Treat Our Veterans 37

Historic Lessons of Alliances and War 41

Hot Spots at All-Time High: Where are the Solutions? 45

Productivity: How to Love the Labor Lost 49

Coalition Against ISIS Comes from a ‘Mugging by War’ 52

International Chessboard Demands All Focus—Or Else 56

Transparent Political Ploys Press Cooler Heads to Prevail 60

2015 - Overreach Galore Ahead of ‘Thermidorian Congress’ 67

Lobbyists Lurk as Citizens Seek Progress on Key Issues 70

Bickering Over Bibi, Border 73

From Unrest to Barbarism, Middle East Begs for Wisdom 76

Tweeting Mullah Shatters Glass House 80

Patriots, Grandstanding and Security Reality 84

Examining All Angles Imperative to Meeting in the Middle 88

Discussing the South Requires Defining It 91

Swearing and Serving: Passion on the Stump in History 95

Pope Francis Lifts Hope and Hearts with Gospel Message 99

Vacuum in Middle East Invites Russians to Act Boldly 103

Relative Truth Directs Politics and International Chess Games 107

2016 - Mourning in America 113

Sobering Global Dangers Challenge Contenders 117

Who Wants to Kill the Great American Experiment? 121

Political Insults and Insulting Our Intelligence 125

Ignoring Political Baggage When Voters Hunger for An Ideal 129

Past Election Violence Portends Storm Clouds Are Ahead 133

Tenacious Terrorism on Top of Turbulent Politics at Home 136

Pinch Yourself; This Really Is the Way It Is 140

Who’s Dealing the Truth as Pols Play the Race Card? 144

What Happens If They Get Out of the Basement? 148

Election Email Trails Lead to Importance of National Security 151

Trump’s Choices May Yet Resonate in the Middle 154

2017 - National Snowflakes Melt at the Thought of Spies 161

Viewing Executive Action Plans in a Historical Perspective 165

Can Demoralized Democrats Reach a Consensus to Win? 169

Turkish Connection Strong Amid Intelligence Mess 173

Brinkmanship May Bring Long-awaited Solutions in Hot Stops 177

Facing the Headwinds of Disinformation 181

The Facts and the Press Merge with the Tweets and the Twits 185

No One is Winning While Russia Plays the Long Game 189

Delay Hasn’t Paid on North Korea 193

Adult Game Face Challenging as Horrors and Threats Abound 197

Indictments Zing in Washington but This Is Far from Complete 201

Connecting the Dots Lined Up by the Kremlin in Our Politics 205

2018 - Learning to Live Within the Boundaries of a Democracy 211

How Our Immigration History Should Inform Legislation 215

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