The Road to World Peace: Beginning with Inner Peace

The Road to World Peace: Beginning with Inner Peace

by Gennaro Moccia


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Spirituality changed my life. I obtained the peaceful mind I had lost as a child. I noticed how beautiful life really is and how complicated humans make it. Everybody seems to stress about situations they can't change, concern themselves with the ways other people live, and ridicule those who are different rather than accept them. The truth is that everybody is in need of acceptance. We were all born purely perfect until society's norms corrupted us and we felt that we needed to create a socially acceptable version of ourselves. It's clear that somebody can't act the way they did as a child throughout their whole lives without being disrespected. In reality people envy those who are happier than they are. Everybody labels everything and everyone else. There is not a certain way to do anything, and everybody is different. Morality is going down the drain, and people's perspectives are distorted by the media, the government, and the close-minded way of thinking we are led to follow as we grow up. After having silence in your mind it becomes apparent why people do the things they do. It is lucidity. There's so much more I want people to understand; I would love for everybody to be at peace with themselves.

A collection of mind-opening revelations that will free the human soul and awaken the desire to spread peace and love.

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ISBN-13: 9781452589725
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 01/10/2014
Pages: 54
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The Road to World Peace

Beginning with Inner Peace

By Gennaro Moccia

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2014 Gennaro Moccia
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4525-8972-5


The Secrets

I know one fundamental truth about life: it is purely beautiful. It is a gift. Every present moment is indeed a present that has been given to us. The experience of life is solely what we perceive it to be.

Unfortunately, many people believe that life is rough, cold, and unfair. They are inclined to perceive life in that way because of the negative thoughts on which they focus. As amazing as life is, many people focus on the flaws of life rather than on its beauty. Our brains are constantly analyzing and worrying because that's what our brains were trained to do as we grew up. Whether we're worrying about school, work, money, or something else, our minds are always in problem-solving mode. We teach our children that certain things must be done in certain ways, and so they spend their whole lives feeling pressured to maintain the status quo.

Another secret of life is as simple as three words: "Live the moment." As I said, the present moment is a gift. The only way you can truly experience the present moment is to focus only on that moment. You can't appreciate the present moment when your mind is reminding you of all the things that are going wrong. It's as simple as this: don't focus your attention on things you don't like. When you pay attention to a thought, it gains energy, and negative thoughts eventually become feelings of discomfort, anxiety, depression, and so on.

Happiness is the only feeling that is pure. Any negative feeling you experience is caused by focusing nonstop on a negative idea. In other words, negative feelings such as fear are created by the mind. Happiness, on the other hand, isn't created by you. Instead, you can find it naturally within you and throughout the universe. Every newborn is born happy. Most people spend their whole lives trying to find happiness when it has been sitting on their shoulders the whole time. Consistent happiness is an art—an art that involves taking and maintaining control of which thoughts you give attention to and which thoughts you disregard.

If problems in your life are pressuring you to focus on negativity, remember that every problem has a solution. For every problem you have two alternatives: you can either focus on the solution or accept that the problem can't be changed and stop thinking about it. Unfortunately, most people choose a third route that involves focusing all of their mind power on the saddening thought that the problem exists. They give so much attention to a problem that they get depressed, but they never really think about acting upon a solution and making a change. Some people seem to be afraid of change; they seem afraid of leaving their comfort zone and facing their fears.

Mind-set is everything. If you tell yourself that you can't accomplish something, you most definitely will not accomplish it. The only way to reach your goals is to focus on the solution and treat obstacles as learning experiences. Dwelling on what has already happened only kills your motivation.

Another hidden truth: we are our own saviors. Have you ever wondered why a lot of people are good at giving advice yet aren't able to help themselves with their problems? It's because, when you hear somebody else's problem, you are able to look at it from an outside, third-person perspective and come up with a clear and rational solution. When they are looking at their own problems, however, most people get trapped in their minds, and the only way they can react is emotionally. That's where willpower comes in. The truth is that nobody can help you solve your problems better than you yourself. Only when you look at your problems from an outside perspective does the solution become apparent.

You can achieve a perspective from outside of your own mind. In this perspective, you basically observe yourself and everything you are doing with a clear understanding of your surroundings and why things happened in such a way. You can only reach this "third-person" perspective when your mind is clear. This is the higher part of your consciousness, also referred to as the observer self. A perfect example is somebody who has been crying for an hour and focusing on the worst until he or she relaxes and sees everything clearly. The observer self might say things like "Don't cry; it's going to be okay" or "It's not such a big deal; your life is still going great." The observer self is the best therapist you never knew you had. Little kids are deeply in touch with their observer self, and that explains why little kids are always in a state of bliss. They aren't trapped in their minds. Some parents might beg to differ due to their toddler's temper tantrums but kids, unlike adults, forget about negative emotions once the moment is over.

The most astonishing fact about having a clear mind is that it reveals how powerful the mind really is. Whatever the mind focuses on receives energy. When people focus on negative thoughts, they are feeding those thoughts and making them stronger. That's why these thoughts grow into feelings of despair; the more you focus on them, the harder it becomes to ignore them. If people disregarded the useless thoughts that entered their minds, they could instead focus their mind power on uplifting thoughts and/ or the astounding beauty of everything around them.

A clear mind absorbs sensory information so much more efficiently than a fogged-up mind. It experiences the present moment with more intensity when all of the mind's attention is focused on that moment. When you're in a good mood, the sky looks bright, sounds are more clear, food tastes amazing, and every little bit of sensory detail is enhanced. When you were a kid, everything was so exciting and so intense, and everything went smoothly. Back then, you focused solely on the present moment, and every moment was as beautiful as life is. As people grow older, however, they adapt to the constant problem-solving way of thinking that dulls up their reality. People then start feeling the need to use drugs to return to a state of calmness. Whether they use alcohol, nicotine, marijuana, cocaine, or whatever, people crave the state of peacefulness they lost after childhood. But, with discipline and concentration, your own mind can make you feel as good as any drug can.

Peace of mind is lost as soon as one becomes an active member of society; however, it can be regained. Unfortunately, we can't change the fact that money overpowers our lives and that we are forced to do things we don't want to do in order to remain alive. The only thing we can do is change the way we think of it. As much as we may dislike school and work, we don't always have to be focusing on how annoying it is. We can instead focus our thoughts on the present moment or simply on things that make us happy. Rather than focusing on how much our responsibilities overwhelm us, it is more efficient to focus on doing our best on every task; either way, we are doing it for a reason, and that reason is money.

It is important to remember the purpose of everything we do; focusing on the results instead of on the obstacles brings brighter results. Many people to whom I've told this have said that it is nearly impossible for them to control their thoughts. I used to think the same until I discovered the art of meditation. Meditation was the cure I needed to refrain from addictive thoughts and to regain the peace I lost when I became a teenager. I will expand on my experiences in later chapters, but meditation basically returned my mind to its blissful childhood state.

The power of the mind is amazing. Why do you think little kids are able to learn everything so much more quickly than grown-ups can? They have a peaceful mind that retains information much more quickly. Some people question why others are more intelligent than they are. The reality is that the "more intelligent" people have a more peaceful mind and therefore can function more adequately. Just take a second to realize that the human mind is able to obtain and store an infinite amount of information. Everybody is capable of being as intelligent as they make themselves. Intelligence is infinite. The mind has a space of dark matter that appears to be endless, just like the universe itself.

People who look at things clearly and not emotionally are referred to as intelligent when really they are just in touch with their observer selves. The observer self offers clarity. People have the ability to view themselves (a trait that humans have that plants and animals lack). This trait gives humans a vast amount of intelligence that no other organism on this planet has. It may also have to do with the fact that human DNA is partly similar to monkey DNA, but more than half of it resembles no other DNA on this planet. Our reprogramming, self-restoration, and self-analyzing abilities allow us to wonder about our origins. One thing is certain, and it's that every human is highly intelligent.

In the following chapters, I elaborate on each aspect of the knowledge I have received through my spiritual path, or my enlightenment. I now understand why people criticize others and constantly compare themselves to others. They are in need of self-acceptance.


Meditation: The Way to a Peaceful Mind and Infinitely Beyond

Meditation has been my pathway from a closed-minded world into the infiniteness of the universe. It's as if the life I had before consisted of being trapped in a box, and I finally flew out into the limitless universe. My life was dark, but I finally found the light switch.

Meditation brought me to the peace of mind I had as a child. The practice raised my consciousness to a higher level, enabling me to divinely experience every moment. At higher levels of consciousness, the mind is so aware of the present moment that life can be perceived as a gift.

In children's minds, life is beautiful. Every moment is experienced like a movie. It's not until kids are given something to worry about that their clarity is taken away and their mind becomes corrupted. As a pure, innocent child starts kindergarten or becomes an active member of society, his or her brain changes the way it processes information. After living in a world of no worries, the child suddenly becomes part of a competition to see who is smartest, who is the best looking, and who is the most talkative; the worst thing is that kids find ways to make fun of one another. Whether a kid is getting made fun of, has bad grades, or feels inferior to others, that child now has worries, and his or her brain switches over to problem-solving mode. Just like that, the child falls into a cycle of thinking in which things have to be a certain way; everything is a problem, and being weird isn't good. With the worries of responsibilities, social anxieties, and money, people lose their ability to keep their mind clear. Meditation is the cure everybody needs to look at things clearly again and put stress aside.

Society puts many pressures on us. Whether we are paying bills, working, or struggling to act in a socially acceptable manner, we dissolve ourselves in our worries and lose touch with who we really are. A child's pure form is altered when he or she is forced to change in response to a negative stimulus. Hyper kids may become shy after being called obnoxious; kind children may develop the defense mechanism of offensiveness after being ridiculed. But our pure identity is somewhere within us, watching us and making sure we are doing every conditioned behavior correctly. The goal of meditation is to refrain from the addictive way of thinking and to get more and more in touch with the wise voice that speaks from deep within us.

Meditating is as simple as focusing your attention on nothing but yourself and your breathing. Meditating is about loving yourself. It's about focusing your attention on only one idea and not letting your attention shift elsewhere. Every thought to which you give attention grows and becomes stronger. But in meditation, all of that energy is absorbed by you and your chakras.

My first time meditating, I laid down on the grass and closed my eyes. I breathed in slowly and breathed out slowly. Whenever a thought came to me, I would acknowledge it but not focus on it for more than a second or two. Every thought I received immediately flew away. After a few minutes, I was in complete silence, and the only thoughts that came to me were realizations that eliminated every conflict that had previously been on my mind. After twenty minutes, I woke up with a natural uplifted sensation, and I felt like a brand-new person. I felt immensely relaxed, the sky looked bright, and I was 100 percent aware of everything I was doing as if I was watching myself from above.

I decided that I needed to continue the practice of meditation to remain in peace and to have complete control over my thoughts. Being in control by concentrating has given me strength. Meditation has shown me what it's like to perceive myself from a third-person perspective. I have visualized myself surrounded by a force field against which every thought bounces off without being given attention. The power of being in control enables me to decide whether I want to focus on a thought or send it away. The power of being in control allows me to decide whether I want to be in a good mood. After disregarding negative thoughts, I hear the wise words of the higher consciousness.

While humans spend their days analyzing, remembering, speculating, and worrying, they are using their brains' problem-solving mode, which releases beta waves. This is why people are attacked by an overwhelming number of thoughts: their minds are always in the beta state. Meditation slows down the brain's wave frequency into the alpha state. Usually, people's brains release alpha waves only in the first stage of sleep or when they are significantly relaxed. Through prolonged meditation, one can learn to remain in the alpha state. The theta-wave brain pattern is reached in dreamless sleep, but it can also be reached through deep meditation (prolonged, repeated sessions of meditation). In the theta state, the body is in a trance. At this level of mindfulness, mystics from many faith traditions have been able to interact with sacred spirits. One should never underestimate the power of the mind. In the alpha and theta states, the brain is able to retain about 300 percent more information than in the beta state; a relaxed mind works a lot more efficiently.

Meditation is a better cure than any drug that has been invented to treat psychological problems. A calm mind leads to a healthy body, which leads to a better-working immune system. A clear mind is often able to disregard depressing thoughts so that antidepressants like Zoloft aren't needed. A clear mind is usually able to focus attention on whatever is desired, and therefore prescription pills like Adderall aren't necessary, either. As soon as people realize they are in control of their minds, they can shift their attention at will, and their brains will automatically release serotonin, which can combat depression. Your willpower is more powerful than any medication, and you are your own best therapist.

Meditation made me realize that we have infinite worlds within us. You can take a journey into the innermost parts of your consciousness, seeing your fantasies, your imagination, your dreams, and your long-lost memories.

About a month after I started meditating, I started receiving childhood memories that I hadn't thought of in more than ten years. Since becoming a teenager, I had been mostly paying attention to the left side of my brain, and meditation helped me pay more attention to the right side of my brain, where I was able to attain deeper memories and look at everything more clearly. For instance, it became clear to me why I was depressed. I realized it was because of all the times people had called me weird, a nerd, gay, or a freak, and I had developed a feeling of inferiority. I had shifted from a friendly group of private-school Venezuelan kids to a public school in Florida, where being friendly was uncool. People threw dirty looks my way just because of the way I laughed. It was unusual for a nine-year-old boy to be too calm, too kind, and too happy. Everybody thought I was a freak because I was the smartest one in the class. I was unable to make friends that year because of how different I was, but the worst thing is that I convinced myself that there was something wrong with me. I developed a personality that was dry, unexciting, and apathetic toward human interaction. I took people's words too seriously, and I traumatized myself. Through meditation, I saw how I had convinced myself that being nice was a bad thing. Finally I was able to let go of the hatred I had developed toward society. I also realized that an act of kindness is a gift of positive energy that can be either accepted or refused. Some people are too caught up in negativity to accept kindness, but that shouldn't affect the positive energy with which you surround yourself.

My first month of meditation consisted of meditating once a week. By the third month, when I was meditating two to three times a week, I had a life-changing experience. I had meditated the night before for half an hour, and I was meditating again the next morning when it happened. I watched myself unconsciously get up from the chair in my room, walk in slow motion toward the air vent, look up at the air vent, open my mouth, and raise up my arms. At that moment, I felt a powerful energy enter me through my mouth, and after that my whole body was in euphoria. I felt paralyzed, but I felt like I was connected to the universe. The universe and I were one.


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Table of Contents


Introduction/About Me, vii,
1. The Secrets, 1,
2. Meditation: The Way to a Peaceful Mind and Infinitely Beyond, 7,
3. The Beauty of Spiritual Awareness, 16,
4. The Infinite Source, 22,
5. The Observer Self, 27,
6. Infinite Intellect, Infinite Strength, Infinite Mind, 33,
7. Lucidity, 38,
8. Psychedelics as Spiritual Tools, 41,
9. The Real World, 44,

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