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Roaring 20s: Rare Original 1920s Recordings

The Roaring 20s: Rare Original 1920s Recordings


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Vintage Music Prod.


Album Credits

Performance Credits

Johnny Dodds   Clarinet
Freddie Keppard   Trumpet
Muggsy Spanier   Cornet
Jabbo Smith   Trumpet
Phil Napoleon   Trumpet
Miff Mole   Trombone
Singleton Palmer   Tuba
Tiny Parham   Piano
Harry Reser   Banjo
Adrian Rollini   Baritone Saxophone
George Wettling   Drums
Freddy Martin   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Ernest Franklin   Tenor Saxophone
Jack Pettis   C-Melody Saxophone
Sandy Ross   Banjo
Bill Benford   Tuba
Lee Blair   Banjo
Happy Caldwell   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
John Cali   Banjo
Bobby Davis   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Soprano Saxophone
Tommy Dorsey   Trombone
Geechie Fields   Trombone
George James   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Walter Martin   Alto Saxophone
Andy Russo   Trombone
Frank Signorelli   Piano
Jess Stacy   Piano
Jasper Taylor   Washboard
Hal White   Violin
Charlie Butterfield   Trombone
Ernest Elliott   Clarinet,Baritone Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Joe Tarto   Tuba
Chelsea Quealey   Trumpet
Herb Weil   Drums,Kazoo
Ray Biondi   Guitar
Philip D'Arcy   Violin
Benny Jackson   Banjo
Cicero Thomas   Trumpet
Frank Banta   Piano
Bob Chester   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
Nathan Glantz   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Irving Kaufman   Vocals
Paul Specht   Violin
Fred Hall   Piano
Perley Breed   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone
Irving Brodsky   Piano
Johnny Costello   Clarinet
Sammy Feinsmith   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Tommy Gott   Trumpet
George Ratcliffe   Trumpet
Tom Stacks   Drums,Vocals
William Woodman   Trombone
Sylvester Ahola   Trumpet
Lester Nichols   Drums
Harry Robbins   Drums
Louis Thompson   Tuba
Cecil Norman   Piano
Larry Abbott   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Willard Brown   Tenor Saxophone
Bruce Roland   Violin
William Wirges   Piano
Norman Yorke   Tenor Saxophone
Bob Pope   Trumpet
Oliver Cobb   Cornet,Vocals
Morse   Tuba
Plunker Hall   Banjo
Lucius Wilson   Tenor Saxophone
Billy Winston   Drums
Danny Altier   Alto Saxophone
Walter Barnes   Tenor Saxophone
Bernie Schultz   Trumpet
Tom Morris   Trumpet
Larry Altpeter   Trombone
Eddie Ellis   Trombone
Harry Tropper   Tuba,String Bass
Tony Monico   Drums
Art Cope   Violin,Tenor Saxophone,Clarinet (Tenor)
Benny Sans   Piano
Arthur Lally   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone
Earl Oliver   Trumpet
Frank Lhotak   Trombone
George Byron Webb   Alto Saxophone
Bill Mach   Trumpet
Stanley Norris   Alto Saxophone
Eddie Obermiller   Clarinet (Tenor)
Andy Pedulla   Trumpet
Eddie Grosso   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Tommy Feline   Banjo
Mike Jackson   Piano,Vocals
Nelson Arguesson   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Soprano Saxophone
Bill Carlin   Trumpet
Frank Guilfoyle   Piano
Frank Marvin   Vocals
Carl Swearingen   Trumpet
Charles Dale   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Soprano Saxophone
Jack Ford   Violin,Leader
Arnold Frank   Piano
Waffle   Tuba
Mal Hallett   Alto Saxophone
Harry LaRue   Trumpet
Omar Hoagland   Tenor Saxophone
Fed Hacket   Trombone
Johnny Morris   Drums,Vocals
Ed Burke   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Jimmy Johnson   Bass
Johnny Helfer   Tenor Saxophone
George West   Piano
Sam Lewis   Trombone
Mike Moisiello   Trumpet
Joseph Mayo   Drums
Edith Johnson   Piano
Bennie Krueger   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Eddie Anderson   Alto Saxophone
William Benidict   Trombone
Ray Stillson   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Soprano Saxophone
Lester Brewer   Trumpet
Frank Masterson   Banjo
Elwood Groff   Tuba
Charles Buckwalter   Piano
Howard Bartlett   Clarinet,Soprano Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Art White   Vocals
Pat Pattison   Tuba
Albert Russo   Banjo
Harry Blevins   Trombone
Gilbert Roberts   Banjo
Seymore Todd   Bass,Tuba
Hurley Diemer   Drums
Herbert Diemer   Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone
Maurice Bercov   Clarinet
Phil Robinson   Tenor Saxophone
John Strouse   Drums
Ollie Ahearn   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Soprano Saxophone
Vic Mondello   Banjo
Sam Sherman   Tenor Saxophone
George Thigpen   Trumpet
Paul Johnson   Piano
William Bradley   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Irby Cage   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Wilson Underwood   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Bud Hassler   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Jules Schneider   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Tommy Moore   Trombone
Marty Gardner   Drums
Casella   Accordion
Eddie Ward   Piano
Porter Brown   Banjo
Fritz Weston Gordan   Piano
Tom Gott   Trumpet
Vic Carlson   Piano
Johnny Carella   Trombone
Frank Arguesso   Drums
Ted Colon   Trumpet
Chick Harvey   Tuba
George Morgan   Trumpet
George Craig   Drums

Technical Credits

Harry Reser   Director
Ben Selvin   Director
Reb Spikes   Director
Paul Specht   Director
Richard Jenkins   Liner Notes
Bill Hebden   Cover Design
Harry Tropper   Director
Mal Hallett   Director
Oscar Westlund   Director

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