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The Rock of Ivanore

The Rock of Ivanore

5.0 3
by Laurisa White Reyes

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The annual Great Quest is about to be announced in Quendel, a task that will determine the future of Marcus and the other boys from the village who are coming of age. The wizard Zyll commands them to find the Rock of Ivanore, but he doesn’t tell them what the Rock is exactly or where it can be found. Marcus must reach deep within himself to develop new


The annual Great Quest is about to be announced in Quendel, a task that will determine the future of Marcus and the other boys from the village who are coming of age. The wizard Zyll commands them to find the Rock of Ivanore, but he doesn’t tell them what the Rock is exactly or where it can be found. Marcus must reach deep within himself to develop new powers of magic and find the strength to survive the wild lands and fierce enemies he encounters as he searches for the illusive Rock. If he succeeds, he will live a life of honor; if he fails, he will live a life of menial labor in shame. With more twists and turns than a labyrinth, and a story in which nothing is at it seems, this tale of deception and discovery keeps readers in suspense until the end.

Middle readers will find that The Rock of Ivanore fits nicely among the traditional fantasies they so enjoy. They will also appreciate its fresh and inventive take on the genre.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
In her acknowledgments, White tells readers that her debut novel, first in the Celestine Chronicles series, began as a bedtime story for one of her sons, and its speech rhythms and bite-size chapters certainly hearken to the oral storytelling tradition. Marcus, orphan apprentice of the wizard Zyll, has been granted permission beyond his station to take part in the Great Quest that all legitimate sons of his village undergo in the year of their 14th birthdays. The goal of this year’s quest is to find the Rock of Ivanore, though what that “rock” might be, no one knows. Six boys set out, each a familiar fairy tale type, working sometimes together and sometimes apart as they search the Isle of Imaness. Many strange beings cross their path, notably the catlike half-breed Jayson, and they stumble into a political struggle that has been unfolding far beyond their rural ken. This is an old-school quest fantasy, but Marcus is a hero who engages challenges in a way that is both human and admirable, and readers will love the bizarre and sometimes deadly creatures that he must overcome. Ages 8–up. (May)
From the Publisher

"This is a swift and compelling epic that readers of high fantasy will love!"
— Tony Abbott, author of The Secrets of Droon
School Library Journal
Gr 5–7—This is a story that has it all: magic, heroism, love, friendship, betrayal, dragons, and evil lurking at every turn. Fourteen-year-old Marcus and the other boys of Quendel who are coming of age are about to embark on the annual quest, that marks their passage to adulthood and determines their place in society. This year, the boys are charged by Zyll, the village's wizened wizard, to return with the Rock of Ivanore. They are not told what it is or where it can be found, but their future success rests upon finding it. If they fail they will be relegated to the lowest stations of their society. And so begins an exciting, intriguing adventure as the teens journey in search of the Rock. Throughout their quest, they are tested by natural and supernatural events, and Marcus comes to understand the power he possesses. He also learns of his heritage and the family he never knew. From the very first page, readers are drawn in to Marcus's world and invested in his need to succeed. Reyes deftly develops her plot and characters and firmly holds readers' attention throughout this exciting and surprising tale.—Mary Beth Rassulo, Ridgefield Library, CT
Kirkus Reviews
Another paint-by-numbers quest fantasy that (surprise!) kicks off a series. Neglecting to spare any significant roles for females in her unmanageably large cast, Reyes sends an old wizard's young apprentice and five other boys on a ritual quest that all 14-year-old boys on the Isle of Imaness must take. Accompanying them are a "half-breed" man-cat and a tricksy shapechanger who fall in along the way. Their search for the titular "Rock," who turns out to be the exiled husband of long-dead Princess Ivanore, takes them to the Isle's only major town. Along with an army of newly freed cat-people slaves leaping to defend their former captors (a case of Stockholm Syndrome if ever there was one) and one-eyed giants who are inexplicably impervious to attacks from fire-breathing dragons they repel an invading force from the mainland. Even attentive readers will have trouble keeping track of who is where as the characters scramble about amid a blizzard of choppy chapters and shifting points of view. Closing with revelations about hidden siblings and parentage that are not only predictable but telegraphed, this anemic tale is free of both suspense and surprise. An irascible talking wizard's staff is the only memorable element in this otherwise trite outing. (Fantasy. 10-12)

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Tanglewood Publishing, Inc.
Publication date:
Celestine Chronicles Series , #1
Sales rank:
Product dimensions:
5.80(w) x 8.50(h) x 1.30(d)
770L (what's this?)
Age Range:
8 - 12 Years

Meet the Author

Laurisa White Reyes spent many years writing for newspapers and magazines before mustering enough courage to pursue her dream of writing novels. Aside from her obsession with books, she also loves musical theater and fantasizes about singing on Broadway (one dream she does not intend to pursue). She lives in Southern California with her husband, five children, four birds, three lizards, two fish and one dog. Please visit her website www.laurisawhitereyes.com and her blog www.1000wrongs.blogspot.com. The Rock of Ivanore is her first published novel.

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The Rock of Ivanore 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
She peeks
FeatheredQuillBookReviews More than 1 year ago
The last decade has certainly seen the biggest influx of YA series’ into the market, and with this book we have yet another. This debut novel is the starting point in what looks to be a fantasy lover’s dream. With the first ‘story,’ fans are introduced to a group of young boys from the village of Quendal; they are gearing up for a quest that the wizard, Zyll, has sent them on in order to find the “Rock of Ivanore.” Their success or failure will be the deciding factor in the rest of their lives - whether or not they will live an honorable existence, or a life of menial labor in the small village. One of the boys is fourteen-year-old, Marcus Frye, who is the wizard’s apprentice. This will be his first quest and he’s extremely nervous about it, especially since the wizard has been trying to teach him magic and it’s not worked out all that well. His ‘friends’ along this journey are Jerrid, Zody, Clovis, Tristan and Kelvin - and each character is as interesting as the one before. Finding the ‘Rock,’ is the only thing they care about. Of course, they have hardly anything to go on. The wizard just tells them to find it but offers no information on what it is or where it can be found - thus magic and intuition are the only things at the boys’ disposal. (As well as a walking stick named, “Xerxes,” but I can reveal no spoilers). Along the way they meet many friends and foes who are also, coincidentally, on their own mission to find Ivanore. Strange, exotic locations appear where the boys must learn about their own strengths and weaknesses. As they approach the city where they believe the ‘Rock’ is located, the boys are thrust into a loathsome plot to take over the city. Like the ‘best of the best’ from the 1980s, this book harkens back to a time period where dragons, Cyclops, half-breeds, etc. come along to help and/or hinder the progress of the small warriors - and the word ‘swashbuckling‘ is taken to a whole new level. Quill Says: The action never stops, and you will be thrilled to wrap yourself up in a fantasy that does NOT wrap around a vampire. Enjoy!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Awesome read!