The Rogue of Fifth Avenue: Uptown Girls

The Rogue of Fifth Avenue: Uptown Girls

by Joanna Shupe

Paperback(Mass Market Paperback)

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Silver-tongued lawyer.
Keeper of secrets.
Breaker of hearts.

He can solve any problem . . .

In serving the wealthy power brokers of New York society, Frank Tripp has finally gained the respectability and security his own upbringing lacked. There’s no issue he cannot fix . . . except for one: the beautiful and reckless daughter of an important client who doesn’t seem to understand the word danger.

She’s not looking for a hero . . .

Excitement lies just below Forty-Second Street and Mamie Greene is determined to explore all of it—while playing a modern-day Robin Hood along the way. What she doesn’t need is her father’s lawyer dogging her every step and threatening her efforts to help struggling families in the tenements.

However, she doesn’t count on Frank’s persistence . . . or the sparks that fly between them. When fate upends all her plans, Mamie must decide if she’s willing to risk it all on a rogue . . .

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780062906816
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 05/28/2019
Series: Uptown Girls Series , #1
Pages: 400
Sales rank: 63,089
Product dimensions: 4.10(w) x 6.60(h) x 2.20(d)

About the Author

Joanna Shupe has always loved history, ever since she saw her first Schoolhouse Rock cartoon. While in college, Joanna read every romance she could get her hands on and soon started crafting her own racy historical novels. In 2013, she won Romance Writers of America’s prestigious Golden Heart® Award for Best Historical. She now lives in New Jersey with her two spirited daughters and dashing husband. To connect with Joanna, visit

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The Rogue of Fifth Avenue: Uptown Girls 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
gaele 9 months ago
Joanna Shupe has been an auto-buy for me since her Wicked Deceptions series back in 2016. The characters, stories and era all manage to call to me and provide an entertaining read. Now we’ve got a new heroine to meet in Mamie Greene, betrothed upper-crust young lady and eldest of three girls. She’s agreed to her betrothal in return for her father allowing her younger sisters to marry for love – and while she and her fiancé aren’t actually involved in any great way- they have known one another since childhood and are both “of the right sort”. But Mamie has plenty of other diversions while her fiancé is ‘exploring the world” and none are expected (or particularly desirable) for a young woman of her class. She insists, however, that it is truly her younger sister who is the bad influence, and while she’s not discounting the dangers and choices she is making in her efforts to do ‘good’, she’s also not going to apologize, stop thinking and arguing her point or rein in her behavior. Mamie was the IDEAL heroine here, while she’s not above using her status ad name to gain advantages – she’s also playing a bit of a part in trying to make things better for those who desperately need help. Frank Tripp was born in the Five Points slums and struggled for most of his young life. But he was intelligent and determined, and worked his way out of poverty, changed his name and constructed a new past that has, fortunately, allowed him to join a partnership at the most influential law firm in the city. He’s working for the tonne of New York, and having plenty of fun on the side. In fact, he is the primary lawyer working for Mamie’s father – a man with many connections and a bit of ruthlessness as befits a mogul of the day. Frank isn’t being instructed or told to work for Mamie, or even to follow her, but after watching her pick a man’s pocket in a gambling club and making a bargain to not tell her father of the night – the two will be facing off more and more as time goes on. Neither of these two is willing to admit their suitability intellectually, or actually honestly face the electric connection between them – but there is bound to be plenty of excitement as their relationship continues. From the start – this was an absolutely brilliant book – from the repeated butting heads of Mamie and Frank, to her realization that even though she knew she really didn’t want to marry her fiancé , she really now had second, third and fourth thoughts about their lack of connection. Frank’s determination to ignore his instincts and self-interests career-wise showed just how strong these two affected one another, and his recognition of her awareness and willingness to put herself into dangerous situations to be sure those who need help receive it was met with alternating admiration and frustration. Shupe built the family, times and story to perfection, giving us just enough of a daring heroine that felt enlightened yet not ‘too modern’ but certainly one who will be a favorite for sure. Her sisters are sure to play large parts in the stories to come – and I can’t wait to see just what more they bring to the table. I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via Edelweiss for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.
Anonymous 7 months ago
A very fine author has penned a very fine romance that includes a very fine and poignant storyline. Looking forward to the next book in this series.
Anonymous 7 months ago
perriknows 9 months ago
Imagine, living in NYC at the turn of the 20th century. Elevated trains, Uptown and Downtown NYC being very different places, although the same city. Some having all the money they'll ever need, some having nothing and no hope. You're one of three pampered princesses who don't ever have to do a lick of work. You have friends who do nothing except talk about clothes and what parties they'll be attending. You, though, have a conscience. You can't live with the inequality of life in the big city. You decide to help some of the people you see struggling. You'll do anything it takes to fund these ventures. You're almost found out and have to work a deal to continue. Falling in love wasn't something you looked for, but it's found you. Imagine, being born into poverty. Hating it, but seeing no way out of it. You finally have a chance to make something of yourself, but you have to leave everything behind. Your family, your way of life, everything has to change. You succeed, but feel that your low born beginnings will reflect poorly on you ability to get to the top of your game. You hide. You claw your way to the top, and the very person you can't have, is the one you want. Now the lies you've told are beginning to bubble to the surface. Will you be able to keep your hard won position, or will your humble beginnings topple your tower? Will love be able to overcome the lies? I loved Mamie and Frank's story. Two people from such different backgrounds, working towards the same goals of equal treatment and opportunities for all. A woman who doesn't want for anything, but wants everything for others. A man who has left his family behind, finally finding the true meaning of family. The writing is superb and you can tell there has been much research into the time period. I loved the 400 series and can't wait to learn more about the Uptown Girls!
Anonymous 9 months ago
Marion (Mamie) Greene, age 23, is a beautiful young woman. She and her sister, Florence, are playing roulette at the Bronze House Casino where they winning, and having fun. They are the daughters of the wealthy Duncan Greene. Mamie enjoys gambling so she can make extra money to help the poor. Frank Tripp has been summoned by the casino’s owner to get the ladies and take them home. They had lied to their father telling him that they were going to the opera. Mamie is angry that Frank has, once again, brought her home from some place she should not be. Mamie has been betrothed to Chauncey Livingston since they were babies. Her younger sisters, Florence, age 20, and Justine, age 19, are free to choose their own paths in life. Frank is a lawyer who grew up in the Five Points part of town. He worked hard to educate himself and to finally be accepted by the wealthy members of New York. He keeps his past very private. Mamie and Frank finds themselves working together to help a woman defend herself for having killed her drunken husband in self-defense. As they spend more time together, they cannot resist their attraction to one another. This story delves into the side of town where many women suffer from abusive spouses. We see how different this part of town is compared to the wealthy people on Fifth Avenue. I enjoyed the story of Mamie and Frank and I think other readers will as well. I’m sure that other books in this series will be very popular. Copy provided by Edelweiss in exchange for a fair and honest review.
beckymmoe 9 months ago
Oh, I really liked this one! It's the first of a new series, but with some characters from a previous one (The Four Hundred), which is still on my TBR--this wasn't at all a problem, except when a main character from the first book ( A Daring Arrangement ) shows up at the 11th hour to play a minor role (but one that helps Frank get his butt in gear--so a major minor role, HEA-wise?) I was a bit confused as to where he suddenly came from. It wasn't a big deal, though, and readers of that series will probably be really excited--doubly so because apparently Frank is a character who readers wanted a story for, so... I think we can safely say that those readers won't be disappointed! Frank is a wonderful character, and Mamie is every bit his equal. I loved how they sparred from the very first few pages and kept it up throughout--bringing out the best and worst of each other in the process. He really needed someone to call him on his baloney--he's a natural charmer and universally liked, but he's been keeping some pretty major secrets from the world. Mamie is one of the few people who calls him out on his BS, and she's the one who eventually inspires him to examine his biases and reconnect with the people and places of his past, inspiring him to be a better person. He in turn shows Mamie that she deserves a better life than the one she's resigned herself to since--well, birth, practically--and makes her take a closer look at what she really wants for her future to be. Together they're not only a wonderful couple, but I also have every confidence that they're going to change their part of the world. My only complaint--and it's really not much of one--is that things are resolved very quickly in the last 20-percent or so of the book. I'm still not sure if I'm a fan of the girls' father--he's got two more books to prove himself, so he'd better get to work! Rating: 4 1/2 stars / A I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
Anonymous 9 months ago
Anonymous 9 months ago
Reviting characters, hot romance, and rollicking action. What's not to like?
Anonymous 10 months ago
I loved this book! Very fun and sexy. Extremely well written, emotional, and relevant.
book_junkee 10 months ago
I had loved Joanna’s Four Hundred series, so I didn’t even need to read the synopsis of this one. I was excited to see it was Frank’s story. Love love loved Mamie. She’s smart and strong and knows what she wants out of life. She’s genuinely good and fights for people. Frank has been intriguing since I first saw him. Turns out there’s a lot more to him than I expected. I was delighted at the banter and chemistry between Mamie and Frank and loved all of the scenes of them together. Plot wise, it was fantastic. There are a couple of threads and all of them added a layer to the story. I was interested in everything happening and wanted to know how it would play out. Overall, it was a fantastic start to a new series. And of course I’m hoping the following books feature Mamie’s sister. I’m especially hopeful for Florence’s story. FYI: there is a scene of an assault with forceful groping and her being pinned down. She does bite him and get away. **Huge thanks to Avon Books for providing the arc free of charge**
georgia1 10 months ago
1891 New York An exciting start to a new serious by the fabulous Joanna Shupe. Become immersed in the glorious gilded age which is brought to life with the descriptive writing and wonderful characters of Frank Tripp and Mamie Greene. Considered a "fixer", Frank is a ingenious lawyer who seems to be able to get the impossible done. One of his best clients is Mamie's father and he tries to keep an eye on her with her night activites of obtaining money for those less fortunate. She is living a double life. Shining society girl by day and robin hood for the poor at night by gambling and being a pick pocket. I mean can you image? I loved her and Frank as he tried to help her without getting on the bad side of her father. Oh, did I mention Frank had an attraction and admiration for Mamie? Of course he was really not of her class and knew she would never be his. She was also being pushed by her father to marry a man of his choosing soon so her sisters could have their chance. Secrets. Frank has them in spades and knows he has to be careful they never come out. But when she asks him to defend one of the ladies she helps in a murder trial, he cannot turn her down. A wonderful, fast paced story that contains everything needed in a historical romance. Strong characters, closely guarded secrets, sizzling attraction, heartache and a journey to the end that will keep you enthralled and smiling at the end. Truly adored this book and cannot wait until the next releases! I read this through Edelweiss. Lori D
Noire 10 months ago
I received an ARC of this book to read through Edelweiss+ in exchange for a fair review. The Rogue of Fifth Avenue is the first book in Joanna Shupe’s new series The Uptown Girls. The story takes place during New York City’s Gilded Age. Frank Tripp (Murphy) is a self made man, with hard work and a bit of luck he has taken himself from the slums of New York to High Society and as society’s favourite lawyer he has everything he ever dreamed of, so risking his secure place in life for the daughter of a client is not something he would ever consider. Marion (Mamie) Greene has known her entire life that she will become the bride of the son of her father’s good friend and business associate and she was willing to accept that but recently she’s had her eyes opened to what is happening out side of the golden bubble she dwells in and maybe she wants more than a marriage of convenience. Some seriously hot chemistry between these cannot be denied and even though there are large obstacles in their way you will root for them to find HEA. I enjoyed this story immensely and can’t wait to read about Mamie’s sisters for surely they need books too. Medium Heat. Publishing Date May 28, 2019 #Edelweissplus #TheRogueofFifthAvenue #JoannaShupe #AvonBooks
GangstaProf 10 months ago
I had been eagerly awaiting this book, after getting to know Frank Tripp in Ms. Shupe's Four Hundred Series. This book did not disappoint. I thoroughly enjoyed the characters, the romance and the writing. Frank is a great character, and I loved learning his back story and more about what made him who he is. Mamie was a fantastic heroine whose beliefs and values were realistic for the time. I have been in a bit of a romance reading lull lately and have been putting down many books I pick up, but I read this book in just a few hours. What a wonderful book. Note: I received an eARC from the publisher via Edelweiss. All opinions are my own and freely given.