The Rogue You Know

The Rogue You Know

by Shana Galen
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The Rogue You Know by Shana Galen

"The pace is lively, the sexual tension palpable and the love story perfectly delightful. Fun and touching, this magical read is a keeper." —RT Book Reviews, 4 1/2 Stars, Top Pick!

Everyone warned Lady Susanna about Gideon, but where has playing by the rules ever gotten her? Enticed by his "no compromises" approach to life, Susanna follows Gideon into London's dark underworld. When excitement turns to danger, Susanna must decide what price she's willing to pay...for the love of a reformed thief.

Gideon Harrow has spent his life in London's dark underworld—and he wants out. A thief and a con, he plans one last heist to finally win his freedom. But when everything goes wrong, he finds himself at the tender mercies of one of Society's most untouchable women—Lady Susanna Derring

Susanna has spent her life in London's glittering ton, under the thumb of a domineering mother—and she wants out. When a wickedly charming rogue lands at her feet, she jumps at the chance to experience life before it's too late. But as she descends into London's underworld, she finds that nothing— not even Gideon—is as it seems. As excitement turns to danger, Susanna must decide what price she's willing to pay...for the love of a reformed thief.

Covent Garden Cubs Series:
Earls Just Want to Have Fun (Book 1)
The Rogue You Know (Book 2)
I Kissed a Rogue (Book 3)

Praise for Love and Let Spy, an RT Book Reviews Top Pick:
"Splendid... an absolutely sublime love story... infused with beautiful, tender, and touching moments." —Fresh Fiction
"An utterly wonderful historical romance." —Books of Love

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781402298745
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication date: 09/01/2015
Series: Covent Garden Cubs , #2
Pages: 352
Sales rank: 362,027
Product dimensions: 4.20(w) x 6.80(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Shana Galen is three-time Rita award nominee and the bestselling author of passionate Regency romps, including the RT Reviewers' Choice The Making of a Gentleman. Kirkus says of her books, "The road to happily-ever-after is intense, conflicted, suspenseful and fun," and RT Bookreviews calls her books "lighthearted yet poignant, humorous yet touching." She taught English at the middle and high school level off and on for eleven years. Most of those years were spent working in Houston's inner city. Now she writes full time. She's happily married and has a daughter who is most definitely a romance heroine in the making.

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The Rogue You Know 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 22 reviews.
BuckeyeAngel More than 1 year ago
Lady Susanna didn’t care about hats or garden parties and she didn’t care about finding a husband but she was twenty and probably would have to marry within the year. If her mother knew the way Susanna felt she would lock Susanna in her room for days. Susanna didn’t mind as she loved to draw and she could get losti n it. Susanna was the daughter of a Earl and knew what was expected of her. Susanna had escaped to the ladies room and found Lady Winthorpe was there. Lady Winthorpe was a countess but she had known Susanna’s mother when she was young and her mother had been in love with someone else. Susanna wanted to ask more questions but Lady Winthorpe left. Gideon was a thief but only did that to survive. Gideon wanted to get out and be free of Beezle and do something with his life. One last take. As long as Gideon got the necklace he would be free. Gideon was actually a good guy and had a good heart. Gideon knew Marlowe she had been his accomplice but he helped Marlowe escape the clutches of Beezle. Marlowe was now married to Susanna’s brother and was the Countess of Dane. He ended up at Susanna’s home planning to hide the necklace but was caught by Susanna. Susanna has been craving some action so she gives Gideon a proposal that she will give Gideon back the necklace if he takes her to Vauxhall Gardens. So Gideon agrees. I liked this story but felt Susanna really trusted Gideon way too soon especially since he was a thief. The attraction between Susanna and Gideon was very evident but a thief and the daughter of an Earl but then her brother married for love. I did laugh at some spots and there was a good plot and it was well written. I absolutely loved the dog Beauty and she definitely added to the story. There was action but the story was predictable but i still liked it. I recommend. I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.
SpeedReader32 More than 1 year ago
Complete ripoff of Disney's "Tangled." I'm shocked.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
DebDiem More than 1 year ago
The Rogue You Know by Shana Galen is a wonderfully well written historical romance. Ms Galen has crafted a book with lovable characters, drama, action, humor and spice. Gideon and Susanna's romp through the less desirable sections of London is a humorous thrill ride. I enjoyed this book from cover to cover and look forward to reading more from Shana Galen in the future. The Rogue You Know is book 2 in the Covent Garden Cubs Series, but can be read as a standalone. This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The second in her series Covent Garden Cubs fails to deliver a story worth reading. I skimmed ninty per cent of it. Susanna is immature and foolish, bordering on stupidity. At half the length this would still be too long. Gideon can't speak without f*** this and f*** that. The previous story this did'nt have the foul language and was better written. Skip this as not worth your time
Historical_Romance_Lover More than 1 year ago
Lady Susanna Derring has been under her mother's thumb since she was born. Never allowed to divert from the straight and narrow path, Susanna is longing for adventure. So when she catches a thief in her home, she demands that he gives her that adventure. Although she didn't count on quite the adventure she got! Determined that this was the last job he was going to take before making a new life for himself, Gideon was willing to take a huge risk that could set him up for life. Trying to get away from the people he stole from, he goes to the home of Lord Dane, his best friend's husband. He didn't count on running into the beautiful Susanna. What can go wrong during one night of adventure? I LOVED this story!!! My wish after reading Earls Just Want to Have Fun, I had hoped that Galen would pair up Susanna and Gideon. I'm so glad that she did!! One reason I like this series is because it offers something different from the typical historical romance that takes place in townhouses, ballrooms and estates. We go into the rookeries. This adds a different feel to the story that other stories in this genre don't have. Susanna longed for adventure and she definitely got more than she bargained for. The story kept me so engrossed that I read it in one sitting! Even though the story only takes place over a few days, Galen does a wonderful job of showing us how Susanna and Gideon's love for each other grows. Definitely another for the keeper shelf!! I can't wait to read Galen's next book in the series, I Kiss a Rogue, which stars Sir Brook Derring the Bow Street Runner!! Thanks go out to Sourcebooks via NetGalley for a copy of the book in exchange of an honest review.
AustenStudent More than 1 year ago
This book is classic Shana Galen adventure and excitement. She is the skilled master at creating tense moments and nail-biting action in her well-choreographed and realistic chase and fight scenes. Susanna Derring is the younger, sheltered, and fearful (of her mother) sister Lord Dane, who married Marlowe (Earls Just Want to Have Fun), Gideon’s crony and former Covent Garden Cub. The Cubs are a group of child thieves similar to Lorraine Heath’s Scoundrels of St. James series. Susanna longs to escape her quiet and boring life and yearns for a life beyond tea and fashions. She grabs hold of it when Gideon Harrow literally comes crashing into her life. Gideon has stolen a necklace and is on the run from his Covent Garden Cubs when he runs to Marlowe’s in-laws’ townhouse in Mayfair, hoping for a safe haven. With this necklace (which he is withholding from the Cubs), he hopes to escape his life of theft and begin a new and respectable life. But Beezle, the leader of the Cubs, is on to him and is on the hunt for him all over London. Susanna comes upon Gideon and impulsively blackmails him into taking her to Vauxhall Gardens where, she suspects, her mother long ago enjoyed an encounter with her one true love. Susanna is curious about this since her mother is so stiff and proper to the point of humiliating Susanna publicly and often. If Gideon agrees to take her to Vauxhall, she’ll return the necklace. I like Gideon and wanted more from his point of view. He’s a sympathetic portrait of someone who found himself in poor circumstances and is now desperately trying to get out and make his life better. Susanna is a friendly and rather naive free spirit who has been stifled by her mother’s expectations of a good match for her and the drills of proper decorum. During her two days in the dirty streets of London with Gideon, she really lets loose and has the adventure of a lifetime. Along the way, she befriends nearly everyone she meets (including some downright scary characters in Gideon’s world), rescues a ragtag and loyal dog, enjoys intimacies with a most improper man, and runs helter skelter all over London’s poor neighborhoods as they run from Gideon’s many enemies. Their goal of eventually visiting Vauxhall Gardens seems almost anticlimactic considering all that they go through to get there. And Susanna’s law-abiding brother, Brook, is connected to the Bow Street Runners so her exploits eventually end. The secondary character development of Susanna’s mother, Dorothea, is nicely portrayed as she comes to terms with how her mistakes have impacted her children’s lives. Galen creates sympathy for a woman who, at the story’s beginning, doesn’t seem very deserving. I also like the minor characters Susanna and Gideon meet in their breathtaking escapades; they add a richness and authenticity to the novel. I could smell the stench and see the dirt and refuse in the streets and hear the coarse accents of the lower classes. All of these aspects lend a great richness to the storytelling without being cloying or manipulative. The romance between Susanna and Gideon is very sweet, almost innocent, and seems to build slowly despite their few days’ acquaintance. Galen writes with feeling and heart and their encounters simmer with passion as they get to know each other in truly trying circumstances. This is another fine addition to Galen’s Covent Garden Cubs series. Brook’s story is next and I look forward to reading this serious brother’s happy ending.
LoveLifeandBookLust More than 1 year ago
The Rogue you know is a scintillating and heart warming read ! I simply love Lady Susanna ! She's an absolute delight. Suffocating under her mothers steely glare, Susanna wants nothing more than just the chance to breathe without her mother hovering over her every move. Susanna is tired of the staid normalcy of her privileged life. She wants an adventure, she wants to feel alive. And when she meets Gideon, she realizes this is her chance. Gideon is a thief and belongs in the rookeries, not in the elite ton. So when he is forced to take a spoiled society brat to Vauxhall Gardens, what he least expects is to fall head over heels in love with her. Gideon and Susanna are stunning characters and they're adventure to find love is filled with suspense, danger and intrigue. Then there is the second love story of Susanna's mother the Dowager Countess of Dane, who once loved a man who was considered way beneath her. So she let him go and married someone of higher rank. Now, many years later she's still head over heels in love with him and finally gets the chance for her happily ever after. The Rogue you Know is a fantastic tale of two couples finding their happily ever after. ** I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review **
Caroles_Random_Life More than 1 year ago
Another great installment in the Covent Garden Cubs series! I haven't read a whole lot of Shana Galen but I have really each installment in this series. This book is part of a series but it could easily be read as a stand alone novel. There are characters in this story from earlier books but everything that you would need to enjoy this story is contained in this book. I wouldn't hesitate to grab this book even if you haven't read the previous installments. I really liked this book even though my initial reaction was that it was a bit predictable. After giving it some thought, I have decided that being predictable isn't always such a bad thing, especially when it comes to historical romance. I like to read historical romances that are historically accurate so that adds some predictability to the equation. I am not an expert on this time period by any means but based on other books that I have it read, it did seem to be at least somewhat accurate. I also like to see a happy ending. I not only like it....I demand it. There is almost nothing worse that a romance novel that does not have a happy ending. I could have told you that the two main characters would end up with their own happily ever after before I read the first word. That means that during the entire book, I knew that they would overcome any problems because they had to end up together. This is the kind of predictability that works for me. You know doesn't even matter because I enjoyed the journey. It is the little things that make a book a little different than the rest that makes all the difference. I love the fact that this series is focused on a group of thieves. One of the main characters in this story, Gideon, is one of those thieves. It quickly becomes apparent that Gideon is really much more than a thief. He is really quite honorable and a genuinely good man who happens to be a thief simply because it is a means to survive. For me, Gideon was really the star of this book. I did like Lady Susanna more as the book progressed but at the beginning of the story she seemed overly spoiled and I have to admit that I wanted to slap her a couple of times. Of course, as the daughter of an Earl that would probably be quite realistic. I enjoyed the chemistry between Gideon and Susanna. I found that I really liked them as a couple and their willingness to sacrifice for each other was well-done. I really liked the pacing of the story. There was a surprising amount of action for a historical romance which I think really sets this series apart from many others. The dog, Beauty, was fantastic and stole more than a few scenes. The dog was able to get the pair out of a couple of nearly impossible situations that did stretch the imagination a bit but I enjoyed every scene that featured Beauty. The balance between action, romance, and a bit of humor made this novel very enjoyable. I would recommend this book to fans of historical romance. This is only the second full length book written by Shana Galen that I have read but I plan to continue reading works by this very talented author. I can't wait to see what else is going to happen in this series. I received an advance reader edition of this book from Sourcebooks Casablanca via NetGalley for the purpose of providing an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
wonderfully written.
MyBookAddictionandMore More than 1 year ago
#2 in the new and exciting "Covent Garden Cubs" series. A wonderful, humorous, witty tale of romance, passion and love. The H/H is passionate and make a unique but intriguing couple. Once again, Ms. Galen has written a tale filled with passion and romance. Another hit in this exciting new series. A Regency Romance lover's delight. A must read! *Received for an honest review from the publisher via Net Gallery* Rating: 4.5 Heat rating: Mild Reviewed by: AprilR, courtesy of My Book Addiction and More
skelley55 More than 1 year ago
I was not as enthralled with Gideon as other heroic characters in Ms. Galen's books. This is a fast paced book, I think I would have developed more affinity for Gideon if the book were longer.
def618 More than 1 year ago
This book took place in a short period of time, but that time was jam packed with adventure, danger and romance! This is my favorite, so far, of a very good series. Lady Susanna wants an adventure. Gideon Harrow is a thief looking for a new life. She met him when he broke into her home looking for her sister-in-law. So she doesn't turn him in, he agrees to take her to Vauxhall Gardens. Of course, things don't always work out as planned. I will say I loved Beauty, the dog they found or she found them. No plot spoilers from me. I highly recommend the entire series.
julieford More than 1 year ago
I absolutely love Shana Galen's writing. This is the second book of her Covent Garden Cubs series and it is fun, quick-witted and vastly entertaining. This is the story of Gideon, a thief who is looking to escape his life. While running from Beezle, the head rogue, he encounters Susanna. Susanna is in her library trying to come up with a way to go on a venture to Vauxhall. In comes Gideon and she blackmails him into taking her. On the way, they face many obstacles and encounter many adventures. This is a wonderfully, thrilling story.
Anlenhart1 More than 1 year ago
Shana Galen has added another great addition to her Covent Garden Cubs series. This book features Susanna Derring, the little sister of the Earl of Dane and Gideon Harrow, an associate of the Marlowe (Susanna's sister in law and former thief). Susanna has been sheltered by her overbearing mother and she longs for freedom and adventure. She catches Gideon breaking into her home and blackmails him into taking Vuaxhall Gardens. From there a grand adventure ensues and their shared experiences form a bond that leads to friendship and romance. This book is the second in the series and I would definitely read Book #1 Earls Just Want to Have Fun first. I enjoyed this book and look forward to finishing the series. I was given a free copy for an honest review by
gaele More than 1 year ago
Susanna Derring is living a life of propriety: a domineering mother who is a stickler for propriety are ‘stifling’ Susanna’s every moment. Bored to tears and longing for something ’diferent’ even her simplest requests are denied her. See, Susanna believes that her life would be better if she could only get to Vauxhall Gardens, yet she is denied the opportunity at every turn. Gideon is a thief, and a member of the loose collective, The Covent Garden Cubs. He’s tired of the life, knows that there is more to be and do outside of London, but he has just one more heist to give up the life forever. It’s hard not to like him: he wants more and different, and is completely unafraid of facing his own faults or deeds. He’s also got a strong sense of honor, as strange as that sounds that informs his life and actions. A mistimed encounter brings Susanna and Gideon face to face- and Susanna uses the moment to convince Gideon to take her to the Gardens. From here – the story runs full out. And in a short 36 hours – the two share moments of discovery (on both sides), danger (Gideon is being chased), honest interactions and several moments that bring both growth and emotion. While I would have preferred a longer trajectory, the fast and furious action kept both characters on their toes, and had the connection between Gideon and Suzanna moving forward at rapid fire. Fun, light and funny, this story had all the hallmarks of a fun escape read: romance, action, danger and two characters that are hard not to like. I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility
Barbed1951 More than 1 year ago
I loved it! I didn't think Gabriel and Lady Susanna would have anything in common or could possibly have a relationship with such differing backgrounds, but I was wrong. Gabriel Harrow is a thief living in St Giles and Lady Susanna is the daughter of an Earl living in Mayfair. The only thing they have in common is Marlow, Susanna's new sister-in-law and Gabriel's old friend. Susanna feels stifled and longs for an adventure, and when she encounters Gabriel, she coerces him into taking her to Vauxhall Gardens. Of course, something that seems so easy is anything but, and she certainly does have an adventure, with Gabriel and a stray dog she names Beauty along for the ride. With Gabriel's former associates chasing them, Susanna isn't afraid to defend herself and her companions, making new enemies as well as friends along the way. I loved the spunky little dog, as well as the secondary characters like Brenna and Des. I'm looking forward to reading the next book in the Covent Garden Cubs series, I'd like to see Susanna's brother Sir Brook find his match.
JeneratedReviews More than 1 year ago
Shana Galen's expertise in adventure and period lingo excel in the latest work in her Covent Garden Cubs series, The Rogue You Know. Liberally peppered with witty exchanges between the characters, long held secrets, and simmering sexual tension between the hero and heroine, this book will take you for a fun and at times sentimental ride though Regency London. A charming look at reaching beyond social constraints and inner fears, this story is a great way to spend an afternoon! *I received this ARC via Netgalley.*
Jasmyn9 More than 1 year ago
I am totally loving the Covent Garden Cubs series. The characters are a ton of fun and there's just enough of a suspense to really keep things moving along. We met Susanna in the previous book in the series when her brother made a scandalous match with kidnapped noble. Now it's Susanna's turn to give her mother the vapors as she set off to have an adventure with Gideon. Susanna was very much what I had pictured a pampered, proper, and totally repressed young lady would be like. Straining against the reins of society and her mother's idea of how she should behave, she is bound and determined to experience just one grand adventure before settling down with some dull lord. Gideon didn't set out to find an adventure, but when he stumbles into a dark room and finds himself at Susanna's mercy, he finds he has little choice but to do as she wishes. He finds that it's a strange talent she seems to have. She can talk her way into and out of just about anything. Gideon does he best to show that he isn't a gentleman, but deep down he can't help but let his better side show through and really take care of Susanna as they find themselves falling into one predicament after another. Their adventures take them through the shady side of London and Susanna sees a side of life she never realized even existed. She get much more than she expected out of her little adventure, and I enjoyed every minute of it. *This book was received in exchange for an honest review*
SummerSnowFalls More than 1 year ago
After twenty-odd years of growing up under the strict, all-seeing eye of her mother, Lady Susanna is finally presented with an opportunity for adventure when a handsome thief - Gideon Harrow - stumbles in through the library window. Susanna knocks him out with a candlestick, takes his prized (stolen!) necklace, and then demands he take her to Vauxhall Gardens in exchange for the necklace's return. But this is no simple trip - neither have any money, half of London is after Gideon's head, and the other half are looking for the missing Susanna! Along the way, Susanna meets people she otherwise would never have seen, allows herself to loosen the strict rules and expectations her mother place upon her, and maybe even begins to fall in love. In a clear and acknowledged nod to Disney's "Tangled" (and perhaps a little "Titanic" too), THE ROGUE YOU KNOW is an exciting romp through London's lower class, pushing our hero and heroine together, and showing them that love is found where you least expect it. Despite her strict and regimented upbringing, once Susanna escapes her mother's house she becomes quite headstrong and brave, but her innocence and kindness also shine through. She faces down a hoard of men out to capture Gideon and befriends the large mutt snapping at Gideon's heels. She is determined to make it to Vauxhall and shows both strength and fortitude in accomplishing that goal by any means necessary. Gideon is our reluctant hero. At first, he wants nothing to do with Susanna, her family, or her request to see Vauxhall Gardens. He just wants to get the necklace, fence it, and leave London forever. But in a truly satisfying character arc, he starts to care for Susanna and soon Gideon will do anything to protect her. Though their love will set the society tongues wagging yet again, Susanna and Gideon are a wonderful, romantic match. They both fall hard and fast for the other, recognizing this adventure they are on may be their only opportunity to be together due to the sharp class divide that stands between them. I should note that this is the second in a series, but you can read this without reading the first novel. (That said, I also highly recommend reading the first novel too!) Overall, THE ROGUE YOU KNOW is a fast-paced, action-filled romance with some great laugh-out-loud moments. If you enjoyed "Tangled," you will love this book. This will get readers out of the ballrooms and into some of the back alleys of regency London. I can't wait to read the next book in this series! Originally posted at Plot Twist Reviews [dot] Com I received this book for free from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
MoniqueD More than 1 year ago
Shana Galen does it yet again! Adventures and action, unpredictable plot twists, fabulous characters, and of course a lovely romance; everything is there for the discriminating historical romance fan! Beautifully written, witty, fast-paced and sweetly sexy!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Just loved reading this one! This is a great series, all stand alone but with the same family! Wonderfully clever writing!