The Role of the Postal and Delivery Sector in a Digital Age

The Role of the Postal and Delivery Sector in a Digital Age


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ISBN-13: 9781782546337
Publisher: Elgar, Edward Publishing, Inc.
Publication date: 03/14/2014
Pages: 360

About the Author

Edited by the late Michael A. Crew, formerly CRRI Professor of Regulatory Economics and Director, Center for Research in Regulated Industries (CRRI), Rutgers Business School, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, Newark, US and Timothy J. Brennan, Professor of Public Policy and Economics, University of Maryland, Baltimore County and Senior Fellow, Resources for the Future, US

Table of Contents

1. Gross Substitutes vs. Marginal Substitutes: Implications for Market Definition in the Postal Sector
Timothy J. Brennan and Michael A. Crew
2. A Business Model for USPS
Michael A. Crew and R. Richard Geddes
3. Is Demand for Market Dominant Products of the United States Postal Service Becoming More Own Price Elastic?
A. Thomas Bozzo, Kristen L. Capogrossi, B. Kelly Eakin, John Pickett and Mithuna Srinivasan
4. Are U.S. Postal Price Elasticities Changing?
Margaret M. Cigno, Katalin K. Clendenin and Edward S. Pearsall
5. Estimating Postal Demand Elasticities using the PCAIDS Method
Gregory Swinand and Hugh Hennessy
6. Pricing of Delivery Services in the E-Commerce Sector
Claire Borsenberger, Helmuth Cremer, Philippe De Donder, Denis Joram and Sébastien Lécou
7. The Regulatory Treatment of End-to-End Competition in the UK Postal Sector
Richard Eccles
8. The Proposed Directive on the Award of Concession Contracts: Implications for USO Entrustment and Compensation
Alessandra Fratini
9. Application of EU Competition Law in the Postal Sector: Overview of Recent Cases
Damien Geradin and Christos Malamataris
10. Re-regulation for Parcel Delivery in the E-Commerce Context?
Joost Vantomme
11. Delivering the Goods to Households: Would Further Regulation Help or Hinder?
John Hearn
12. The ‘National Champion’ Approach to Postal Operators: The Case of the Netherlands
Benjamin Gough
13. On Alternative USO Financing Mechanisms for the U.S. Postal Market
Michael D. Bradley, Jeff Colvin, Mary K. Perkins
14. The Net Cost of the USO under the Profitability Cost Approach: Implications of Labor Market Conditions for the Net Cost Calculation
Isabelle Carslake, George Houpis and Christian Strobel
15. Regulation and the Burden of the Net Cost Resulting from Universal Service Obligations
Christian Jaag, Urs Trinkner and Topias Uotila
16. Net Cost Calculation: A Practical Example Concerning la Poste and its Territorial Presence Obligation
Frédéric Fustier, Lionel Janin and Racha Sahly
17. Calculating the Net Cost of Home Delivery
Andreas Haller, Christian Jaag and Urs Trinkner
18. Peer-to-Peer Digital Commerce: Implications and Opportunities for the U.S. Postal Service and Other Posts
Laraine Balk Hope, Virgil Ian Stanford and Bruce Marsh
19. Leveraging the Postal Infrastructure for the Authentication of Individuals Towards an Online Government Service Provision
Caroline Sheedy and Maria Moloney
20. Accessibility/Proximity in the Digital Age: What Does it Mean for Postal Networks and Postal Services?
Claire Borsenberger
21. Digitalization of Consumer Invoices. A Comparative Study
Kari Elkelä,, Heikki Nikali and Chris J. Paterson
22. Eat or Be Eaten: The Implications of Strategic Cannibalization and Transformation for the United States Postal Service
Adam C. Houck
23. Finding the Conditions for a Successful Social Redeployment Combined with Diversification of Activities
Dominique Bailly and Margaux Meidinger
24. Transparency and Non-Discrimination in Postal Pricing
Joakim Levin, Åsa Gustafsson, Anders Hildingsson and Sten Selander
25. The Costs, Functions and Pricing of Postal Payment Channels
Tim Walsh

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