The Romance of a Consecrated Life

The Romance of a Consecrated Life

by Rev. Walter A. Sellew, Adelaide Lionne Beers


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No class of literature makes so deep an impression on the average reader as biography, and no influences in life, excepting possibly that of the mother, have molded so many characters and shaped so many destinies, as has biography. The lives of statesmen, divines, generals, missionaries, scientists and eminent men in every department of life's activities, portrayed in biography, have moved millions to great deeds and have awakened slumbering talents which otherwise might have remained dor­mant forever.

It is therefore absolutely necessary that a biography, to be effective, must have a good subject. This condition is fully met in the book which is now presented to the reading public. Alexander Beers was no ordinary man. His life and activities were an inspiration to a large body of people, particularly students, who came under the influence of his noble, self-sacrificing life, and this volume will per­petuate the influence of those molding and inspiring activities which so strikingly characterized his life. His commanding figure, his affable and courteous manner and his striking personality can never be forgotten by those who came in contact with him. His vision of future events was so clear that he lit­erally lived before his day, his great energy carried him through seemingly unsurmountable obstacles, and his strong love for the work of God won him many lasting friends.

Mrs. Adelaide L. Beers, who presents this volume to the public, is well qualified in every way to write it. Her many years of service in public life have fitted her for this task. Her practical nature and her intimate acquaintance with the outstanding facts of her husband's exceedingly busy life add to her other qualifications to write this brief history of his many activities in an interesting and readable manner.

I am confident that all who read this book will be amply repaid by the inspiration they will receive from its perusal, and my intimate acquaintance with both the author and the subject of this biog­raphy warrant me in saying that its production will be an interesting as well as a permanent contribution to biographical literature, and I take much pleasure in commending it to the reading public as worthy of universal perusal.

"Be strong !

We are not here to play, to dream, to drift, We have hard work to do and loads to lift, Shun not the labor; take it, 'tis God's gift.

Be strong."


Jamestown, N. Y., October 10, 1922.

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