The Romance of Thebes (Roman de Thebes)

The Romance of Thebes (Roman de Thebes)



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ISBN-13: 9780866985864
Publisher: ACMRS Publications
Publication date: 08/06/2018
Edition description: 1
Pages: 366
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Joan M. Ferrante, Fmerita Professor of English and Comparative Literature of Columbia University, has published widely on Dante, Provencal lyric, medieval allegory and romance, and women in the Middle Ages, and is editor of Epistolae, an online detabase of medieval women's letters.

Robert W. Hanning, Professor Emeritus of English and Comparative Literature at Columbia University has published widely on English, Italian, and French literature. He is currently working on a book on immigrant cultures in nineteenth and early twentieth-century New York.

Table of Contents

Series Editors Preface vii

List of Abbreviations ix


I The Poem 1

A Literary Context: The Romans Antiques as a Twelfth-Century Phenomenon: Raman de Thèbes, Roman d'Eneas, Roman de Troie, Alexander Romances 1

B The Authors of the Romans Antiques: Their Perspective(s) as Translators and Cultural Commentators 2

C A Comparison of Statius's Thebaid with the French Version that is the Basis of this Translation, MS S 5

D Comparison of Characters 10

E Courtoisie 21

F Feudal Issues 22

II The Manuscript 24

A Manuscripts of the Roman de Thèbes 26

B Editions of the Roman de Thèbes 27

C Misplaced and Missing Lines in MS S 28

D Selective Comparison of MSS C and S 29

E Description of MS S: Its Contents, its Owner and his Career 32

F Conjectures as to Despenser's Attraction to the Roman de Thèbes 38

III Further Divergences between MSS C and S of the Roman de Thèbes 43

IV Suggested Further Reading 45

A The Romance of Thebes 45

B Romance and the Romans d'Antiquité 45

C Henry Despenser, Bishop of Norwich (d. 1406) and historical/literary studies 47

D The French of England 48

V Note on the Treatment of Text: The Nature and Aims of this Translation 49

The Romance of Thebes 51

Appendix: Passages from the Original Text, Le Roman de Thèbes 345

List of Proper Names 355

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