The Romance Writer's Handbook: How to Write Romantic Fiction and Get It Published

The Romance Writer's Handbook: How to Write Romantic Fiction and Get It Published

by Rebecca Vinyard



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ISBN-13: 9780871162045
Publisher: Writer, Incorporated
Publication date: 04/28/2004
Pages: 292
Product dimensions: 7.10(w) x 9.02(h) x 0.78(d)

Table of Contents

Part 1For Beginners
Chapter 1Advice for the New Writer15
Chapter 2The Idea Garden21
Chapter 3Stuck in the Starting Gate25
Chapter 4Researching the Historical Romance28
Chapter 5Goal Setting for the Serious Writer34
Chapter 6Top 10 Beginner's Blunders37
Part 2Elements of Romance Storytelling
Chapter 7Action45
Chapter 8Location, Location, Location48
Chapter 9Dialogue51
Chapter 10Imagery: The 3-Item Method57
Chapter 11How To Handle Internal Monologues62
Chapter 12The Rules of POV65
Chapter 13Love Scenes72
Chapter 14Plotting: Your Way79
Chapter 15Characterization85
Chapter 16Hero Archetypes93
Chapter 17Heroine Archetypes99
Chapter 18Internal Conflict105
Chapter 19Finding your Voice110
Part 3Support Networks
Chapter 20Successful Critiquing115
Chapter 21The Benefits of Contests117
Chapter 22On Contests123
Chapter 23Contests, Schmontests126
Chapter 24Conferences: To Go or not To Go?128
Chapter 25Preparing for an Appointment with an Editor or Agent129
Chapter 26A Community for Writers: Welcome to the RWA136
Chapter 27Romance Novels are Love Stories141
Part 4Submitting Manuscripts
Chapter 28Manuscript Formatting149
Chapter 29Writing Query Letters157
Chapter 30Synopsis Basics163
Chapter 31Anatomy of a Synopsis: A Case Study172
Chapter 32Bagging the Right Agent187
Chapter 33A Conversation with an Agent193
Part 5Inspiration, Commiseration, & Information
Chapter 34Coping with Rejection197
Chapter 35Writing the Inspirational Romance201
Chapter 36Writing the Paranormal Romance204
Chapter 3710 Ways To Survive Between Sales208
Chapter 38Author Websites & Online Promotion212
Chapter 39Alternative Publishing220
Chapter 40Conversation with an E-publisher226
Chapter 41Writing the Story of Your Heart229
Part 6Advice from Bestselling Authors
Chapter 42Lorraine Heath235
Chapter 43Susan Elizabeth Phillips238
Chapter 44Connie Flynn241
Chapter 45Katherine Sutcliffe244
Chapter 46Judy Christenberry247
Chapter 47Suzanne Brockmann250
Part 7Resources for Authors
Chapter 48Directory of Mass-Market Publishers255
Interview with Lucia Macro (Avon)257
Interview with Leslie Wainger (Harlequin/New York)265
Chapter 49Directory of Electronic & Small Publishers274
Chapter 50Books & Websites for Authors277

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