The Rosewood Massacre: An Archaeology and History of Intersectional Violence

The Rosewood Massacre: An Archaeology and History of Intersectional Violence

by Edward González-Tennant

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Drawing on new methods and theories, Edward González-Tennant uncovers important elements of the forgotten history of Rosewood. He uses a mix of techniques such as geospatial analysis, interpretation of remotely sensed data, analysis of census data and property records, oral history, and the excavation and interpretation of artifacts from the site to reconstruct the local landscape. González-Tennant interprets these and other data through an intersectional framework, acknowledging the complex ways class, race, gender, and other identities compound discrimination. This allows him to explore the local circumstances and broader sociopolitical power structures that led to the massacre, showing how the event was a microcosm of the oppression and terror suffered by African Americans and other minorities in the United States. González-Tennant connects these historic forms of racial violence to present-day social and racial inequality and argues that such continuities demonstrate the need to make events like the Rosewood massacre public knowledge. A volume in the series Cultural Heritage Studies, edited by Paul A. Shackel

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ISBN-13: 9780813065373
Publisher: University Press of Florida
Publication date: 09/16/2019
Series: Cultural Heritage Studies
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Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 242
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About the Author

Edward González-Tennant is lecturer of anthropology at the University of Central Florida.

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"An innovative, forward-thinking, and sensitive account. The use of multiple lines of evidence, combined with a strong GIS component, significantly advances knowledge about racially motivated violence and speaks directly to cultural resilience in the face of power and domination."—Charles E. Orser Jr., author of The Archaeology of Race and Racialization in Historic America

"González-Tennant's original archaeological analyses reveal new information about the Rosewood pogrom and provide us with significant insights into the nature of racial violence (past and present) in the United States."—Randall H. McGuire, author of Archaeology as Political Action

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