The Roswell Incident: Case Closed, The Official Air Force Report on Alleged UFO Crash Sites and Alien Bodies from 1947 - Witness Statements, High Dive and Excelsior, Secret Experiments

The Roswell Incident: Case Closed, The Official Air Force Report on Alleged UFO Crash Sites and Alien Bodies from 1947 - Witness Statements, High Dive and Excelsior, Secret Experiments

by Progressive Management

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This is a reproduction of the official U.S. Air Force report on the “Roswell Incident” of 1947. The USAF states: "The "Roswell Incident" refers to an event that supposedly happened in July, 1947, wherein the Army Air Forces (AAF) allegedly recovered remains of a crashed "flying disc" near Roswell, New Mexico... the material recovered near Roswell was consistent with a balloon device and most likely from one of the Mogul balloons." The introduction states: “In July 1994, the office of the Secretary of the Air Force concluded an exhaustive search for records in response to a General Accounting Office (GAO) inquiry of an event popularly known as the “Roswell Incident.” The focus of the GAO probe, initiated at the request of New Mexico congressman Steven Schiff, was to determine if the U.S. Air Force, or any other U.S. government agency, possessed information on the alleged crash and recovery of an extraterrestrial vehicle and its alien occupants near Roswell, N.M. in July 1947. Reports of flying saucers and alien bodies allegedly sighted in the Roswell area in 1947 have been the subject of intense domestic and international media attention. This attention has resulted in countless newspaper and magazine articles, books, a television series, a motion picture, and even a film purported to be a U.S. government “alien autopsy.” The extensive Secretary of the Air Force-directed search of Army Air Forces and U.S. Air Force records from 1947 did not yield information that even suggested the 1947 Roswell events were anything other than the retrieval of the MOGUL equipment.” Contents: Foreword * Guide for Readers * Introduction * Section One: Flying Saucer Crashes and Alien Bodies – The Crash Sites, Scenarios, Research Methods; High Altitude Balloon Dummy Drops, Witness Accounts; Section Two – Reports of Bodies at Roswell Army Air Field Hospital – The Missing Nurse and the Pediatrician, Aircraft Accidents, High Altitude Research Projects, Balloon Mishap * Conclusion * Notes * Anthropomorphic Dummy Launch and Landing Locations * Witness Statements and Interviews

This is a privately authored news service and educational publication of Progressive Management.

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