The Royal Palm

The Royal Palm

by Mrs. D.


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ISBN-13: 9781457533679
Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing
Publication date: 10/21/2014
Pages: 40
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.25(d)

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The Royal Palm 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Drazin More than 1 year ago
Mrs. D, the author of this beautiful book, The Royal Palm, and many others, won many awards for her children’s books. Her stories are very moving; they touch readers’ hearts. The colorful drawings by Chanoa prompt us to think and feel for the people, animals, and plants in her tales. Mrs. D tells us about Chanoa in her introduction. In this book, a lovely silver palm is moved from a gloomy small island to the mainland. She loves the new land, the beautiful garden where she is placed, the sparkling pool, and all that she can see. She thinks about the problems she encountered on the sandy island of her birth, the hurricanes, the stormy ocean. She remembers the dreams she had on the island where she lived among her short and fat cousins, also palms, but unlike her. She remembers that she disliked them at first. She thinks of the parrots who came and ate their lunch in her hair and messed it up; and about the lizards that climbed all over her. She remembers especially the powerful hurricane that nearly killed her and how her cousins who surrounded her, protected her, and how she felt sorry when she left them, and what they promised her when she left.
MomsChoiceAwards More than 1 year ago
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KittyMuseBookReviews More than 1 year ago
As a little growthling, the Royal Palm is well-protected by her sisters--smaller, rougher versions of palm trees. But as she ages and grows, she distances herself from all those who love her, and even from those who would like to be her friend. She sees her height and beauty as a sign that she is more important than anyone else, and cannot be bothered with those physically beneath her. Ah, but the lessons she learns, one stormy day... This is another stellar offering from Mrs. D., a lesson in what happens when pride overruns love and respect. We meet a palm who snubs the world, and who learns a lesson in humility. Overall, though, is the idea of forgiveness and love in the face of rejection. With lovely illustrations by the highly-talented artist, Chanoa, this is a book that would be a great addition to any child's library. I highly recommend it.
MurielleC More than 1 year ago
Mrs. D is true to her style in her latest children's book, The Royal Palm. A beautiful palm tree grows up vain and disagreeable on a small island filled with a family of ordinary-looking trees. All effort of friendship is snubbed by her. A major storm hits the island and the vain palm tree tries to fight it off by herself. The plain trees feel sorry for her and they save her from being carried off into the raging sea. The illustrations by Chanoa are splendid and are a great boost to the story. Recommended for read-aloud activities for very young readers. 
BooksDirect More than 1 year ago
The Royal Palm is the only one of her kind on the island she shares with the plain palms. Growing up in their shadows, she has never felt like she belongs. As she grows more and more beautiful each day, she begins to snub her friendly cousins. Will they stand by her when a violent storm strikes the island and threatens to destroy her? The author's old-fashioned, poetic writing suits this story perfectly. I felt like I was reading a classic fairytale. This story lends itself to being read out loud. But make sure the kids snuggle in close so they can see the beautiful illustrations by Chanoa, who imbues the trees, wind, and sun with human characteristics. And, of course, there is a valuable lesson to be learned. This book is sure to become a modern classic. I received this book in return for an honest review.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Lee Ashford for Readers' Favorite The Royal Palm by Mrs. D. joins this author’s growing collection of richly illustrated and highly imaginative stories for children. In this latest tale, a beautiful specimen tree has been planted in a special garden, fulfilling her life-long wish to leave behind her small island and move to the mainland. While pondering the circumstances which brought her to that point, the silvery Royal Palm reflects upon the true friends she left behind, who accepted her just as she was in spite of her assumed arrogance toward them. She recalls the hurricane she thought would destroy her, and remembers how the smaller, more common palm trees rallied round her to protect her from the blowing sand, waves and wind. While she expects to be happy in her new life, she comes to the realization that she will always miss her old friends, regardless of how many new friends she may one day have. The Royal Palm is a wonderful fantasy, told in the flowery language one might expect from an anthropomorphized tree, the wind, and other elements of a tropical paradise. Intended to facilitate the growth of a child’s imagination, this story also comes complete with a valuable life lesson. As they become a part of the story, young readers will learn to appreciate the other people in their lives. They will learn that it is not always wise to prejudge those around them because a day of reckoning may come when those whom they might think poorly of will become the ones on whom the child must depend for help. Although understated, The Royal Palm shouts loud and clear to young readers: “Don’t judge by appearances. It’s what’s inside that counts.” This very well-written tale from Mrs. D. is a must-have, particularly for early/intermediate readers.
bamauthor More than 1 year ago
This story begins at its end with the protagonist, a stately Royal Palm, reflecting on her beautiful new home. Born on an island in the middle of an ocean that was often brushed with violent storms, she grew up in the shadows of short, plain palm trees who protected her while she was little. The Royal Palm dreamed of living in the garden of a majestic palace. As she grows older, the Royal Palm brags about her beauty and becomes snobby, refusing to play with her plain cousins. She admonishes the green parrots and lizards who mess up her hair and leaves. What she does not realize is that as she grows taller, she becomes weaker and more vulnerable. The day will come when the sun will parch her roots and violent winds will bend her limbs. How does she survive? As is the case with Mrs D's other books, the language is lyrical and colorful. She describes the Royal Palm: “Glittering with playful diamonds, her silver dress waved in the air, filled with aroma and warmth.” In contrast, the plain palms are depicted as “dressed in dull brown dresses.” Mrs. D effectively employs the techniques of alliteration, personification and analogy to communicate her message. Chanoa's illustrations filled with gorgeous pastel colors and animated facial expressions never fail to disappoint the reader. This book is targeted for ages six through ten. Younger readers are able to follow the story while it is read aloud through the illustrations, while children aged eight and older will be better suited to independent reading of the text. Mrs D addresses many of the difficult issues children face in dealing with their peers in a whimsical, charming tale. Highly recommended
olgagusevaOG More than 1 year ago
A meaningful children's book by a fantastic writer Mrs. D! An unforgettable story that provides life lessons for our children! Mrs. D. is a very talented storyteller who knows how to convey magic into each of her stories. So far her magical books, full of delightful illustrations, never disappointed my children or I. All her stories are taken from real life, probably at some point relived by the writer or observed somewhere in nature. They sound very believable and often I wonder if they were real or were they pure imagination of this terrific writer. Reading them with my children, they help my mood dramatically. I am not a shame to laugh or cry. What I love most about Mrs. D's classic books is that each of her stories carry positive emotions, sometimes sad, sometimes happy, and clear messages, hiding behind a colorful lyrical language, providing so needed lessons for our children. Her stories read like a little chapter taken from real life. The main character in this book is the Royal Palm that grew up in an atmosphere of love and kindness, under the protection of her older cousins. Over time she has grown tall, slim and beautiful, but very self-centered. Blinded by her own beauty, she quickly turned away from her family and friends not realizing that when troubles come there will be no one to stretch her a helping hand. Who is going to help her to cope with loneliness at night and deal with fear when the hurricane slams the tiny island? Will the snobby tree realize that the loss of her friends and family will have a huge impact on her life? Through the journey of the selfish palm the author knowingly animates the natural world close to reality. It leaves readers wondering about their own choices, behavior and perhaps make them look inside themselves. This haunting story teaches you about family and friends, respecting friendship, being kind, loyal and caring and your life will be fulfilled with positive feelings. The author beautifully conveys the main idea to the reader: no one can live a life of solitude. As the author stated in her book: "Everyone needs someone." Appreciate friends, love each other, cherish each passing day, and you'll see how much you can get in return just by being good toward others. This brilliantly designed book attracts attention from the first glimpse. Colorful artwork is beaming from each page! Rich pastel illustrations throughout the book take readers into the fascinating world of fairy tales, filled with exotic characters, mystical surroundings, blue sky, ocean and beach. They will leave readers yearning to learn more about the Caribbean heritage and inspire children to be kind and more sensitive to their friends. The Royal Palm is a teaching and inspiring story that will leave an infinite positive effect on kids and parents. My children and I enjoyed this beautifully illustrated children's book and highly recommend it to parents, teachers and librarians. If you did not discover Mrs. D' s books yet, please get The Royal Palm for the little people in your life! I am raising my children on good quality children's books and The Royal Palm is one of them. Another terrific children's book by award-winning author Mrs. D, which provides valuable lessons for our children! My family loves all Mrs. D's classic books. We are looking forward to her future books! Thank you Mrs. D for writing enhancing stories for families. Truly inspiring art!