The Royal Road of Life: Beginning Your Path of Inner Peace, Virtue, and a Life of Purpose

The Royal Road of Life: Beginning Your Path of Inner Peace, Virtue, and a Life of Purpose

by Ryuho Okawa
The Royal Road of Life: Beginning Your Path of Inner Peace, Virtue, and a Life of Purpose

The Royal Road of Life: Beginning Your Path of Inner Peace, Virtue, and a Life of Purpose

by Ryuho Okawa


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With over thirty years of lectures and teachings spanning diverse topics of faith, self-growth, leadership (and more), author Ryuho Okawa presents the profound eastern wisdom that he has cultivated on his approach to life. The Royal Road of Life illuminates a path to becoming a person of virtue, whose character and depth will move and inspire others towards the same meaningful destination.
In these pages, Okawa frames a way of life to master the mind through developing character, chiseled by dignity, wisdom and morality, while keeping a perspective of heaven and spirituality. On this path towards perfection, we will experience lasting and meaningful joy through self-development, says Okawa. Let this book be your guide to attainable success and happiness (that is not limited to this existence alone). Learn to cultivate a way of life that will radiate joy and inspire friends, family and colleagues to experience this magnificent journey.

Discover Okawa’s guideposts to purposeful living:
• Cultivating unwavering inner peace
• Building inner virtues such as wisdom, trustworthiness, and courage
• Mastering the use of your time to lengthen and enrich its fruits
• Advice on rebuilding your life after failure, setback, or adversity and more

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781942125532
Publisher: Irh Press
Publication date: 01/15/2020
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 1,123,268
Product dimensions: 5.20(w) x 7.90(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

RYUHO OKAWA is the founder and CEO of Happy Science, a global movement, and international bestselling author with a simple goal: to help people find true happiness and create a better world. Okawa's books have sold more than 100 million copies worldwide and have been translated into 31 languages. His books share his principles for happiness, as well as insights and practiced methods for increasing our capacity for love and promoting our spiritual growth.
In 1986, Okawa founded Happy science as a spiritual movement dedicated to bringing greater happiness to humankind by uniting religions and cultures to live in harmony. Happy Science has grown rapidly from its beginnings in Japan to a worldwide

Table of Contents

Preface 9

Chapter 1 Introduction to the Royal Road of Life

1 Embarking on the Royal Road 12

2 The Existence of the Other World 17

3 The Journey on the Royal Road 21

Abandoning Attachments

Having the Heart of Tolerance

Becoming One with Nature

Chapter 2 Serenity of Mind

1 Moments of Inner Peace 34

2 Feeling the Mystical 38

3 What Happens When You Worry 41

4 Ways to Maintain Peace of Mind 45

Take Time for Silence

Do Not Get Angry

Cultivate a Tolerant Heart

Give Things Time

Apologize Sincerely

5 Like a Warm Autumn Day 55

Chapter 3 Rebuilding Your Life

1 Resentment Cannot Be Healed through Resentment 60

2 The First Step: Stopping the Negative Thoughts in Your Mind 67

3 The Second Step: The Study of People 74

Studying the Unhappy

Studying the Successful

4 The Third Step: The Cultivation of Ideals and Passion 83

5 The Fourfold Path and Rebuilding Your Life 87

Chapter 4 Living in Eternity Now

1 Perceptions of Time 90

2 Time That Generates Value 95

3 Inventions and Investments to Increase Time 100

4 Increasing the Density of Time 106

5 Increasing the Area of Time 111

6 The Volume of Time, the Sum Total of a Life 115

7 Budgeting Time: Turning Time into Gold 116

Chapter 5 The Path to Human Completion

1 A Journey of Eternal Hopes and Ideals 124

2 The Burning Desire of Your Soul 127

3 Your Guardian Spirit Is Standing Beside You 130

4 The Achievement Is Not Mine Alone 132

5 The Great Tree of Life 136

6 The Path to Human Completion 139

Awakening to Your True Mission Freeing the Potential Within You Accumulating Wisdom

The Exploration of the Right Mind

Chapter 6 On the Royal Road of Life

1 The True Leader 154

2 Respect, the First Condition of a True Leader 156

3 Wisdom, the Second Condition of a True Leader 161

4 Belief, the Third Condition of a True Leader 163

5 Righteousness, the Fourth Condition of a True Leader 166

6 Courage, the Fifth Condition of a True Leader 169

7 Self-Reflection on the Five Virtues of Leadership 171

8 Love, the Foundation of All Five Virtues 174

9 On the Royal Road of Life 177

Chapter 7 The Age of Daybreak: A Special Lecture at the University of Tokyo

1 From Taking Love from Others to Giving Love 184

2 Cultivate Your Roots 187

The Path to Becoming a Cultivated Person

The Path to Becoming a Thinker

3 Think Strategically 192

4 Take Care of Yourself Physically 195

5 Signs of a New Era 197

6 The Roots of Democracy 199

7 The Age of the Sun 206

Afterword 209

About the Author 213

About Happy Science 216

About IRH Press USA 220

Books Ryuho Okawa 221

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