The Rubble Collection, Vol. 11-20

The Rubble Collection, Vol. 11-20


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The Rubble Collection, Vol. 11-20

The second box in as many years of a truckload of obscure British psychedelia. Here are ten more CDs' worth of serious rarities by some bands that barely scratched the surface of the British freakbeat scene during rock's golden era, and a few who went on to other things. In all, there are 128 cuts here, all compiled and annotated by Phil Smee -- of Perfumed Garden fame (also issued by Past And Present). While some of these acts, such as the Poets, the Human Instinct, Outer Limits, and Denny Laine left marks on the scene, as did mod bands such as les Fleur De Lys and the Buzz; many others came from the swamp and returned with only these few minutes of glory for all of their efforts. As one would imagine, this is a mixed bag, with some of this material being absolutely sublime, while some never should have been recorded at all, with the vast majority falling in between the two poles somewhere. Nonetheless, for those who have been bitten by the Nuggets bug, and procured the highly sought after Perfumed Garden volumes, this second set of Rubble will no doubt feed the jones in you like nothing else.

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Release Date: 01/13/2004
Label: Past & Present
UPC: 5034748003691
catalogNumber: 7


Disc 1

  1. Wind of Change
  2. Wooden Spoon
  3. Cheadle Heath Delusions
  4. Looking for the Sun
  5. Listen to Mary Cry
  6. Treacle Toffee World @@Fire
  7. Colours of My Mind
  8. Follow Me
  9. Guess I Was Dreaming
  10. Meditations
  11. Dream Machine
  12. Lady Orange Peel @@Attack
  13. In Your Tower
  14. Woodstock
  15. Fade Away Maureen
  16. Iceman @@Ice

Disc 2

  1. Portucllis Gate
  2. Secret
  3. Vacuum Cleaner
  4. Michael Angelo
  5. A Day in My Mind's Mind
  6. Northern Hemisphere
  7. Peter's Birthday (Black & White Rainbows)
  8. Catherine's Wheel
  9. Beeside
  10. Pink Dawn
  11. Gene Is the Sad Man
  12. Glastonbery @@People
  13. Help Me Please
  14. Like a Tear
  15. Nite-Is-A-Comin'/Smeta Murgaty

Disc 3

  1. You're Holding Me Down
  2. Gong With a Luminous Nose
  3. Take a Heart
  4. Blackeyed Woman
  5. Just the Same as You
  6. Just a Little Bit @@Act
  7. Yeah, I'm Waiting
  8. Just a Fear
  9. 9 'Till 5
  10. Train Keeps Rollin'
  11. I Don't Wanna Go
  12. She's a Girl
  13. Help Me Mummy's Gone
  14. You Got What I Want
  15. Mazy
  16. Dawn

Disc 4

  1. If (Would It Turn Our Wrong)
  2. Sueno @@Truth
  3. A Little Bit of Shangri-La
  4. I Can Show You
  5. The Wind
  6. Baby I Need You
  7. The Castle Has Fallen
  8. June
  9. Magic Rocking Horse
  10. Jabberwock
  11. Dream on My Mind
  12. Love Years Coming
  13. You Got Me High
  14. Encansulated Marigold
  15. Grounded
  16. Ma-Mari-Huana @@Sub
  17. [Untitled]

Disc 5

  1. Paper Man
  2. Nobody Knows Where You've Been
  3. When You Tell It, Tell It Well
  4. Eagle's Son
  5. In the Land of Dreams
  6. Romantic Attitude
  7. Strange Light from the East
  8. Turquoise Tandem Cycle
  9. Alexander
  10. Jack in the Box
  11. Groovin' Slow
  12. I've Got the Love
  13. My Way of Loving You
  14. With Love from 1 to 5
  15. Moscow
  16. Blow Your Mind

Disc 6

  1. Francis
  2. So Many Things
  3. All You've Got
  4. Inspiration
  5. Brother Can You Spend a Dime
  6. Undecidedly
  7. Softly, Softly
  8. Gravy Booby Jamm
  9. Live Like a Lady
  10. Qiii
  11. Thanks a Lot
  12. Keep on Believin'
  13. Grey Skies @@Pretty Things
  14. Feel Right
  15. Butchers & Bakers
  16. Love by Numbers @@Mint

Disc 7

  1. Seek and You Find
  2. Spot the Lights @@Barrier
  3. Golden Apples
  4. The Room Revolves Around Me
  5. Easy to Know
  6. Sunday
  7. She's a Soldier Boy
  8. Virgin Sunrise
  9. Light
  10. The Remedies of Doctor Brohnicoy @@Act
  11. Hey! Mr. Carpenter
  12. Running by the River
  13. She's Got the Time
  14. In Love @@Spice
  15. Silver Butterfly
  16. Toymaker

Disc 8

  1. Dance 'Round the Maypole
  2. Imagine
  3. Love-Maker
  4. Dr. Gentle
  5. The Wall
  6. Dream With Me
  7. Wallapaper
  8. The Real Thing, Pt. 1 & 2
  9. The River
  10. Ain't Nobody Else
  11. Exploding Galaxy
  12. My Kingdom Cannot Loose
  13. Someday You'll Need Someone
  14. Strange Loves of Gwyneth
  15. The Thief
  16. Turn Back Time/Bird in the Wind

Disc 9

  1. (In My) Mind's Eye
  2. Katja
  3. She's Alright
  4. Pain of My Misfortune
  5. Dawn Breaks Through @@Barrier
  6. Candy
  7. Timothy
  8. The Devil Rides Out
  9. Honey Chile
  10. We Can Fly
  11. Crazy One
  12. The House Beside the Mine
  13. Elderdown Clown
  14. Memories of Melinda
  15. Tracey Smith
  16. Fire

Disc 10

  1. What on Earth
  2. Buffalo Billy Can
  3. Love Makes Sweet Music
  4. Which Dreamed It
  5. Light of Your Mind @@David
  6. Don't Make a Sound @@Kate
  7. My Boyd
  8. Winston Built a Bridge
  9. Ieek! I'm A... Freak
  10. The Sun Shines from His Eyes
  11. In My Life
  12. Mud in Your Eyes
  13. Devil's Grip
  14. Walter's Dream
  15. Supernatural Fairytales
  16. Silver Tree Top School for Boys

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Peter Banks   Guitar
David Bowie   Background Vocals
Roger Hodgson   Group Member
Chris Squire   Group Member
Gary Wright   Organ,Vocals
John Carter   Bass,Group Member
Francis   Bass
Patrick Campbell-Lyons   Vocals,Group Member
Luther Grosvenor   Guitar
Mike Harrison   Piano,Vocals
Gordon Haskell   Bass,Group Member
Bryn Haworth   Guitar,Soloist,Group Member
Denny Laine   Vocals
Jon Lord   Organ
Phil May   Vocals
Mike Sheridan   Vocals
Kevin Westlake   Group Member
David "Jay" Black   Vocals,Group Member
Kenny Vance   Guitar,Group Member
Alan Gorrie   Bass
Joey Molland   Guitar
Roy Wood   Vocals
Dick Taylor   Guitar
John Alder   Drums
Jeff Allen   Drums
Wally Allen   Bass,Vocals
Chris Andrews   Leader,Vocals,Group Member
Dave Arbus   Flute,Violin,Saxophone,Group Member
Dennis Ball   Bass,Group Member
John Banks   Drums
Robert "Kool" Bell   Guitar,Group Member
Brian Belshaw   Group Member
Barrie Bernard   Bass
Robbie Blunt   Guitar
Steve Brendell   Drums
Geoff Britton   Drums,Group Member
Alan Brooks   Drums
Eddie Campbell   Organ
Candy John Carr   Drums
Steve Chapman   Group Member
Jeff Christie   Group Member
Tony Clarkson   Bass
Vincent Crane   Organ
Jim Cregan   Group Member
John Curtis   Group Member
John Dawson   Bass
Dick Dufall   Group Member
Kirk Duncan   Organ
Roy Dyke   Drums
Stewart Francis   Drums
Gary Freeman   Vocals,Group Member
Chris Gilbey   Guitar,Group Member
Ray Glynn   Guitar
Brian Godding   Group Member
Clive Griffiths   Bass
Derek Griffiths   Guitar
Gunnar Hakarnarson   Drums
John Halsey   Drums
Tweed Harris   Group Member
Glyn Havard   Bass,Vocals,Group Member
Brian Henderson   Bass
Tony Hill   Guitar
Graham Hunt   Group Member
Barry Husband   Bass,Guitar
Dave Hynes   Drums
Ace Kefford   Vocals,Group Member
Dave Lennox   Vocals
Rod Lynton   Guitar,Vocals
Graham Maitland   Keyboards
Colin Manley   Bass
Jack McCulloch   Drums
Dave McDougall   Organ
Onnie McIntyre   Guitar
Lynton Naiff   Organ,Group Member
Geoff Nicholson   Guitar,Group Member
Hugh Nicholson   Guitar
John O'Hara   Group Member
Mike Patto   Vocals
Jeff Peters   Bass
John Povey   Keyboards,Vocals
Cozy Powell   Drums,Group Member
Alan Pratt   Group Member
Viv Prince   Drums
Caleb Quaye   Guitar,Musician,Group Member
Greg Ridley   Bass
Grant Serpell   Drums,Group Member
Andy Sneddon   Bass,Group Member
Dave Struthers   Bass
Drachen Theaker   Drums
John Tout   Organ
Mike Travis   Drums
John Turnbull   Guitar
Bob Voice   Group Member
Pete Williams   Group Member
Art Wood   Vocals
Skip Alan   Drums
Adrian Curtis   Guitar
Stuart Mackay   Bass
Alex Spyropoulos   Group Member
Michael "Busta" Jones   Group Member
Gary Walker   Group Member
Don Andrews   Guitar
Howie Kane   Guitar,Group Member
Tony Dangerfield   Bass
Glyn James   Vocals,Group Member
Andy Mulvey   Vocals
Gerry Smith   Group Member
Ronnie Smith   Guitar
Andrew Jackson & The Cyc Choir   Keyboards
Fleur de Lys   Background Vocals
John Randall Dennis   Guitar,Group Member
Mike Kellie   Drums
John Painter   Guitar
Tam White   Vocals
Raymond Steele   Group Member
Malcolm Pool   Bass
Dave Lambert   Group Member
Charlie Barber   Piano,Group Member
Martha Saunders   Group Member
Robert Ingram   Guitar,Group Member
Jimmy Campbell   Vocals
Martin Curtis   Group Member
Brian Patton   Vocals,Group Member
George Gallagher   Vocals
Tony Myles   Guitar
Hume Paton   Guitar
Alan Weir   Drums
Fraser Watson   Guitar
Jim Breakey   Drums
Norrie MacLean   Bass
Ian McMillan   Rhythm Guitar
Dave Holland   Drums
Sandy Deane   Guitar,Group Member
Ron Gaines   Alto Saxophone,Group Member
Michael Coe   French Horn,Viola
Chris Allen   Group Member
Keith Guster   Drums,Group Member
Tom Brown's Band from Dixieland   Group Member
Kenny Goodlass   Drums
Tom Long   Guitar
Brian Sebastian   Group Member
David MacTavish   Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Paul Crane   Guitar
Ian Hines   Keyboards,Group Member
Chris Andrews   Leader,Vocals,Group Member
Samuel "Pinkerton" Kemp   Autoharp,Vocals
Christopher Allen   Group Member
John Dalton   Drums
Dan Smith   Guitar
Dave "Taif" Ball   Guitar,Group Member
John Gaffney   Bass
Mike Brookes   Group Member
P.J. Habberley   Group Member
Chris Asuire   Bass
Pete Bands   Group Member
Alfred Turnstall   Bass,Group Member
Ray Beverley   Bass
Mark Tuddenham   Group Member
David Brassington   Drums,Group Member
Robert Trewis   Group Member
Carske   Guitar,Group Member
Clive Clare   Organ,Group Member
Thorn   Bass,Group Member
Stan Drogie   Group Member
Raymond Duffy   Drums
Reginald Dwight   Keyboards,Musician,Group Member
Del Dwyer   Guitar
Barrie Edwards   Drums,Group Member
Michael Gangham   Bass,Group Member
Hraiton Garabaldianne   Vocals,Group Member
Mick Gill   Group Member
Robert Gold   Organ,Group Member
Pete "Ollie" Halsall   Guitar,Vibes
Hilson Harley   Drums,Group Member
Mike Harrison   Piano,Vocals
Jeffrey Harrod   Bass,Group Member
Steve Turner   Guitar,Group Member
Mile Brookes   Group Member
Jamie Byrne   Group Member
Eric Francis   Organ,Vocals
Mick Glass   Group Member
PJ Habberley   Group Member
Chris Homes   Piano
Peter Hynes   Vocals
Dai Jenkins   Guitar
Gerry Layton   Group Member
Stuart Mackenzie   Drums
Ron Manley   Bass
Colin Martin   Drums
Rob Moore   Drums
John Candy Carr   Drums
Denny Gerrard   Guitar,Vocals
Christopher Robin   Guitar,Piano,Vocals
Rod Stone   Group Member

Technical Credits

Ron Elliott   Composer
Joe Meek   Producer
Kevin Ayers   Composer
East of Eden   Composer
Mike Hugg   Producer
Denny Laine   Composer
Patto   Composer
Roy Wood   Producer
Chas Chandler   Producer
Miki Dallon   Composer
John H. Fitch   Composer
Nigel Griggs   Composer
Ollie Halsall   Composer
Ace Kefford   Composer
Buddy Richardson   Composer
Warren Zevon   Composer
Rabbitt   Composer
Alex Spyropoulos   Composer
Andy Forray   Composer
J.J. Campbell   Composer
Tony Rees   Composer
Dru Hill   Producer
Phil Smee   Writer,Concept,Cover Design,Sleeve Notes
Norman Jopling   Producer
David MacTavish   Composer
Ricardo Azoury   Composer
Eric Francis   Contributor
Jackpots   Producer
Sidney Lipton   Arranger
Peter Meadon   Producer
Mind   Liner Notes
Mister Lucifer   Producer
Richard Morton Jack   Sleeve Notes

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